Saturday 23 August 2008

instead of 'ars poetica' 1

this marvellous Calvino story about photography (a gift from swiss):


  1. That picture is so Daliesque!!

    I have been reading the poetry of Garcia Lorca lately and more than anything he reminds me of your photography!!

  2. yes, daliesque a little bit, isn't it? actually the mirror was very strange and distorted everything :-)

    why lorca and my photographs?

  3. A friendly suggestion: I don't think many readers can read, without squinting and getting a headache, the text on your blog, it is so dark. Meanwhile, your photos are beautiful and intriguing, and make me want to linger with some text. So why this backbreakingly difficult layout?

  4. hi lloyd, thank you for your visit. so you can't read the texts? only because the background is black? is the font size not big enough? is the white font colour not visible enough?

    I like to look at pictures on a black background, in a dark room, eventually with a small light placed behind the computer. I think this is the ideal way to look at images on a screen, because it is only this way that the fine colour tones and nuances (especially in sepia and black and white) come truly alive. wrong light conditions make many images appear flat.

    we had this discussion once here and except kubla all the other readers who told me their opinion agreed on black :-)
    but maybe I could change the text font or size or colour, if you have some good idea... the lines are single spaced and it is true that I'd like more space there but I don't know how to get it.

    are there any suggestions/opinions about it? anybody else?

  5. i wouldn't change a thing...

  6. me neither, actually :) and about calvino (while i join the choir of thanks to swiss, the infinite provider)...well, you see Rox, that is exactly what I meant with the idea of 'stolen' and elese where about perceiving the very place of importance in a passage :)
    full circle

  7. swiss and marta: thank you for joining the discussion :-) oh and marta, I know that. full circle, yes :-)

  8. Roxana, the type is not at all crisp, that is the problem for me. Look at the blog Acephalous, for example--that typeface is totally clear with a black background. He does use a slightly yellow type, it appears, and larger typeface than yours.