Monday, 6 September 2010

grief (1)



  1. Fast einen Tag zu früh ... ist etwas fast ähnliches für morgen geplant. Dies bringt einen zum Denken und Hoffen, dass es "nur" das Herz ist, was schmerzt.
    Etwas sprachlos, wünsche ich dir eine gute neue Woche.

  2. bonjour Roxana, as far as your words about moderation are concerned OFCOURSE people should only publish what they feel comfortable about publishing and ofcourse what they find inoffensive shouldn't be published.I like to see people defend themselves.

    I am a newcomer here but I would just like to say that I regret to see that you are stressed over some comments.

    I have always said to all journalists if something I say makes you feel uncomfortable then please delete my comment or do not publish it.

    I really feel that some people like to put others down. It is a sad chronic personality problem.Sometimes it is not blatantly offensive but aggression seething beneath the surface.

    But also sometimes people mean well from time to time without being deliberately offensive but the person receiving the comment is offended and in this case I would say if it was my comment please delete it and I would understand. Ofcourse if this happened too often I would not return to the journal.

    I am not suggesting that you have been offended by any of my comments in fact you have highly praised them but this is my stance in all journals.

    And to be very honest Roxana I would like to share something with you, well since you have shared with us.

    I often find myself defending people that do not defend themselves. It causes me a lot of stress sometimes.

    The worst experience was before I came to blogger I was in another journal.-this female blogger had a relationship with another blogger. He posted intimate things about their relationships.And he was going around to other journals asking them to put up "hate links"-don't read this person's journal.I couldn't believe that people would post a message like this.
    I went to the administration and complained and he had to privatize his posts about her and his journal was almost suspended.and I will never forget her words to me-"but you don't even know me"
    and I -"No I don't have to know you. It just isn't right"

    and she-"I thought I was alone" and those words to me made it all worthwhile.

    Most of the time though people are so awesome and supportive in journals....sometimes I think we give it our best side!!haha

    anyway you may choose to keep this private but I wanted to share. Iwill post again about this awesome photograph.

  3. ew Roxana un autre chef d'oeuvre.J'adore les nuances de les couleurs. Je vois la violation ici mais la beauté aussi des couleurs en la tendresse.
    Le vert et le rouge est magnifique ensemble bien le rouge devient une rose vulnérable,c'est comme le rouge ici était écrasé ici en ce qui est féminine. cela me mène a penser des violations contre la féminine.
    Belle journée magique.

  4. magnifique photo roxana (est-ce toi ou un model ?) mais je ressens de la souffrance !
    ai-je tort ou raison ?

  5. Roxana,
    Quant à moi je ressens de la douleur, comme si quelque chose s'était brisé, comme si la beauté avait été trahie, salie...mais je ne m'attarderais pas là-dessus, par respect.

  6. Sensualité. ombres et de lumières

  7. Pain and fear are only capable of abvolating when we are in a state of abject vulnerability.

  8. I always look forward to seeing what work you bring us next....
    hey! look! wow! Roxanna has a new piece!
    unique color, mood and detail.
    This as fascinating as Alfred Stieglitz and Georgia O'Keefe's work.

  9. "Le chagrin se supporte seul,
    mais la joie doit être partagée."
    Elbert Hubbard

    Alors, partageons nos joies...
    et supportons nos chagrins !

    Cette photographie est sublime...
    Léger flou, mouvement qui révèle que ce chagrin, peut-être, disparaitra !


  10. sehr berührend ist dieses Bild, spricht es doch von der inneren (und äusseren)Schönheit einer Frau; es ist offen und völlig frei in seinem Ausdruck, so wie das Freilegen der eigenen Seele... erschütternd, schön und traurig gleichzeitig. Ich denke, es gehört viel Mut dazu, so ein Bild zu erschaffen..!
    Vielen Dank, liebe Roxana, für Deine so respektvollen, lieben und freundschaftlichen Worte! Durch sie ist es noch schöner hier zu sein!

  11. She looks as if she has arrived out of a fiery inferno, an experience, still covered in ashes and residue. No longer pink and innocent.

  12. Even grief can be exquisite, yes?

    I think, quite possibly, this might be the most beautiful place on earth - this isle of all & everything & you.

  13. ai facut din aceasta fata,roxana,o zeita mereu in devoalare,constienta de voluptate,ca si de straveziu,cu mainile proaspat iesite din lutul care ii sustine formele grele de pulsatii;intotdeauna insa,cu capul plecat in fata celui ce creeaza in singuratatea fara de sfarsit

  14. Hi Roxana,

    Just a quick off topic note regarding your recent comment about tweaking a blogger template-

    I created a private blog called xxxtest and do my template experiments there. When I get a new layout how I want, I cut and paste the HTML into the "real" blog. That way I don't mess anything up and all my mistakes are not visible along the way. And I make a back up of the "real" blog just in case something goes awry. You've probably thought of all this but I thought I'd cheer you along if you had not.

  15. ... such dark beauty here, a portrait of grief itself, the soul closed, lost in its own sorrow ... eyes lowered and hands over the breasts, no possibility of communication, no nurture or consoling ... her hands break me ... she burns without light deep in the heart ...

  16. I keep coming back to look at this picture and I feel that if it had a different title I would have completely different, but just as genuine, feelings about it. I think that's a good thing, in that the picture is alive with possibilities and life and enigma. I love the delicate colouring and gentle texturing.

  17. I am struck by what a powerful work this would be framed in cancer clinics specializing in breast cancer. Sorry, I don't mean that it is sick or feels sick. But having a close cousin and several friends who have endured the ordeal of diagnosis (the image portrays the moments and days following diagnosis perfectly) and treatment, I believe that they would intimately understand the emotion in the image.

  18. Robert - ja, ich weiss, ich habe gesehen und du hattest recht. merkwuerdig, nicht wahr? und immer wieder komme ich zu diesem Wort zurueck: Seelenverwandschaft.
    eine wunderschoene Woche noch wuensche ich dir...

    amar, thank you for sharing your blogging experience, and i agree: mostly it is a wonderful space here in the blog world, also because one can find interesting people more easily, and choose those one wishes to connect with, and be with others who share the same feelings and passions and ideas - something one cannot always do in life. but there can also be problems (including not respecting others, copyright etc), and i know of people who quit blogging because of various issues related to this. anyway... thank you so much for your support and empathy.

    et comme toujours, tes mots resonnent en moi, rose vulnerable, comme c'est beau...

    thanks Gabriel! :-)
    je t'embrasse de tout coeur.

  19. Karine, non, ce n'est pas moi. je pense que si tu ressens quelque chose par rapport une image ou tableau, alors tu as forcement raison, c'est ta propre vision, n'est-ce pas? et c'est tout ce qui compte a la fin.
    bises ...

    K'line, le plus tendre silence, j'embrasse ta delicatesse...

    ciao, Morris, ca fait longtemps, ca va bien? merci de passer par ici et je suis contente que tu aies aime ma photo.

  20. Prospero:
    "abvolate - example sentences from Wordnik. ... Example sentences using abvolate. We don't have any examples for abvolate yet"


    but i guessed what you meant to say even before finding out what the verb meant. yet what about vulnerability which is not 'abject'? what happens then?

    oh Dianne, that is a huuuuge compliment, i am overwhelmed. thank you!!!

    Jeff, tu as raison, pourtant je me demande: ne serait-ce plus facile si on pouvait aussi partager le chagrin? on pourrait alors guerir plus vite, peut-etre. mais je reve...

  21. ach Renée, meine Liebe, _ich_ danke dir... erlaub mir bitte dich zu umarmen - schweigend aber laechelnd. es wuerde mich so freuen, dich in Wirklichkeit kennen zu lernen...

    Stickup Artist: still covered in ashes, the pheonix in every one of us?
    (thank you for your kind advice, it's a very good idea and i'll give it a try, when i find some spare time, hard these days, unfortunately :-(

    S. - that you say and think and feel this - that you are still here, even in your silence: it means the world to me.

    Cerasela, aceasta fata este o zeita mereu in devoalare, chiar daca ea nu o stie inca, sau o uita cateodata :-)

  22. James, yes, i see the same: no possibility of communication, no nurture or consoling - and yet i cannot stop imagining her in different ways (perhaps one day revealing her breasts, smiling, looking straight into the eyes of a stranger - or nurturing, or or or) - perhaps such a picture will come as well - or a story, that you could write one day?

    Lynne, exactly, i love your point, it is what i was thinking myself debating over the title - thank you for pointing that out. it is in fact the reason for which i don't give titles to my photos when i exhibit them. but here it is different, and sometimes it can also be interesting for an author, to channel the vision of people by proposing a certain path for seeing and feeling...

    oh Lydia, i hadn't thought of that, but now i see my picture with your eyes as well. thank you for sharing this with me, dear friend...

  23. Une image que je connais pudeur même devant un médecin.