Wednesday, 13 July 2011

the frying pan

(you can change to 720p and watch in HD, if you like - which i recommend anyway. i didn't take it with me so i can't upload it now to my main Exposure Room site, this you tube version will have to do. i somehow was in the mood to post it tonight)



  1. sometimes i think, this understanding that you seek, it's more of a becoming, a merging, a knowing from within the thing itself. but there's always also the desire to know this knowing, and that's where the sadness sneaks in.

    ps i remember that round mirror from another wonderful story. the recognition made me smile.

  2. Truly mystical! I think everyone here will also be wondering what whimsical gods brought them to the bridge, to briefly glimpse such poetry and, more importantly, such a poet.

  3. one does not have to understand... not when zou can feel so much, when the leaves become poems in a frzing pan.
    not knowing, being strangly human, although it seems that here lays another world, lost between kanjis and tea fragrances, zour voice is the only thing that beckons in the silence of the dream. so flowy and sharp.

    zou shoud go for more than a book...

  4. I fell into the spell of this as though it were some remembered childhood dream, or some lost page of life returning to me with all the sentiment and melancholy I couldn't see at the time. As though you opened some door inside me to a room I had forgotten.

  5. Lovely images, nice "I remember" approach... You do tempt me to finally start using the video option on my camera :-)

  6. Roxana, parts of your work remind me of Tarkovsky, that lingering gaze on ordinary things, when others have turned their faces from them, it's as if you then see them in their uniqueness, give them a second chance to be, allow them to register their presence when for others they are just a flash in the pan. And what is this loving gaze you have ? And that it's all mixed up with memory of your beloved grandmother and mother, that it holds so much silence and sense of loss as well..well, ..speechless!

  7. hi my beautiful friend Roxana.thankyou for another beautiful masterpeice from your collection of videos.

    Here is my dream for today on the bridge inspired by your film.-the delving of memories until we become flickering shadows- but then our memories cannot take us any further so only our shadows exist-our memories let go of our hands peremptorily, of their protective gesture of certainty along the journey in life and once again they abandonned us and leave us in the darkness as lost souls
    to continue

  8. the eggs and the acorns represent birth and the dying dog is the mortal death
    and for me my dream here on the bridge is similar to the dream I had of the snowfields covered in snow- the naked abandonnment and the existential scream of naked whiteness,and my dream that day was that the fear was actually of not knowing and this is my dream also of this magnificent post
    and actually I took a photo of the overexposed whiteness and I felt a mix of beauty and terror of truth and not knowing.
    thankyou my friend this is brilliant. YOur words are powerful and I love your melodious voice,and that little girl isn't she wonderful-she is so pretty and her look is so pretty and enchanting perhaps your little daughter.

    have a beautiful day my friend.
    sending you loving peaceful kisses on the wind.

  9. ich wusste nicht, an wen oder was mich Dein Film erinnerte, nur gerade diese Erinnerung stach mir ins Herz... und da wusste ich es: Tarkowskij! Mit letzterem (Nostalghia) habe ich es etwa 20 Minuten ausgehalten und dann musste ich ausschalten, denn er liess mich nicht mehr atmen. Ein anderer Film (Opfer) ist noch in Plastik eingewickelt, ich weiss nicht, ob ich diesen jemals entfernen werde... (beide Filme waren ein Geschenk von einem - mmmh...depressiven Menschen, der mir etwas Besonderes schenken wollte, aber mich hat nie ein Film mehr bedrückt...). Ja, und wäre diese Erinnerung nicht, würde ich Deinen Film wundervoll finden. Eine Lebensgeschichte gezeigt in allem, was sie beeinhaltet und natürlich, die Geschichte über euren Hund... ach, die Tiere, sie liegen mir so am Herzen... Deine Mutter muss ein wundervoller Mensch sein... Deine Stimme, liebe Prinzessin ist ebenfalls wundervoll :-) und der Text himmlisch ... ach, hätte ich diese Erinnerung nur nicht...!!
    Liebste Umarmungen! :-)

  10. one of the best films I have seen lately. this is lovely, how I didn't know about it? :-)
    you are such a good story teller, R.

    a frying pan that holds snow, such a hunting image. the image was ablaze then and so were your words.

  11. The Frying Pan... like something out of an august dream, it plays relentlessly in the theater of my mind. It is a lengthy piece (compared to your others) and, as such, very difficult to do properly. But you have done it brilliantly, dearest. i am, if you permit the comparison, reminded of Chris Marker. It has a lightness about it, yet as if to probe some deep well, death steps quietly onto your snow covered stage, like an Asian master walking on rice paper. You husband your images and offer a cohesive whole: life is as simple and as real as a kitchen table, yet there are mysteries we will never grasp. A puppy gambols in a puddle of light, yet an old, blind dog suffers in a haze-ridden den. Bright colors grow one into the other, and yet absence of color (and light) coexist. This is a powerful film.

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  13. e foarte intensa mereu aceasta putere de penetrare pe care imaginile s cuvintele tale o revarsa peste noi-si tu stii cu fiecare sclipire din ochi atunci cand filmezi ,cand prinzi atatea clipe.m-am gandt la picturile murale,care mereu ne spun ceva despre noi,ne amintesc dorul;m-am gandit la camera lui Hesse,cu variante despre ceea ce ai fi putut fi-si e ca si cum ai fi fost acolo.zidurile,gesturile noastre,mereu ritualice,efortul de a intelege,desi zadarnicia faptului cade mereu ca o umbra asupra noastra,sunt,prin tine,ale mai stiu ca orice teama,orice incapacitate sunt,astfel,dizolvate cand sunt imbricate,prin spunere,in secventialul cunoasterii de sine

  14. this is so good..feel like watching it every day!

  15. You capture beautifully in your images, narration, and choice of music the terrible ache of time passing and the confusing emptyiness of it all. I love how you use the domestic space (the space of childhood) to materialise these abstract thoughts. And food, lovely sensuous food!!

  16. Manu, you remember! :-) i shot both at the same time, you see, the little round mirror was very inspiring, it seems :-)
    (yes, a becoming, and also everything else you say, so true).

    billoo, i am so overwhelmed by you high praise (unusually high praise :-) that i can't say anything, i am red and happy :-)

    Flipi, i don't know how to thank you, what you said here means a lot to me, flowy and sharp yes, there is both in me, and not always your optimism, or deep knowledge, that one doesn't have to understand, just to feel...

  17. Dan, see, words like yours, reactions like these, of such empathy, to the point of returning to one's own life and ponder it from the perspective opened by a photo, or a little video - they are the reason the Bridge exists.

    Alina, it's not the first time i hear you make this promise :-P

    billoo, again, what you wrote here about my little film, Tarkovsky, the gaze... i am speechless (we are both speechless now, it seems :-). and most grateful.

    ah chere Madeleine, tes commentaires m'ont produit tant de plaisir, ta facon unique d'interpreter ce que je fais et de le voir dans un contexte plus large, comme un petit sentier ou une trace dans le destin cosmique de l'humain... je t'en suis tellement reconnaissante... et aussi pour les jolis mots sur la jolie petite fille :-)
    je t'embrasse de tout coeur, fidele amie...

    ah, Renée, eigentlich sollte ich gluecklich sein, dass Du an Tarkovskij gedacht hast, aber ich bin es eben nicht, weil dieser Zusammenhang Dich so traurig gemacht hat... es tut mir leid... es gibt Traurigkeit in meiner Geschichte, ja, aber auch Schoenheit, denke ich, es ist eben durch diese Trauer, dass die Zeit vergeht, dass wir die kleinen Freuden des Lebens intensiver schaetzen lernen - auch Schoenheit und Liebe...
    ich umarme Dich ganz lieb :-)

  18. Cristina, thank you, dear one, it means so much to me that _you_, you liked it so much...

    Prospero, your cinematic "verdict" matters the world, you know that, don't you? Chris Marker and an Asian master walking on rice paper... i think i can relaxed and be happy :-)
    thank you, for the Introductions as well, for so much...

    Michael T., silently stunned is a wonderful state to be in :-)
    i am happy the Bridge could be a catalyst...

    ce frumos ştii tu, şi ştii să şi spui apoi, draga mea, Cerasela, la fel de frumos. da, secvenţialul cunoaşterii de sine, cu fiecare zi mai departe, şi paradoxal, mai aproape...

    Marion, the domestic space might seem so unimportant when compared to the other biiig issues of this world, yet it is fundamental to me, after all, it is there that the self is forged... glad you liked it :-)

  19. Brilliant, brilliant.
    Billoo said what I am thinking.
    Did Billoo also cry?

  20. C'est pas beau de lécher les vitres... Je dis ça, mais vous faites ce que vous voulez...:)

    Je suis toujours soufflé par ton talent à photographier les instants, les objets, les éclairages... et ta voix sensible est agréable à écouter ! Cela m'en donne la chair de poule ! ! !...:)

    Très très belle poésie visuelle !
    Je ne sais pas si je vais m'en remettre !

    J'aimerais tant être proche de ton talent...


  21. Beaucoup d’émotion au regard de cette vidéo..c'est comme un voyage intérieur ,une lente plongée dans le monde de nos souvenirs d'enfances...
    Ma mauvaise compréhension de l'anglais me frustre un peu...restent les images ,et ce qu'elles évoquent..
    Et puis le son de ta voix,au timbre si agréable..:o)
    J'ai aimé ce film ou se côtoie la joie et la tristesse,le passé et l' grand mère ,la mère et l'enfant...
    J'aimerai trouver des mots plus adaptés ...
    je t'embrasse Roxana ..du fond du coeur..:o)

  22. Your scrambled eggs mixture of stories and images are heart-breakingly enchanting. Such a tasty style cooked up in a bottomless frying pan of substance. I ate it all up, and feel hungry for more.

  23. I watched it three times, Ms. R.
    First, out curiousity what you can do with that. Second time, for a sheer pleasure of it, going with the flow of your imagery and words. Third time, I paid attention to details, tasting them like little treats.
    Somehow this short video of yours threw me back, to times when I was a little boy, growing up in a small town hidden in the depth of teh Altai Mountains. I knew nothing about philosophy or poetry or the beauty of arts, but whatever I saw around me: the unparallel scenery of teh mountains, the placid mirrors of the lakes, the simple life of simple people... all got soaked into teh fiber of my soul, of my being. When your clip was over, I realized I still carry it inside, after all these years.

  24. Lydia, i don't know whether Billoo also cried, i would doubt that :-) but i am happy if my little film touched you to such an extent... thank you for being here with me, dear friend.

    Jeff, je vais transmettre ca a la petite fille :-) il faut essayer un jour et faire un film avec ma voix en francais, tu me diras si tu l'aimes encore autant :-)
    je te remercie de t'interesser tellement a mes videos et je t'embrasse...
    bises, Jeff le fidele...

  25. Clo, tres chere amie, je suis heureuse de ce que tu es ici, et je te suis tellement reconaissante de m'avoir accompagnee au long du fil de cette histoire qui remonte au plus profond de mon passe... pourtant un passe, une enfance, dans lesquels tant de monde se reconnait, semble-t-il, a juger d'apres les commentaires de mes lecteurs, si genereux...
    je t'embrasse de tout coeur, ne te fais pas de soucis pour les mots qui ne viennent pas, on est ici pour partager quelque chose bien au-dela des mots...

  26. Lynne, as so often, you make me smile... i am not at home now so i can't work on videos for a while, but i will keep in mind that you are hungry for more :-)

    oh, Mr. Nostalgia, what a beautiful comment... thank you for sharing your feelings with me, with us, it means so much to me... it seems that many people fet inspired by this little piece of mine to go back into their own childhood memories, and felt happy about this (of course, nostalgic too, in this case it is difficult to separate...). it is truly a blessing for me to have such sensitive and deep readers here on the Bridge. for a long time i wasn't sure about the Frying Pan, i even thought about abandoning it... but now, reading such words as yours, i am truly happy i haven't.