Friday, 1 July 2011

elegy for beyond the last poppies



  1. Heaven on earth. I want to stay the whole day there!

  2. dincolo de maci este aceasta intalnire de umbre si imprevizibil,este samburele lor negru,este opiumul baut fara de rasuflare intre taisurile ierbii celei inalte sau este,poate,susurul ceainicului cand,pregatind potiunea,vezi in ceasca miscarea campurilor de afara.dincolo de ultima suflare,ce este dincolo de ultima inflorire si cadere-cine a inflorit si a cazut intr-atat inact sa ne poata marturisi in aceasta lume?

  3. Beyond
    the last
    some seeds
    lie soaking
    their time
    in dreams
    of being

  4. reste bouche bée...

  5. was this beyond or before?


  6. Andeutung an die Erfüllung eines Traumes...!
    Alles Gute Dir, liebste Roxana!

  7. Roxana, this is sooooooo beautiful in its glorious nuances of light.

    It brings to my mind a line of mine that I like to read at the festivals...

    the golden sunrise is our reckless redemption.
    sending you golden sunshine kisses.

  8. Encore une rêverie tordue ?...:)

    Après les derniers rouges, éphémères,
    derniers coquelicots de printemps,
    restent les graines,
    la vie,
    la mort,
    la fin,
    ou le début !
    Tels des spermatozoïdes,
    les fils de graines poussent dans la prairie,
    verte !
    Quelle est la couleur de tes sentiments ?
    Rouge ou verte ?
    Verte ou rouge ?
    Il y a de la vie en ça,
    où de la mort !


  9. A golden soft haze of summer pervades like a dream half remembered. Gorgeous colours. I love the mere suggestion of lines and forms.

  10. L'alcove,le nid,le silence, apres la danse,du feu...
    Le temps de la maturité...l'été..
    Je t'embrasse , Belle Magicienne..:o)

  11. The floating bridge continues to draw us deeper and deeper into the dream world... This is visual poetry, the soft lines like brush strokes from a calligrapher, sending us messages which each beholder reads differently, but with equal wonder...

    Be well Roxana, wherever you may be...

  12. oh Lydia, please do! i will be there as well :-)

    Cerasela, cum aş putea răspunde la această întrebare, cine ar putea? dar eu spun că o întrebare ca aceasta, această întrebare, aşa de frumos şi adevărat întrupată de tine, poate ea singură salva lumea, precum odinioară întrebarea lui Parzival.

    Michael T., silence and smiling among the music and falling? poppies and trireme, beyond the dream.

    beyond the seed
    and the time contained in the seed,
    the emptiness containing
    all life.

    K'line, tu m'as fait sourire... bises, chere douce fee...

    b, i would like to give a poetic answer, like: both, but i am afraid it is clearly 'beyond' :-)

    Renée, es freut mich, dass du hier die Erfuellung eines Traums siehst, das Bild koennte auch die sanfte Weisheit dessen ausdruecken, der verstanden hat, dass jede Erfuellung nur eine Illusion ist... die Weisheit des sanften Magiers, vielleicht :-)
    ich nehme Dich in die Arme...

    Madeleine, these two poppy posts brought me so many gifts, and among the most precious, this other wonderful line of yours, yes, it is not only beautiful but true...

    hugs and light for you :-)

  13. haaaaa Jeff le fidele revele le visage cache du Jeff le poete :-) mais des spermatozoïdes, tu me fais rire, c'est la derniere chose a laquelle j'aurais pense devant cette image. tu es bien original :-)

    Lynne, i like to imagine this picture as a painting, an experiment between calligraphy and luxurious golden decoration à la Klimt, then we would have texture too :-)

    Clo, a chacun de tes passages, le Pont tremble avec delicatesse et beaute, comme si le souffle le plus leger du vent l'avait caresse :-)

    Owen, you are so right, i had also thought about calligraphy here. i am grateful you passed by, i know you are on holiday now, as many of bloggers who have taken a summer break :-)
    i will go to the magic lantern and tell you more...

  14. i liked this one so much that i stayed away... (his logic is impeccable)

  15. Roxana, I am intrigued by this photograph; it is perfect to simply gaze at with as blank a mind as possible. I am not good at ekphrasis but one question occurred to me whilst I was immersed in this "study in the textures of time and distance," which is how I interpret this, at least at this moment. My question is about the constellated highlights in the bottom-right corner -- well, I have more than one question.

    (a) What are they? (In 'reality' I mean, whatever that is.)
    (b) Have they been consciously highlighted?

    They are the outstanding feature of the picture to me, reading it as I outlined above, suggestive simultaneously of stars and of pollen drifts, closeness and distance of the kinds that are untouchable even though visible; almost as though they were the pins holding the different layers together, a pattern running through it all and, by running through them, revealing the palimpsest-images which float through the whole much as the bridge floats.

    Right, back to the ship. ( :

  16. Prospero, then you like the Bridge less, because you don't stay away? :-)

  17. Michael T.,
    thank you for this elaborate comment which made me happier than you can imagine :-)
    first, i like both, ekphrasis-related questions and simply gazing at "with as blank a mind as possible" :-)

    if i get what you are referring at, i think that in reality, whatever that is, they are rain drops on the stems of the faded poppies. i don't like macro photos of water drops on petals, you'll never find that on the Bridge, but here they were somehow mysterious and translucent and i liked that, now reading you i am happy that i was right, though i could have never expressed my intuition about their role in this photo in such a deep and concise way as you did. i am not good at talking about my photos, in fact that is one thing i love about them, that they take me beyond language. i mostly go impressionistically about my photos, also the way i work on them depends very much on the mood of the moment.
    whether they were highlighted intentionally: both yes and no, i did take the picture in a way that made sun's light to be reflected like this, i believe, so they were glimmering already. then when i worked on the picture, i let them glimmer freely, without interfering to tone that down :-)