Wednesday, 4 November 2009

experimenting: first attempt at video

View on ExposureRoom

i have played with my new Nikon D90 and now you get to suffer the consequences :-)

if you'd like to watch in high-definition, please follow the link to Exposure Room. unfortunately there are some technical problems with this upload that i haven't been able to solve, but if i don't post it today i will never decide to post it at all :-)

i and some of my friends get to see fractured lines during a couple of sequences while it appears that others have no problem whatsoever. i still haven't any explanation or solution for this, so i would like to hear what you see (except my shaky and blurred shooting, of course :-)

oh, and if you happen to be in the unlucky category (my pessimism says that this will most probably be the case) but you are also in the "stubborn"-one and still want to take a proper look at it, you can download the original from the Exposure Room site, that works perfectly.


  1. but you see i already anticipated your move (it's the price to pay for being a magician)
    roxana, i think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

  2. This is beautiful and hypnotic, the wind caressing some deep, deep place in the psyche, and the response of being in this ancient rhythm of the storm. As if filmed outside of time, from the very beginning of things, or at the end, the crossroad. Color and texture --- and I love this moment of looking up into the trees when the wind takes them, and the feeling of the self blown clean and empty, and this coming through so perfectly in movement and sound here. That is to say, I love it, and I want much more video....

  3. This is wonderful!! How satisfying to see your pictures in motion, more please.

  4. Micul film e fantastic... foarte "Kurozawa" coloana sonora de shakuhachi si fotografia desaturata. Sunt impresionat. Te incurajez sa faci si altele in acest gen.

  5. He said to me:
    The first rank are tormented through seizure,
    the second through majesty,
    the third rank through all-might,
    the fourth rank are tormented through glory,
    the fifth rank are tormented through sovereignty,
    the sixth rank are tormented through exaltation,
    the seventh rank are tormented through the identity.

    Torment from below to the people of the fire,
    bliss from above to the people of the garden.

    from The Standing (waqf) of the Presence Chamber and the Letter
    tr. Michael A. Sells

  6. Everything you do can be identified as of you, strong and true.

  7. i am in the very unlucky category of those who can't see it at all - no good enough connection around here for the video to load... :(

  8. In sfarsit am reusit si eu sa vad filmuletul (am o conexiune foarte proasta si ieri n-a mers). Mi-a placut mult... foarte poetic cumva. Keep it up ;-).

  9. reminds me of the blood of virgin..

    and her sentimentalism
    for the lost one
    but a hope for the new things
    to come amid the storm..

    now you are technology avant-garde even, roxana the techie!! :p

  10. Roxana, hi

    I appreciate your reply in the previous post. the Sontag quote was unrelated to your post really, i was reading an essay of hers on photography from 'Where the stress falls' and thought what your impressions could be? i liked your reply and couldn't agree more.

    since there are so many of your'secret women' on your blog, i wanted your views, for most of your 'women' are not 'ugly', though that depends on the definition of that word, depending on our perceptions. however, it would be interesting to see 'ugly' women on your blog, in various manifestations, but that again would depend on our perception of 'ugliness'.

    so the quote was in that context alone.

    re this new post, i will watch it again and say something soon. but the idea is novel and it looks 'great'.

    take care.

  11. it puts me in mind of something but i can't remember what. something to do with the trees. ichikawa's burmese harp was the thing that came to mind but i'm not sure it's that.

    i wouldn;t have the patience to do this! well done.

  12. Super!imi place mult ce ai facut aici, vreau sa vad mai multe de-acum.Cadrele cu frunziul in bataia vantului sunt foarte frumoase si hipnotice,imi aduc aminte de secventele cu iarba miscata de vint din Zerkalo.:-)Si eu vroiam sa fac video, dar cred ca era deja prea mult:))

  13. Dramatic! Sa te mai joci! (Din pacate nu am reusit sa-l vad pana la sfarsit, mi s-a stricat calculatorul. :(

  14. J'ai visionné hier ta vidéo et je dois dire que, visuellement, c'est très réussi ! Honnêtement, je m'attendais, à un moment du clip, à un revirement total ou à un changement de rythme ! Ceci dit, la critique est aisée, l'Art est difficile... Mais je me doute que tu as dans ta ressource de quoi mettre maintenant en image ce que tu ressens et exprime avec tes mots ! Tu en as donné un aperçu avec tes photographies dont je disais tout à l'heure sur LIB qu'elles avaient vraiment "influencer" ma perception des choses ! Ton "savoir-faire" m'apporte beaucoup et je t'en remercie ! Lorsque je photographie, je ne vois plus de la même façon ! Et celà correspond beaucoup plus à ma véritable sensibilité photographique ! Alors, je suis sûr que maintenant, dans tes vidéos, tu vas encore m'inspirer et m'apporter de ton Art !
    Continue Roxana... c'est magnifique ! Tu sembles au début de quelque chose que tu as mis en route ! Mais avais-je besoin de te le dire ou toi de te l'entendre dire ! ! !... Je ne pense pas !...;-)))


  15. moving........ autumn is not stiil season at all

  16. C'est magnétique et envoûtant...
    Bravo pour avoir amorcé l'aventure du mouvement et du son, c'est ce que j'aimerais faire de mon côté...mais patience...;-))

  17. I must be getting addicted to the charms of your blog to leave another comment here, with the first one un-answered!

    I have replied to your comments back at xanadu about walser.

    I saw your trees, your autumn trees, the leaves a burnt hectic red, in your video, but it didn't play well. there was a loss of movement. the only thing i can say is:
    the video reminded me of Tarkovskian images, you know, the wind, the trees, leaves, sound, memory, desire, heartbreak. now this is high praise indeed!but you deserve it. and the background score is so screechy, like nails, like piercing bruising nails. i like that.

  18. i'd like to thank you all for the interest you have shown in my clumsy attempt to work with a new medium - and for the patience to struggle with the video, despite (inevitable) technical failures!

    if everything goes as planned, i intend to post little videos from time to time, hoping that you will continue to enjoy them and help me get better at this rather difficult but very fascinating task (yes, Michael, i finally admit it! :-)

  19. thank you, Vladimir, for your visit and kind words...

    Prospero, i bow to you, magician!

    James, i am so happy you loved it! but of course, you know all this, this feeling of the "self blown clean and empty", the dissolving into the ancient rhythm of the earth. i know you listen to the "low music of wind in the branches and sometimes moonlight gleaming on the yellow and red leaves at night, sometimes darkness", remember these words? and the endless lament of time? for time?

  20. Sorlil, dear Sorlil, you are much too kind to me! :-)

    i will try :-)

    robert, the primeval dance of the storm, returning us to childhood, to a time when the self knew how to lose itself in this very dance...

    Mulţumesc pentru vizită, Sebastian, şi sper să mai treci pe aici. Mă bucur mult că ţi-a plăcut! Între timp fac şi eu plimbări prin lumea ta, pot să-ţi spun că m-am îndrăgostit de un mic poem numit "Infidelitate" - şi sunt sigură că mai urmează şi alte pasiuni :-)

  21. Michael, i see that the Bridge is assigned to the highest ranks of torment, sixth and seventh :-) (and no wonder that she is to be found in - at least - two ranks, with all her obsessions for double and multitude!).
    the only way of redemption would be, perhaps, to hurry and make a video about bliss in gardens :-)

    ah, dear merc, what would i do without you...

    Manu, i am so sorry, see, i hadn't even think of this third category :-(

  22. Thank you, Alina, and welcome back in the blogging world, it's always a real pleasure to see somebody return :-)
    I am glad you enjoyed, i've got a new camera and just discovered a new way of playing :-)

    Peter, Roxana the techie cannot stop wondering about the blood of virgins, indeed, the aesthetic response to a work says a lot (everything?) about the recipient and very little (nothing?) about that work in itself :-P

    (teasing you :-)

    but, Disquiet One, you said you would come back to comment on the video, so i had been waiting for that :-)
    and indeed you came, and bearing high praise for me, high praise indeed! i am honoured that you liked it. and very sorry for the technical problems, but what you describe seems to be related to the quality of your internet connection. if you'd like to see it properly, the best way is to go to the Exposure Room page and click on "download the original".

    re ugliness, i agree with you. what i am interested in, is a certain quality of expressiveness, which, i found in my photographic practice, is independent of the beauty or ugliness of a person. i am not, however, interested in a naturalistic portrayal of ugliness, that focus on the weakness and sickness of flesh which can be found in many contemporary artists.

    i think it is more a coincidence that my women are rather beautiful, i mostly depend on friends who agree (or not) to let themselves photographed by me, and usually the ones which consider themsleves "ugly" are very reluctant to accept the camera (though i always struggle and never tire of trying to counteract this attitude).

    but yes, the perception of beauty/ugliness is often very subjective, which makes everything even more complicated.

  23. swiss, yes! much patience is needed, and even more, the ability to keep calm in front of endless technical traumas, without throwing the computer out of the window (with or without oneself following :-)
    i didn't know the burmese harp, i will get it and watch it and let you know... i am very curious, i can tell you that even now...

    hehe, Edith, Zerkalo, ce laudă uriaşă! mă bucur enorm că ţi-a plăcut, şi încerc să mă ţin de treaba asta, m-a cam prins în mreje :-)
    păi nu e timpul pierdut, te poţi apuca oricând şi de asta, sunt convinsă că ai fi extraordinară, de foarte multe ori imaginile tale îmi dau impresia de scene decupate dintr-un film, cu poveşti abia întrezărite...

    Îmi pare rău, Emese, dar lasă că se rezolvă - şi eu oricum o să mai fac :-)

  24. Mon très cher Jeff, comme je suis heureuse d’avoir fait ta connaissance !!! :-)
    ton enthousiasme et ta manière empathique de réagir à mon travail, ton regard d’une si grande intensité, enfin, ta sensibilité et ta joie débordante sont autant de cadeaux que ta présence ici m’apporte chaque fois... non, c’est à moi de t’en remercier... souvent, je suis si comblée par tes mots que je ne sais plus que dire...

    Je comprends ton message, l’attente pour un changement de ton, une interruption soudaine du rythme, mais je pense que je suis dans une période où mon intérêt va plutôt vers l’étude de la monotonie et de la répétition de certains modèles perceptifs... on va voir ce que cela va donner pour l’avenir...

    Je t’embrasse et a très bientôt...

    Chère K’line, petite fée verte, j’avais attendu avec beaucoup d’impatience (et d'émotion même!) ton opinion de spécialiste, et maintenant je suis plus qu’heureuse, merci de m’avoir encouragée avec tant de gentillesse... et oui, moi aussi j’attends avec impatience les surprises que tu es en train de nous préparer...

    dear flaneur, i am grateful you took the time to watch this... another kind of autumn...

  25. I admit to lingering over this comment box, but at a loss for words, captivated, mesmerized into a reverent silence... hypnotized into a trance where words are not necessary, where feelings flow...

    Is that ok ?

  26. ah, Owen, more than ok. always. this kind of silence is the most precious we can have.