Friday 23 January 2009

small romantic manifesto

the snow takes the leaf out of its round, heart-like shape, which is nothing but the soft membrane of our habitual eye, and returns it to the verge of being, that one second preluding life.


  1. nice photo...soft and sharp.

    Thought you might ike this:

    'you pretime for me,
    you me in the nothing of the night'

  2. b, I haven't imagined that you would comment here, I was sure this was not your kind of pictures :-)

    thank you.

    'I hear they call life
    the only refuge.'

  3. No, you're right..and so (irritatingly) perceptive. But I really do like the softness in the background.

  4. yes, irritatingly :-P but b, I already know I have the talent of getting on your nerves :-)

  5. these photos bring us to the verge of being

  6. they open breathing, evoke lungs for me, so beautiful, as if the day could become Inspired again .



    one more word
    like flower
    and the axe
    will swing
    over open ground


  7. As opposed to your other posts, which are, er, small romantic manifestos...

    Do you know everyone's kind of pictures by now, then? how presumptuous ;-)

  8. zuma :-P

    have we regained our famous sarcasm this night? :-)

    are you perhaps suggesting that all my pictures are romantic? hmmm... :-)
    when I wrote 'manifesto' I didn't mean so much these images here, but I wanted to stress the fact that my text should be taken as a small pastiche of a romantic ars poetica, especially this opposition between the every day eye and the poetic vision which is able to go beyond, to the realm of truth.

    and oh yes, I am arrogant like that :-P I imagine to know everything
    (just teasing you, perhaps :-)

  9. fff, ma tres chere, if you say this then I don't know what to do, except nodding gratefully.

  10. mansuetude, your words are always inspiring, you have such a deep and immediate empathy with the world a picture opens, such a strong connection...

  11. I love the leaves - the thorny (?) or at least bristly sides contrast with with the flat centre. The second one is my favourite...

  12. yes, sz, these leaves are fabulous, I agree. even without snow.

  13. these photos are gorgeous! so many lovely photos here but the light in these photos is just captivating. so lovely!