Tuesday 26 January 2010



  1. though only time will tell, and i don't want to prejudice the situation, i think this is my favorite photograph of yours...

    the reasons are many

    you must know

  2. Horloge! dieu sinistre, effrayant, impassible,
    Dont le doigt nous menace et nous dit: "Souviens-toi!
    Les vibrantes Douleurs dans ton cœur plein d'effroi
    Se planteront bientôt comme dans une cible;

    Le Plaisir vaporeux fuira vers l'horizon
    Ainsi qu'une sylphide au fond de la coulisse;
    Chaque instant te dévore un morceau du délice
    A chaque homme accordé pour toute sa saison.

    Trois mille six cents fois par heure, la Seconde
    Chuchote: Souviens-toi! - Rapide, avec sa voix
    D'insecte, Maintenant dit: Je suis Autrefois,
    Et j'ai pompé ta vie avec ma trompe immonde!

    Remember! Souviens-toi! prodigue! Esto memor!
    (Mon gosier de métal parle toutes les langues.)
    Les minutes, mortel folâtre, sont des gangues
    Qu'il ne faut pas lâcher sans en extraire l'or!

    Souviens-toi que le Temps est un joueur avide
    Qui gagne sans tricher, à tout coup! c'est la loi.
    Le jour décroît; la nuit augmente; souviens-toi!
    Le gouffre a toujours soif; la clepsydre se vide.

    Tantôt sonnera l'heure où le divin Hasard,
    Où l'auguste Vertu, ton épouse encor vierge,
    Où le Repentir même (oh! la dernière auberge!),
    Où tout te dira Meurs, vieux lâche! il est trop tard!"

    Charles Baudelaire, L'Horloge

  3. petite K'line, parfait! c'est exactement _le_ poeme...

    mille merci, et de chaleureuses bises pour vaincre le froid...

  4. Que vibrante e bela fotografia, Roxana....

  5. Roxana !

    Death ? Night ?

    Reviens !

    Reviens vite...

    Reviens du bord du gouffre...

    Ne reste pas là

    Au bord de la falaise

    Reviens stp

    Ici où il fait chaud

    L'hiver passera

    Le froid partira

    La nuit se terminera

    A l'aube

    Le soleil se levera

    Et au lieu de

    Death ! Nuit !

    On criera

    Life ! Dawn !

    Dis nous stp

    Que c'est une pièce

    De théatre

    Un poème japonais

    Un drame roumain

    Et oui

    Je pense que c'est cà

    Et sous cette main

    Il y a un sourire

    The slightest hint

    Of a mocking smile...

    Peace Roxana, may your darkest night come to an end in a blazing sunrise... the days are getting longer already...

  6. PS... @ K'line

    Chère K'line, c'est fabuleux, ce petit bout de Baudelaire... merci !

  7. -.-. .-.. --- .-- -. !



  8. death. night. flesh.
    the hands of the oracle, hiding, hiding,
    night. death.
    deeper than aether
    gossamer of time over breath-glass
    cities unfolded into those hands,open over
    the face of that starkest of beauties,
    crow, snowcloud, poetess

  9. The picture, that i have seen a few times multiplies intensity, multiplies nights. you capture once again the melancholic longing, the despair of absence. you leave it untitled....perhaps rightly so.
    have you read Helene Cixious? you could read her in the original French. i would recommend her essays called "Love itself....in the letter box". a series of meditations on absence but absence after a presence....a mediatation on the memory of , on the process of remembering.....i thought of this book after seeing this photo.

    once again, a "great" pose.

    i hope you are well. January is month of forgetting, of absences.winter has thawed, it rains, the snows are long gone.soonmemory will atart shaking its trees, and then perhaps i could think of "writing" at xanadu again. these days....worldly mesh and mess, short days and long nights. and my other addiction....football!
    so, take care. and keep posting!

  10. You have posted some wonderful images, thank you!

  11. This image is very mysterious and dark - but not to my mind sad or depressing. It reminds me of photos of the sea by Hiroshi Sugimoto, which you may know.

  12. difficile a commenter cette photo Roxana...:o)
    je suis assez partagée..cela pourrait être inquiétant...
    est ce un message ,un délire,une tourmente hivernale...une photo artistique de la tristesse...?:o)
    je ne sais...
    mais le noir te va aussi bien que la lumière...:o)
    bises du sud...

  13. .--. .- .--. .-

  14. Beide Hände reich ich dir
    Einmal hin, einmal her
    Rundherum - komm tanz mit mir

  15. Frozen gesture, almost like a broken wing...well done

  16. .. ..-. | -.-- --- ..- | .- .-. . | ... - .. .-.. .-.. | .- .-.. .. ...- . | -.- -. --- -.-. -.- | --- -. -.-. . | ..--.. | | --- - .... . .-. .-- .. ... . | - .-- .. -.-. . | ..--.. |

    (this is not 'sexy' btw)

  17. I feel this darkness weighing my hands, turning my breath to a black dust of failed words…. We put our hands over our faces in mourning, not to shut out the world, but to look into ourselves, because from now on there will be only this, the night forest of the self, the wind that burns and chills the eyes…. Even in this room, the black warp of darkness woven tighter and tighter….

  18. Adelino, from your world of bright colours, into my dark one...

    dear Owen! :-)
    such a sweet gesture, to write this poem for me... i am so touched.

    and you seem to like my mocking smile :-)
    let me see what i can do for you, i might show it to you some day... instead of hiding behind a hand, a veil, a night - btw, i have a series of "hiding" metaphors, i will post soon...

  19. Anonymous, i know it is not "sexy", but i am beginning to wonder if this is not that famous monkey who hits keys at random on the keyboard and will one day produce, if not the complete Shakespeare works, at least the most wonderful, perfect comment the Bridge has ever got - yet in the meanwhile i am only piling his unsuccessful attempts, but i am patient, and what are one million years of waiting, after all...

  20. Sutton,
    your words live at the heart of her darkness.

  21. hi, Kubla,

    what a different picture of january you paint for me... here, january is the harshest winter, the cold and the dark seem eternal, around a warm fire, be it only that of memory, people seek shelter, even the house seems no longer theirs, no longer able to protect, they need to find its hidden core where life still unfolds, to retreat into themselves, searching for a past which seems illusive...

    you say: "perhaps rightly so", and i wonder about that "perhaps", coming from you, who has always advocated the stark truth of the image alone, the uselessness of words. i couldn't find any here. do you know of any poem which would fit?

    ps. i will try to find the book you recommended, i haven't read it.

  22. thank you, Jon, for the visit and the kind words...

    Neil, i love Hiroshi Sugimoto and it is a great compliment if this image reminds you of his photos. and i understand very well what you say, sometimes i see it like this too. thank you...

    Allan, j'ai peur que cette fois-ci je n'ai pas compris ce que tu voulais dire?

  23. Chère Clo, je sais, c’est une image assez “difficile” et je me suis attendue à une réaction partagée, ou à ce que les gens soient plutôt retenus, hésitants... ta sincérité m'est d'autant plus précieuse, je te remercie de m’avoir partagé tes inquiétudes par rapport à cette photo. je ne peux pas répodre à tes questions puisque j’aime que mes lecteurs tissent leur propres histoires autour des photos... elles seront toutes vraies, de toute façon :-)

    je t’embrasse aussi du sud (je suis dans le sud du pays, tu sais :-)

  24. Robert,
    als du meine Finger gezaehlt hast, habe ich die Gloeckchen gehoert. kann eine Geste zu Musik werden?
    ja, der Tanz, der unendliche.

    Gabi, hey, have you come back? i am always happy to see you here. and yes, the broken wing...

  25. James,

    te-am imaginat zilele acestea făcând acest gest, din nou şi din nou, această întoarcere spre sine despre care nimeni nu poate şti, din afară, cât este de dureroasă. Am ştiut că vei vedea asta în fotografie şi m-am temut, puţin.

    (we should take the language practice at the next level :-)

  26. Oh, I dunno, I thought the comment by anon. was quite cute. Since he/she wrote to you but copied my style, I wonder which one of us he/she really likes! :-)

    isn't it quite mean of you to call someone who has bothered to comment a monkey (of course, if you know the person that would make sense, I guess).


    take care,


  27. Je voulais dire que tu n'avais pas envie de regarder de face, ou le sujet qui me parais surement toi; vu la main voile le visage; ou lumière de la vie trop puissante; chacun à un sentiment diffèrent sur une interprétation; d'une photo. Voilà c'était mon impression du moment.

  28. billoo, hi, great to hear from you!
    yet i am puzzled: do you mean anon copied your style? i must be really blind if after so many years of reading your blog (what am i saying here? really so many? it feels like that anyway :-) i haven't spotted this particular characteristic of your "style". i guess i shouldn't tell anybody any longer that i teach poetics :-)

    also, i don't get you: why would a monkey be upset that i called her or him a monkey? especially when i added that her or his efforts would surely lead to the _perfect_, most accomplished Bridge-comment ever!

  29. ah, Allan, maintenant je comprends, oui, tout-a-fait, c'est une tres belle interpretation de cette image: la lumiere de la vie qui est trop forte...
    je n'avais pas compris a quoi ton "tu n'as pas envie" se referait, mais maintenant tout est clair :-)

  30. yes, that's probably a good idea,roxana. don't tell anyone. but what has my blog got to do with poetry? very kind of you to say so, anyway. much appreciated.


    1. what's that line from milosz again..even if you don't believe it is not permissible to tell your brother there is no god. so, there some things higher than the truth of facts. so, even if she is a monkey it is not permissible..

    2. it's the way you said it. there are many ways to say 'monkey'. like: "you cheeky monkey"

    3. what is the point? could a monkey who has only typed these words by chance understand the subtleties of a professor's thoughts?

    4. do you think the monkey only has that to aim for..writing the most perfect comment on *your* blog? surely there are other things to think about in life-even if it is only a monkey's life

  31. Comme j'aime cette attitude, le regard posé sur la main, la tête tournée pour ne pas voir ou bien essayer de se cacher !...
    Le réel est parfois telle ment pénible !...
    Ces longs cheveux, cette chevelure est magnifique comme autant de questions posées par cette photographies !
    Tu es belle Roxana... et ça, je voulais te le dire...;)

    Bises tendres sur tes yeux si doux...;)

  32. Ai dreptate ... acest gest mi-e bine de știut zilele acestea, și această întoarcere neagră spre mine …. Dar nu-ți fie teamă. Frumuseţea și grațiea care găsesc aici -- care faci -- mă vindecă.

    (you are right, too, about the language practice :-)

  33. Jeff, tu me fais sourire :-)

    merci beaucoup pour venir ici et me parler de cette photo qui incarne un moment, non, un etat d'ame assez special pour moi...

  34. James:
    Ai dreptate ... acest gest mi-e FOARTE CUNOSCUT zilele acestea, și această întoarcere neagră spre mine …. Dar nu-ți fie teamă. Frumuseţea și grațiA PE care LE găsesc aici -- PE care LE faci -- mă vindecă.


  35. b, i don't get you (big surprise!)

    1. i can't understand why saying that a monkey is a monkey is not "permissible" - would you be offended if you were called a "human being"? (unless you think they are so wretched that this is an insult :-)
    2. since when do you think you understand my "ways" of saying? :-P
    3. the whole point of the infinite-monkey-theorem is that the not-allowed-to-be-called-monkey-but-still-a-monkey-perhaps-cheeky-monkey hits the keyboard _aimlessly_, so your third objection is discarded by itself. (but i know its real point was only to bring up once again the topic of my conceitedness :-P)

    but hey, cheer up, b, that was meant to be a _joke_! :-)