Friday, 23 November 2012



  1. these are stunning, R!

    not sure whether they are your thoughts, your tangled hair, a map of a city from space, a print by William Morris or the negative of a Jackson Pollock, the trees after a couple have fallen in love under them...

  2. intriguing images....the density is almost frightening, or overwhelming...

  3. oh ja, wie gut kann ich mich hier einfühlen, wundervolle bilder, eine kraftvolle ausstrahlung, so vielsagend, verblüffend und überwältigend. man könnte so einen seelenzustand beschreiben, ein ganz grosses werk, liebste prinzessin.
    dich grüsst ganz lieb jemand, der sich im nebel befindet und den weg nach aussen sucht :-)!

  4. In cold hell, in thicket, how
    abstract (as high mind is, as not lust, as love is) how
    strong (as strut or wing, as polytope, as things are
    constellated) how
    strung, how cold
    can a man stay (can men) confronted

    Charles Olsen
    (you can read the entire poem here)

  5. What a great concept! Reminds me of Jackson Pollack paintings. I really like these and can imagine them really huge. That might be almost overwhelming, but that would be fine with me...

  6. I was looking at some photos today of a trip I made to Beauvais Cathedral some time ago, and there was a mysterious person in black in some of my pictures. For some reason I thought of you and the mysteries which float like fogs around the floating bridge, and in images like these, where we look long and hard and longingly and seek the inner mysteries, trying to decipher hidden meanings where all may be chaos, and poetry like music needing no words but which brings swirling emotions into our hearts.

  7. exista,cu adevarat,asa cum mi se intampla de altfel la majoritatea fotografiilor tale,tentatia de a vedea mai multe lumi iesind de acolo.cea mai pregnanta,pentru mine,ar fi,totusi,cea cu circumvolutiunile creierului,ale gandurilor noastre,iesind din noapte.dar m-am mai gandit,la fel de intens,si la lumea suvitelor de par,sunt preocupata adesea de configuratiile care le imbraca pe celealte,din interior,la asezarile misterioase ale suvitelor pe care le purtam atat de usor,parca o compensatie a greutatii celorlalte.dar cred ca s-ar putea specula la infinit pe marginea acestor fotografii,nu sunt doar matriosce,ci,imi vine sa zic,siruri de matriosce:)cred ca visez sa pot vedea intr-o zi,pentru o clipa,cum au fost asezate acele ramuri acolo,apoi fiecare frunza,fara nimic care sa semene a legenda si vrea sa stiu toate si fiecare poveste in parte in acelasi timp

  8. so like a byzantine carpet from some distance, but then close, how easy to become lost here in the maze -- the inextricabilis error, as vergil names it -- the puzzle, the wall of thicket, so like the mind in its in-turnings, its invitations, its ever inward-ing fascinations ...

  9. My acrobatic eyes keep moving from one quagmire to the next, yet these constellations of black do not surrender their secrets, but thankfully other methods are at my disposal regarding this arcanum, for little is beyond my ken (with the notable exception of motor vehicles): aruspicina, maculomancy, plumbomancy (my apologies, dearest, as you may not have the time or the propensity for divination)....

  10. hello my beautiful friend,thankyou for another masterpeice.
    For my interpretation, my dream these beautiful images represent the profound interconnective pathways of the universe that travel the landscape of the self.
    The pathways are overwhelming in their abudance and wealth but a wealth that we are not accustomed to.we are no longer parched spirits begging thirsty for the light.
    we are overwhelmed due to the failure of our consciousness to grasp the awareness of these pathways that comprise an infinite number.
    awareness of the paths in the sense that we are accustomed to awareness would disolve into the void-there would be no structural force to map out our existence.
    but then I am in an optimistic speculative mood today.the self is at the center the point aligned with the scrupulous yet scurrilous stars and we must return to the center to expand outwards.
    continue in next comment...

  11. if we could follow these pathways there would be no suffering in death, there would be no death-the tears of our greif would be transformed to cosmic jewels
    the transformation lying dormant in the sacred geometric shapes would belong to our mental designs we would be gods, we would be the universal mind design tilting the universe so we could see through the translucent light

    I have often had this dream here on the bridge of tracing the pathways of the mind...

    well nevertheless the bridge has always been a beautiful take off point for astral voyages haha.
    HUGS my beautiful friend, and sending you starry kisses.

  12. the veins and arteries of your heart?

    don't tell me it's actually a piece of rubbish but everyone who views it sees what they want to see in it

  13. frightening indeed! masses of arms, hands reaching out. would make a nightmare of a jigsaw! :)

  14. intriguing images, that seem to speak to me in different languages every time i come back to look at them, in accordance to my mood. i smile . . .

    a delightful entry! thank you

  15. thank you merc!
    what i like about them is some quality which intrigues me in (some) etchings, like here:

    b, wow - were you in romantic mood when you wrote this comment? :-P
    no, but seriously, it is indeed a beautiful comment...

    myth, i know, i feel the same too.

    liebste renée, du machst mich ja so gluecklich mit diesen worten! aber weisst du, ich habe das genau so empfunden, als einen seelenzustand irgendwie, wobei es mir sehr schwer waere, diesen zustand in worten zu beschreiben...
    der nebel ist wunderschoen, aber manchmal wollen wir einfach raus, in die klare sonne :-)
    eine zaertliche umarmung...

  16. Michael, oh, how could you know the perfect poem for this??? and this, too:

    The question, the fear he raises up himself against
    (against the same each act is proffered, under the eyes
    each fix, the town of the earth over, is managed) is: __Who
    am I?

    Who am I but by a fix, and another,
    a particle, and the congery of particles carefully picked one by another,

    as in this thicket, each
    smallest branch, plant, fern, root
    must now (the bitterness of the taste of her) be
    isolated, observed, picked over, measured, raised
    as though a word, an accuracy were a pincer!
    is the abstract, this
    is the cold doing, this
    is the almost impossible

    So shall you blame those
    who give it up, whose who say
    it isn't worth the struggle?

  17. Stickup, standing in front of something like this, but of huge dimensions, like a wall - i cannot imagine the feeling... torn between fear and fascination for such a dark, cold thicket, no way out and yet a myriad of ways to explore within...

    Owen, thank you so much (a mysterious smile floating above the Bridge, as she says this :-)

    Cerasela, da... ştii, eu sunt fascinată de şuviţele de păr, dar în egală măsură, mi-e groază de ele, nu pot explica... şi cumva asta simt în faţa acestui desiş...

    a maze, yes, James - here i can't help to think that everything is within, the maze, the error - no matter how hard we would try to blame the world for it... but no, no fear of error, of getting lost, should ever prevent us from exploring, ever...

    Prospero, i am so curious to hear what answers you finally got, after applying all these dark arts to my "arcanum" :-) and of course you are wrong, i am always interested in divination, in fact i had to research it a bit for my book, haruspicy, for ex. :-)

  18. Madeleine, i am very grateful for these thoughts, they have accompanied me ever since you offered them on the Bridge - the interconnectedness of universe and self, the needs to retire to the center and yet to expand again - as you will see, my next post is related to all this pondering :-)
    and today is the first of december! winter is here :-)
    hugs and bisous.

    anon, you said it, well done! a piece of rubbish, what else? :-)

  19. Vladimir? asta da surpriză, nu credeam că podul ar mai avea ceva să-ţi ofere...

    Marion, quite nightmarish, yes :-)

    Tanya, i am also quite torn apart about them, about what they make me feel - but i am pleased that this makes you come back to them, it means the post was worth the effort :-)

  20. i wanna dive in, break the surface and watch as the textures gently reassemble...