Tuesday 5 August 2008

with Gloom, my squire

I was the moony knight, the moony scion,
all golden thread, all iron,
with a Golden Snail inlaid in my arms.
My device, "Easy does it",
and below, the saw, "Quod licet".
My squire, Gloom, on my right,
ever loyal. And night
would follow with its nightingales.
The forest would endite
my lays.
Oh leaf, little leaf, what do you know
of my woe -
sing on, sing away
the old lay,
"It's of forests, of fields,
of a soul that was slain
among trees, in a dream,
of the lamp of the moon
that lights up scenes in Paradise,
it's of a solitary place".
I was the moony knight,
moonier than the moon at night,
with Gloom, my squire, on a rare night -

Emil Botta (The Knight of the Golden Snail)
trans. by Dan Dutescu


  1. love the deep moody quality to these images--they are large like nature.

  2. Roxana,

    T’es de retour! Tu m’as manqué.

    Actually, it looks like you've been back for a while. I lose track of time....

    I love the new photos. I'll be back to comment more, but right now I just wanted to say hi.


  3. These are beautiful, beautiful pictures, roxana...as if under a solar eclipse.

  4. thank you for coming by, mansuetude! I like your name :-)

  5. james, hi :-)

    tu m'as manque aussi...

    I had commented on your blog a while ago and thought maybe you were away or something. I am so glad you are here.

  6. oh anon. total eclipse of the sun, as it seems.

  7. Yes! In a total eclipse one can only be guided by the voice, I guess. A word is worth a thousand pictures...yes?

  8. I don't know. is it?
    one can also be guided by the hand. or 'see through the eye', not 'with the eye', as Blake would put it.
    and one needs thousand words to express what one picture can express at just one glance.