Sunday 9 May 2010

gentle hope



  1. send me a poem and I'll make you a nestbook....

  2. Stille Hoffnung in des Herzens Licht,
    Siehst traumgleich in Gedanken wie die Nacht zerbricht..!
    Dein Bild nehme in mit in mir, liebe Roxana! Es soll mich daran erinnern, dass es die Hoffnungslosigkeit nicht gibt!
    Ich umarme Dich auch, ganz herzlich!

  3. gorgeous, love the splintering light in the background

  4. Es gibt bis jetzt keine andere Fotografie,
    wo mehr Schlichtheit,
    Herzensgüte und
    Wohlgefühl vorhanden sind.

  5. Hope, like love, springs eternal...

  6. J'aime beaucoup l'ambiance mystérieuse de ta photo, comme si un évènement imminent d'on ne sait quelle nature allait avoir lieu dans cette magnifique forêt. Merci tendrement Roxana les yeux toujours aussi faible; je fait avec.

  7. My eyes say thank you...

  8. these flowers are the weather of their own season...

    shy petals still tremble on their black branch, as soft as the mist, as soft ...

    yet already i know the memory of having seen them will be stronger than silk beneath a lover's touch....

  9. I shall come, me, the Gentle One. How will you wait for me? is this spring your gift for me? tonight I am willing to sacrifice the spring and I need all the gentle hopes that you wish to offer me.

  10. Susan, i can't tell you how much joy this would give me, i am honoured! i am thinking i am thinking about that poem...

    Renée, dieses Licht des Herzens, auch wenn wir es (allzu)oft vergessen - ist immer da, nicht wahr?
    Ich schicke Dir Blumen und Sonne und hoffe, Dir geht es gut und Du geniesst den Fruehling...

    Marion, i had seen Wings of desire again and the next day i got a comment from 'Marion', i was quite bewildered at first...
    I love the sunny picture :-)
    (will write soon about the cover)

    Robert, so viel Freude bereiten mir Deine Worte, wenn Du nur wuesstest - der zaertlichste Gruss fuer Dich, spaet in der Nacht...

    Owen - you said everything! yes yes yes

    Dianne, so glad you enjoyed

  11. Allan, je t'en prie, prends soin de tes yeux, ne les fatigue pas trop! les photos sont importantes, mais ta sante l'est encore plus -
    Merci de tout coeur pour etre ici avec moi.

    Lydia, i am still overjoyed from your wonderful gift :-) so i have to say 'thank you' once again

    and, James, when you write: "yet already i know the memory of having seen them will be stronger than silk beneath a lover's touch" - what else i could say myself? when you make the memory of them live more richly than their blossoming beauty?

    Gentle, what hybris, do you think that all the gentleness of the world is for you? :-P and what surprise, i haven't expected this honour of your presence on the Bridge! but if you need all the gentle hopes tonight, let me see what i can do about that, perhaps i will grant your wish :-)

  12. oh, not all the gentleness of the world. I am not interested in the world.
    I am interested in your world. Your gentleness and your tenderness interest me.

  13. :-)

    (and my smile, i assume)