Saturday, 22 May 2010

the girl with the blue blouse

the girl with the blue blouse
she has bird-like hands
rustling through the air
as she puts down the basket
with my past days and nights
my joys and sorrows to come


  1. Always so evocative. Your photos are as paintings, the world your canvas, the heart your brush. If I were there, I would want you to photograph me because I know, you would show me me in a way I've never seen before as if you know a part of me that even I don't know, as if you hold it within, only you, and release it, only, in a photo.

  2. mi se pare,draga mea,ca,daca as desface in bucati aceasta fata,cu albastrul ei,fiecare suvita si rostogolire a miscarilor ei,mi-ar spune totul,si ca acet basorelief in miscare e un cantec pe care nu il pot aduna in intregime,neavand,nicicand,colturi

  3. it is unbelievable, how much can be contained between a gesture and a gaze, the entire catalog of days, a life in dialogue with a world … somehow, you find that in her ….

    a very beautiful photograph … i think the necessary interplay of light and dark must cut deeply into your soul (a chiaroscuro spirit) … i love the soft glow on the side of her face, the tenderness in the way you touch cloth, like some old dutch painter … this bright spill of light across the blouse, which is, maybe, what lingers in the mind after this encounter … but no, what lingers is her face, lost in memory or on the edge of some decision, floating above the bright cloth, brought forward out of the empty space of the background, this moment among all moments….

  4. Don't be afraid to turn your smile into the light
    Even you're the Blue Angel of the night!

  5. ein unglaubliches Portrait! Und wenn man einen so schönen Menschen in ein so schönes Licht rücken kann, ist es nicht übertrieben, hier von Poesie zu sprechen. Und ich kann Dein Bild nicht lange genug betrachten..!
    Ja, Roxana, meine wirkliche Leidenschaft sind Bücher, aber auch Musik (doch eigentlich nur klassische Musik und doch habe ich auch ein gewisses Faible für Filmmusik). Ein gutes Konzert gibt mir für viele Tage neue Kraft.
    Lass Dich von mir lieb umarmen!

  6. J'aime ton poème, femme-oiseau...

  7. Such an intensely beautiful blue at that, perhaps could be billed as cornflower blue, the blue I love most.

    What mystery reigns in the realm of your secret women...

    One doesn't look, one drinks, drinks deeply...

  8. PS perhaps the "the blue I love most" should be qualified, for the stained glass blue from the 13th century windows in certain cathedrals is also high on my list of beautiful blues... and your secret woman here bathes in such ancient and eternal mystery as that of light glowing in stained glass from centuries ago...

  9. J'aime beaucoup ta bouche...

  10. Trée, i would be so happy to be able to photograph you someday :-) though i don't know if i am equally good with men-portraits :-) i haven't practiced that much.
    thank you for your words, they mean so much to me...

    Cerasela, daca cineva ar putea cunoaste cantecul acelui basorelief in miscare, atunci tu si numai tu ai fi aceea... :-)

    James, of course, this is what i had in mind, the subtle fascinating light of flemish paintings, and you see that right away :-) my gaze goes back and forth from the cloth to her face, from her face to the cloth, until they merge into the clair-obscur of memory and longing for that moment of such wholeness (maybe holiness as well?).

  11. Nad, let's hope that Blue Angel of the night reads these comments and listens to your advice :-)

    liebe Renée, ich war schon immer zwischen Wort und Bild zerrissen, aber Bilder sind fuer mich ein absoluter Zufluchtsort, ganz anders als Worte - ein ersehntes Jenseits alles Sprechens...
    sei ganz lieb umarmt - ach, und ich wuensche Dir eine schoene Woche, mit viel Sonne und ruhiger Kontemplation...

    je t'embrasse de tout coeur, femme-fleur, K'line...

  12. Owen, we share the passion for this blue, yes yes yes (i have my living room door painted in this colour, can you believe this? i did that myself, years ago :-)
    the same as Jeff's little flower, i know you also loved that image.
    thank you for drinking this blue and this mystery (yet another one, ah this Bridge is really impossible :-)

    Jeff, je regrette de t'informer que ce n'est pas ma bouche - mais je te l'accorde, cette bouche est tres belle :-)
    mais tu es revenu!!!! je vais passer toute de suite saluer ton arbre :-)

  13. il y a des images qui me surprends celles ci énormément une jeune fille qui viens de ce réveiller; enfin je suppose.

  14. Allan - qui vient de se reveiller? quelle vision interessante, je n'y avais pas pense! :-)

    merci beaucoup d'etre venu sur le Pont me parler de mes images, ca me touche enormement...

  15. so beautiful this photo. i love it. reminds me of Gerhard Richter's Betty at first. but seeing it again, it is completely its own...beautiful and alluring...i want her glasses, her blue blouse, her lips...