Wednesday, 28 January 2009

my gentle solace

A Lover In Berlin - Kari Bremnes


  1. m-ai coplesit
    cine e in fotografii?
    este prima oara cand desaturarea selectiva rezoneaza cu mine.
    ai ales bine nuantza buzelor.

  2. that first one os like a fifties movie photo. nice sounds

  3. extraordinare !!!
    sunt superbe !!
    nu am prea multe cuvinte ...
    admir ! sincer !

  4. swiss, yes, I know it looks like this :-) it came out this way because she was standing behind a curtain (like ca veil) when I photographed her, and then my negative scanner behaves erratically and sometimes introduces horizontal lines. but I didn't care, because they looked so soft and somehow old, and this fitted the song too.

  5. dan dan dan
    in fotografii e o fata de care sunt eu indragostita :-)
    si nu, nu este desaturare selectiva (nici mie nu-mi place, mai trebuie sa o spun?). tocmai i-am spus lui swiss cum au iesit asa imaginile, ar mai fi de adaugat si filmul kodak portra 400 care da nuantele astea soft si textura.

  6. bogdan, ma bucur mult ca au avut asa impact :-) multumesc!

  7. lol online romanian dictionaries are rubbish! any of you want to recommend a print dictionary (with verbs) i'll be happy

  8. ha swiss :-) why are they rubbish, what exactly did you get? :-)

    I'll check the dictionaries avaiblabe on amazon, of not I will send you one...

  9. too many 'word not found' responses but that's not an uncommon problem. plus i guess i just like books...

  10. the beauty & dignity of pensiveness ....
    and the pensiveness of beauty ...

    and how alive & palpably present you make that pensiveness (is it thanks to that tactile, warm quality of the photo-grain? )

    anyway, you're a wonderful portraitist -

  11. thank you, dearest fff :-)

    I am fascinated with people's face and its own, somehow independent life. and the photo grain of this film (the kodak portra) is fantastic, I can't get enough of it. I can't take any credit for that :-)