Tuesday 28 September 2010

how much

How much I desire!
Inside my little satchel,
the moon, and flowers

(tr. Sam Hamill)



  1. "Oh leuchtender Mond!
    Ich ging und ging dir nach,
    und immer noch warst du ganz ferne!"

    ( Chiyo-Ni )

    Ich hoffe, es geht Dir gut, Roxana!
    Dich umarme ich immer!


  2. MAGNIFIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQUE chère Roxana, c'est un autre chef doeuvre,lourd avec des millions d'année de lumières de sédiment du psyche.

    C'est une lune languide d'un reve nocturne.

    The text also reminds me of the song-catch a falling star and put it in your pocket save it for a rainy day.....
    the unattainable complex desires.

    Merci j'ai eu une magnifique visite.

  3. and inside the moon, a second space, where I find the one.

  4. Deux mondes qui se complètent.
    Espoir ou angoisse, attente..opacité, matière, parfum capiteux...
    Bises de la nuit

  5. acolo,mica ofelia,invalmasita intre flori,irizatii si coapta de razele lunii,isi desfacea ghiozdanelul ei de trairi,precum fata mosneagului din poveste-si toate dorintele ii erau indeplinite,far' a prinde chiar de veste

  6. If the sun represents the conscious mind, the moon must stand for the deep unconscious. Is this why i am so enthralled, dearest?

  7. When I look at this image I know the texture of longing, the pattern of remembrance, the light of a darkly held dream.

  8. Salut Roxana,

    Les Gifs sont de:

    http://x818.com/ et


    Va voir c'est super!!!

    Bjs = je t'embrasse :0)

  9. too much
    can't ever be enough, of you.

  10. merc, i would be surprised if you didn' t! :-)


    Dianne, indeed, isn't it?

    Renée, meine Liebe, wieder schenkst du mir das perfekte Gedicht (fuer meine Post und dafuer, was ich selbst empfinde)...
    ich umarme dich auch, und schicke dir mein leuchtendes Laecheln zurueck!

  11. tangible moon .....

    a beautiful photo

  12. amar, il est tres difficile de resister a ton enthousiasme :-) c'est moi qui te remercie pour tes visites genereuses, pour la chaleur et ton ouverture d'esprit! merci de tout coeur, chere amie!

    anon, is the one ever to be found? only to be lost again, i imagine...

    K'line, tres chere, bises d'un soir d'automne plein d'odeurs mysterieuses et de la langueur d'une pluie grise... je t'embrasse et je t'attends toujours!

  13. cerasela, mica ofelie leganata in palmele mele, cantecul ei din petale scuturate sa nu se opreasca, niciodata

    Prospero, who could know the reasons and unreasons of a magician's mind? :-)

    how beautiful, Lynne, your words make me dream and long furthermore...

    merci, Marc., oui, je les aime beaucoup!
    je t'embrasse, moi-aussi!

    Robert, woher weisst du immer das wort, das magische, das des herzens blume in sich birgt?

    ffflaneur, tangible moon, ah, i am afraid such is the illusion of art - and its consolation as well...

  14. i love these splashes of color, made intense by their setting in this charcoal veil, almost disappearing there, like the memory of joy ... how much longing you embody in the smallest gesture....

  15. How you can make a photograph - and not just a photographic print, but a photo reproduced on the internet - have all the depth and intensity of an etching, escapes me. You see so deeply into the world.

  16. James, if i didn't fear pathos, i would say i am born for longing :-)
    (but hey, if i could stay away from pathos, the Bridge wouldn't exist)

  17. Neil, thank you for your visit and your words, they mean very much to me - my secret ambition is to make a photo that would make you exclaim: it is an etching :-)