Wednesday 6 January 2010

painting winter with my eyes closed: no rarefied poétique du blanc, but the mad rush of snow in my veins








  1. omr!!

    it's really different and fantastique!
    lots of snow there as well.
    good for your creativity!

  2. need to be showing thes to t - they look like tapestries!

  3. Entirely, sublimely, completely, superlatively, exceedingly, excruciatingly gorgeous...

    Your work belongs in a museum... or as said previously, in a good Paris gallery, which we are going to found just as soon as possible... I'm looking for a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it...

    All best wishes for 2010 Roxana, I'm so SO happy to have stumbled on your pages somehow... so beautiful to see your dreams in motion in these incredibly animated images...

  4. these are brilliant roxana
    i don't know what you have in your veins but i need some
    i go through these and stop at a different place every time
    see different things
    sensations are evoked or wrenched out of me
    my bloodless self

  5. Upright, air gasping, eyes wide awe.

  6. mesmerizing! pollock. would have preferred wild rush, rather than mad. but anyway, fab.!

    take care,


  7. Great "paintings" Roxana. Blast of creativity! Thank you!


  8. j'aime cette façon unique que tu as pour traiter tes images...c'est beau ,je sais beau c'est un peu banal ou restrictif...mais quand j'ai ouvert ta page c'est vraiment la première chose qui a interpellé tous mes beauté..
    une beauté un peu sauvage qui parle a l'âme..mystérieuse et émouvante...

  9. I don't need to say this is great, do I?

    If it's not like asking an illusionist about a particularly good magic trick, I'd like to ask you how did you do this, technically speaking.

  10. These are wonderful. You give us such a sense of being in the snow, part of the storm, in the mad rush of your vision --- more than a little wild, a violence of creation. These colors that are and are not and are again as the snow threatens to take everything, in the swirling, as the wind shifts, as the eye learns the day … these are the flickers of a passion for the being of things, pictures of time. Colors are the subconscious of white, of the winter dreaming. You seem to stand at the center, in the weather tumbling around you, as the warm heartbeat of the snow. I can’t get enough of coming back to see. Thank you.

  11. Weisses Rauschen

    Weisses Rauschen aus dem Hintergrund nach vorne geholt,
    stärker als der Farben Klang, weiter als des Verstandes Rand,
    schreibt es sich durch die Zeit, hinein in die Ewigkeit.

    Weisses Rauschen, immer, nicht mehr auszublenden,
    flüstert es durch geschlossene Augen, ein Geräusch
    ganz ohne Zeit,

  12. Oh! Roxana que des belles aquarelle de tout beauté. J'espère que tout va bien chez toi. J'aime ce mélange de liberté de noblesse, avec ses étranges granulations mauves et ses mouvantes ombres violettes.

  13. imi place ...fotografie pointilista...dinamica si interesanta
    La multi ani !

  14. These are utterly gorgeous, Roxana. They make me think of stained glass windows.

  15. J'adore, j'aime cette façon que tu as de proposer la neige et le sang qui coule dans tes veines...
    Toujours les extrêmes opposées !
    Mais la vision de tes photos, images, je ne sais pas quel terme employer... et puis, peu importe, on s'en fout, cette vision n'est pas s'en me rappeler du Pollock ! Je vois bien l'artiste travailler et faire de ses coulures une "toile" comme toi tu nous proposes tes photos si superbement travaillées !
    Que du superbe et du rêve qui apaise !
    J'ai en permanence le sentiment de traverser l'univers de tes images et de rêver à souhait !...
    Il me tarde de proposer ce que je vais essayer de faire avec mon petit cybershot pour essayer de me transporter aussi dans de si beaux univers oniriques...! je sais pas si je vais y arriver !...

    Merci Belle Roxana !
    Tu me transportes pour me rendre meilleur dans ce que j'entreprends ici ! ! !

    Bises sanguines...;)

  16. Atata viata si nebunie!
    Deja ador frigul :D

  17. these reminded me that you said you used to paint - the last one in particular, a beautiful painting

  18. Roxana,

    I think of you
    In the post communist
    Apartment block
    You photographed
    And I hope
    That you are warm
    With working heat
    Even if in three sweaters
    Warm while the snow rages
    Out where the wolves roam
    In the Romanian nights
    Warm while the water freezes
    On the Danube
    If such be the case
    Warm when the sun goes down
    Casting final rays of light
    On the Carpathian mountains
    To the north
    Warm with hot tea or hot soup
    Warm in the glow of warm thoughts
    That pour in here
    From all over the world

    And just for empathy's sake, it is freezing cold here in France too... and no sign of relief in the weather reports... more of the same in days to come...

    Be well...

  19. Each one is more painterly than the last, all are sublime in that 'where am I now?' kind of unworldly way. -J

  20. Peter, yes, i have seen your snow, and your last tramway (especially that :-)
    i am glad you like it!

    and what did t say, swiss?

    Owen, you always overwhelm me, you are so generous with your words - i can often only smile and blush :-)
    yes, hot tea and soup, always! but it is warm here inside, and now the snow has disappeared as well :-(
    which is not the case in France, i know that... so how come there is no snow on the Magic Show? :-)(though the Paris views are so lovely, and indeed much Wanderlust, as the Germans say, arise when contemplating them).
    i will catch up with the comments soon, now that i can move freely and more rapidly without the three sweaters :-)

  21. Prospero
    your bloodless self - let me stay with this image for a while -

    but of course, giving up is no option. especially now that i am preparing a new video and thinking of you while doing it (i couldn't avoid that even if i wanted to, you will understand when you see it :-).
    so your computer doesn't have much choice, to put it mildly. i am waiting.

    (5 times in my garden! that is why my petunias have been trembling so much recently)

    and regarding my assignment: yes (though Sokurov not yet). i am immensely grateful. still haunted by the swans. you know, when i saw your white bird, i immediately thought of them. had to. and then the Milton quote, so strangely fitting, "regions of sorrow", "torture without end"... but we will continue to talk about this, i suppose.

  22. merc - now among snow, i am only. you know.

    Dianne, what else is photography, if not painting with light? (and with silence)

    b, indeed! i had thought of Pollock myself, glad you said it! and i have nothing against "wild" here, it works as well, for me.
    ps. i don't know about the new joke, yours are usually lame :-P

    thank you, Manuel, i am glad you came to visit and liked my snow storm...

    oh non, Clo, “beau” n’est jamais banal, c’est la seule chose qui m’intéresse quand je fais de la photographie, oui, je sais, cela semble aussi démodé, on fait de l’art « à message » de nos jours, l’art n’est qu’un outil pour lutter pour ou contre quelque chose... mais je m’en fous, moi, je ne cherche que ce moment passager où beauté et grâce semblent être l’essence du monde.
    merci de tout coeur!

  23. Atenea, what a surprise! i don't know if you need to say that or not, but i am glad you did :-)

    ah, revealing the secrets :-) i don't know, it really was a terrible snow storm. i remember thinking while shooting: oh, these just have to be good!
    then it is also a matter of fiddling in the editing software, i used a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop, basically reduced the exposure and then light-curves at maximum, and tweaking a bit with colours. but i think i was just lucky to be there, it was really amazing!

    James :-) you and i share some secrets about snow, don't we? :-) though i have no such icicles here, i am still jealous about that!
    "these are the flickers of a passion for the being of things, pictures of time" - how well you know me :-) i was that, for a moment, you know, a woman of snow and air.
    no, i _thank_ you.

    Allan, liberte et noblesse, je te remercie pour ces mots...
    (comme je suis heureuse que tu sois revenu!)

    multumesc, Cornel, la multi ani si tie, cu multe alte minuni vazute si imaginate, fara sa stie nimeni care sunt mai reale decat altele (in afara de tine? sau nici macar tu :-)

  24. weisses Rauschen, ach, Robert, wie schoen - "ganz ohne Zeit, hinein" - du hast alles so gut verstanden, was ich da mittendrin gefuehlt habe...
    erinnerst du dich an dieses Gedicht? (immer muss ich daran denken, irgendwie...)

    Mit wechselndem Schlüssel
    schliesst du das Haus auf, darin
    der Schnee des Verschwiegenen treibt.
    Je nach dem Blut, das dir quillt
    aus Aug oder Mund oder Ohr,
    wechselt dein Schlüssel.

    Wechselt dein Schlüssel, wechselt das Wort,
    das treiben darf mit den Flocken.
    Je nach dem Wind, der dich fortstösst,
    ballt um das Wort sich der Schnee.

    Neil, thank you so much for your kind words. and yes, i think you are right, i see the similarity myself...

    des extrêmes opposées, voilà ce qui pourrait être une définition de moi, oui :-)
    comme je l’ai déjà dit plus haut, la mise en relation avec Pollock me rend très heureuse. et puis ton "extase" aussi :-)
    j’attends avec impatience de voir les nouveaux « essais » dont tu parles (je te réponds ici à ton autre commentaire sur mon « Jardin », pour lequel je te suis également reconaissante – oui, c’est tout ce que j’avais voulu vous offrir, un petit moment de beauté et de poésie pour accompagner la fin de l’année)...

    merci Jeff, et à bientôt... bises!

  25. Emese, acolo e si mai multa zapada acum, nu? ce faci? :-)

    da, Manuela, asa e, din cand in cand ma mai apuca :-)

    thank you so much, Jayne, unworldly or otherworldly, isn't it? but it is exactly what i experienced while taking the photos, you know...

  26. Roxana
    Eu não me devia surpreender com as tuas criações...mas a verdade é que sempre demonstras uma criatividade e um sentir fantástico!


  27. Wow and more wow. There is always beauty and beyond here. These are just stunning.
    p.s. I have a new postcard you might like. Post soon.

  28. thank you John, i am glad you liked them - and glad about your visit as well, hope to see you again soon.

  29. Adelino :-) i could say exactly the same words about you :-)
    thank you so much!

  30. wow and more wow Rachel, for your comment, i am honoured (i know you wrote some time back that visuals don't work so much for you as words do). and very curious about the postcard :-)

  31. A stupendous collection. One word: how?

  32. Ah magnificent chère Roxana, this beautiful floating dream of winter coloured trees.I so love the way all the trees blend and become one the tree of life.
    love and light