Thursday, 8 November 2012

tomorrow, and tomorrow

time, of course, is nothing to her. "let's do this tomorrow", i hear myself say, and she asks quickly: is today tomorrow? before running away to play with the dog. and forgetting. i imagine every child has asked this question, i myself must have asked it a thousand times and then forgotten about it, until one day i could not forget any longer. i suddenly feel ridiculous, with my bittersweet knowledge and my clear-cut needs --- 

(and what with my unredeemable past)

(Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow 

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day 
To the last syllable of recorded time; 
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death)

on the table, the wasps are busy, between the yellow of a lemon slice and a sudden pouring of light. 



  1. cat sunt de frumoase!!!si de neasteptate(iar nu ma hotarasc sa spun care imi place mai mult).nu vei crede,dar am visat azi-noapte un copil jucandu-se cu un caine,un caine care murise,un caine care murise sub o zapada transparenta,apoi se transformase intr-un caine de gheata,nimeni nu credea,din cei mari,ca el era mort,dar fetita care se jucase cu el inainte stia,ea simtise ca el inghetase si tipa,in timp ce o batrana in negru se uita sever la ea,si tot trena verdictul,pana ce el a fost evident.
    si,in dimineata,m-am trezit,am inceput sa ma misc,iar apoi mi-am dat seama ca azi,in ziua libera,pe care o aranjasem cu atata acribie in minte,deja nu am facut unul dintre lucrurile pe care mi le promisesem aseara.
    iar acum am gasit aici un caine care a inviat,sub protectia uitarii,si acest galben de lumina,plin de respiratie din partea fiintelor,plin de tacere din partea ferestrei si a fructului-si la fel este si in camera mea,inundata,cum se spune in astfel de cazuri,de soare,aceste raze care dizolva orice plan al nostru in configuratiile lui de lumina imprevizibila.nimic contradictoriu in ceea ce se intampla,imi vine sa spun,desi exista aceasta tentatie a lui"tomorrow"ca o usa mereu inchisa,asa este,dar ce mai poti spune cand ,odata deschisa,lumina iti ia ochii-si uiti?...

  2. Les guêpes, très belle composition. Superbe !

  3. This is so powerful and moving I am going to have to come back later to have something to say.

  4. Ha! She taunts me with quotes from my creator (but i was too busy looking at her soul-in-pictures to notice)!

  5. hello my beautiful friend Roxana, what a masterpeice once again here on the bridge- the words are marked by tension and contradiction- I feel ridiculous bittersweet with my knowledge and we are fools and the sudden pouring of light(beautiful line) and the wasp is busy (seems to be oblivious to our world temporarily condemned by the text.)
    I have been thinking about this lately and here I emerge so optimistic haha. well why not for now.
    I hear people say and I have said it myself and yes I read it in journals and peoples eyes on the transit trains.everyone speaks lets get back to nature, -what is the use of this time measurement of our wasted knowledge only nature truly knows.
    but we have never really left nature it is malleable, we sculpt our world of words and hold it in our hearts in our hands in our minds-it is our hearts our hands and our minds- our interior and exterior light is the dance of electrons and light and we can't ever withdraw from it.
    take my metaphor in my last comment here -it crashed into other metaphors haha what I meant to compare was the blade of grass blowing in the wind like a gregarian chant blowing and bent through the winds of human fate.we are always connected to nature.
    I have profited a great deal from zen meditation, but for me it has to mean the emptying of the vessel of what is superficial and wasted but there is necessarily a return to earth with the vessel filled with only what is valuable ready then to receive more light.
    to the next comment here

  6. our world doesnt exist in a pure state-only our ideals.
    and angels walk through the earth I meet them every day.
    anyway I was surprised as I scrolled down the text to see that the table was set by a wasp and a stream of light.
    I had just envisioned life as a banquet table and then I read your words!
    and then yes life is a banquet table set by our consciousness and some waste included but it is this cultivation of consciousness that creates the human soul and I wouldnt want to trade it with the soul of a wasp if I could and if the wasp has a soul but yes its own distinct energy field but not the human soul that has risen with the dawn of consciousness.
    and for comic releif and excuse my swearing haha

    I don't want to be no fuckin hairy mammoth I want to walk on the sea of life with my human soul and watch me preen my prefabricated wings.

    thankyou my friend for having inspired this journey. sending you snow kisses -they have arrived here the snowflakes.

  7. "i suddenly feel ridiculous, with my bittersweet knowledge and my clear-cut needs --- "

    I love those words and will remember them for a long, long time.

  8. J'aime beaucoup ces deux photographies... Ton traitement au B/W est sublime !
    Le passé est-il irrécupérable, non modifiable ?!?... A moins d'avoir une machine à remonter le temps.. et encore... je ne pense pas !!! ;-)
    On peu modifier le passé dans l'histoire du présent... ou le temps de l'avenir !
    Les enfants ont cette faculté de ne pas se préoccuper du temps si ce n'est que du temps présent et du temps passé... mais surtout du présent ! ;-) Quoique, une promesse passée qui n'est pas tenue dans le présent fait se souvenir du temps présent passé !!!
    En fait, demain n'existe pas plus que temps présent qui n'est que du temps à venir... Le seul temps auquel on peut faire référence est bel et bien le passé !
    Se remémorer permet de se projeter dans l'avenir du passé !!! ;-) C'est peut-être curieux de l'envisager ainsi mais comment parler de présent alors que nous nous sommes en mouvance, comme ces guêpes qui se nourrissent et qui n'ont que faire du temps ! Elles bougent, se déplacent, s'organisent dans l'espace qui est figé ! Parce que l'univers est bel et bien figé et cette notion de temps n'appartient qu'au cerveau humain... Je sais, ce matin, je n'ai pas tous mes esprits et délire sur le temps passé à parler du présent au sujet de l'avenir...
    La seule chose fiable, ce sont ces deux photographies, figées, et qui parlent du temps... et de Demain, et demain... ;-)
    Bises très chère et belle Roxana... :-)

  9. some tomorrows I wished would never come, with their waspish sweet bitterness that would sting my tongue.

  10. welch wunderbare bilder, ihre natürlichkeit mag ich sehr. es ist schwer mit der menschlichen erfindung "zeit" klarzukommen. frieden mit sich im hier und jetzt zu schliessen ist ebenso nicht einfach, aber wenn man dies sozusagen ferigbringt, muss man doch etwas lächeln über diesen innerlichen stress, den sich die menschen immer selbst machen... die vergangenheit, die schöne vergangenheit im herzen mit sich zu tragen, ist das nicht, was auch kinder tun... dir, liebste prinzessin, schicke ich helle und schöne gedanken und du weisst, ich bin bei dir... :-)! renée in den wolken, umgeben vom duft des geheimnisvollen nebels ... :-)!

  11. Une dimension qui ne nous est plus accessible , eluder cette lourde notion de Temps ,et virevolter dans l'espace pour aller jouer ,et puis oublier ,insouciance bienheureuse que celle des enfants qui ont cette faculté de nous laissé planté là,demunis et balbutiant ..empetrés dans nos complexités..:)
    Finalement ,elle a surement raison ,c'est peut etre maintenant demain..déjà..!!
    Bises tendres Roxana..:)

  12. Your words and images get closer and closer to truth as the years roll by.

  13. Cerasela, ba da, voi crede! :-) ai dreptate, alăturarea lor este neaşteptată, nici nu ştiu cum mi-a venit în minte, aşa, deodată, şi textul, parca o mână nevăzută le-a unit pe toate aici, fără mine :-)

    Chere Plum', merci :-)

    smiling back...

    myth, silence is fine too, you know, i am moved to know that you are moved...

    indeed :-)
    (of course you noticed!)

  14. Madeleine, you are profoundly right, yes, both are necessary, the constant going and coming back, the emptying and the filling (i don't know why they are necessary and have stopped asking that question - though not wondering at this, i don't think i will ever will :-)
    bises, je t'embrasse de tout coeur :-)

    Stickup - maybe we all feel like that, from time to time, no?

    Jeff, oui, ce n'est qu'une invention de notre cerveau, et l'une dont nous ne pouvons pas nous dispenser - nous en souffrons mais en meme temps si elle n'existait pas il nous serait impossible de donner du sens a quoi que ce soit, a notre vie... voila, un autre paradoxe :-)
    merci d'etre ici, je t'embrasse

    i know, i know
    (though you put it so beautifully that i seem to only realize it now :-)

    Renée in den Wolken, ja, ja, ja, wie gut hast Du alles verstanden :-) das ist der Weg, auf den wir uns beide begeben, und wir begegnen einander dort, in der stillen Freude...
    ich laechle Dir zu...

    clo, ta derniere proposition m'a fait sourire, oui, c'est surement ca, elle a raison :-) je sais que tu comprends tres bien le langage des enfants, comme celui des fleurs...
    je t'envoie mes plus tendres pensees...

    you've been with me here from almost the beginning, haven't you? amazing, all this time flying by(see, still talking about time :-) and we are both still here, and both enriched through the other's words and images - this is a blessing, and i know it.

  15. time is such a weird dimension! i did notice this lack of sense for it in my daughter too, when she was small (and her ability to forget!, remain in the present). now i see her overwhelmed, rushing not to miss it. there is so much time ahead of you, i often say to her from my midlife vantage point. and time can flow back, in déjà vu!s, it we allow our souls to speak, no? sometimes it could, i think . . .

    thank you, roxana! your images and words are touching my soul. i smile.


  16. here is one of my older writings and how the ancient maya saw the future (tomorrow)