Friday, 28 January 2011

who would know, who (in homage to Ono no Komachi)

waiting for you all night.
two moons lit up my skin,
my dry rose blossomed anew.
only you didn't come.
towards dawn, a big blue bird
flew home and crushed, its chest open,
against my window.
who would know, who
that i was the bird
and you were the temple in which,
suddenly, all flutter had ceased.



  1. Your poetry is as powerful as your photography.

  2. This body
    grown fragile, floating,
    a reed cut from its roots...
    If a stream would ask me
    to follow, I'd go, I think.

    ; )

  3. Si supieras como me emocionan tus llegan al núcleo de los huesos. No sé como describirlo en palabras, o quizás sí. Lo que siento es tu inmensa generosidad.

    Te envío este sentimiento de gozo para que te sea retornado. Es lo mínimo que te mereces.

    Mil gracias por tanta pasión***

  4. I would turn back the clock

    I would open the window

    So tender so fragile

    The moonlit bird

    Must flutter forever

    Must never be crushed

    Except perhaps a little

    In open arms

    Against a beating heart

  5. ...tan serenas y hermosas.

    Tus imágenes.

  6. I commented earlier, but perhaps forgot to publish...I am absent-minded that way.

    This is painfully poignant, and lovely in one breath.

  7. As I interpret this; I remember a time in my life when I waited long, desperate hours in vain for a lover who did not appear. And I was crushed. I feel a triumph here because this painful but surely universal experience has been elevated and transcended to artistic expression of great beauty.

  8. bonjour chère magnifique Roxana, I think that before I take my pause I will have to respond to another beautiful posthere I am so enthralled with the bridge that sometimes it is actually hard to leave..

    how wonderful to be the angel for the bridge.You provide the paradise with your compelling ethereal posts so it is easy to become an angel when you are here.

    I will have to dress up as an angel again.This was fun, often though I like to keep the profile image a blank key.I guess I don't know I don't like to be pigeon holed even if it is as an angel!ha

    anyway to respond to this extravagantly beautiful post,it is so sensitive to the blossoming rose of erotic love and with all the nuances of suffering portrayed in the image mingled with the hypersensitive rose that is so easily crushed and yet there is a creamy rose coloured ambiance despite the suffering.-the sweet pain of erotic love.

    You have really peirced the love dream with your words about the two moons and your mix of colour.For me my dream is here that the second moon is the second universe of the dream that becomes so removed from first hand reality it is almost a sweet alienation haha now I am spoiling this with my "hard core" analysis, the split with reality,almost a psychosis, yes I read somewhere once in a psychological essay to be in love is comparable to being insane ha.
    to continue in a few snow kisses..

  9. oh and your powerful words that the woman in love was the blue bird crushed
    and that she died within her lover, the temple
    this is sweet agony because her lover may suffer also becaue the fluttering has ceased it was the fluttering of the shared hearts that beat together as one.

    You know I can't help but smile when I view this image and think back to when I was in my early teens and late twenties.
    I was so passionately in love with a bad bad boy-my first love as they say is always so powerful and oh how I waited into the endless dark night for him and usually he did show but always late and my soul stretched miserable across the nightscape stretched so sensitively to hear every sound of what may be his approaching vehicle to feel every nuance of feelings of sweetagony during the wait...the pleasure and the death of him
    well yes we have all been though this...

    sending you fluttering snow kisses to ease your heart in this memory if it is in fact your memory.
    have a beautiful week my cherished friend

  10. well Roxana, I am finally off for another week haha.
    I couldn't resist another golden blog also.
    I am so spoiled.

    oh my beautiful blogging obsession

  11. "Hungry as an archway
    through which the troops have passed,
    I stand in ruins behind you,
    with your winter clothes,
    your broken sandal strap.
    But I love to see you naked there,
    especially from the back --

    Take this longing from my tongue,
    all the useless things
    my hands have done;
    untie for me your hired blue gown,
    like you would do
    for one you love.

    You're faithful to the better man.
    I'm afraid that he left.
    So let me judge your love affair
    in this very room where I have
    sentenced mine to death."

    Leonard Cohen

  12. wunderschön ist dieses Bild, doch der Text sehr traurig, eine gewisse Hoffnungslosigkeit spiegelt sich darin...
    Wusstest Du, dass der Vogel fliegen sollte, in der Freiheit?! Er soll nicht vergessen, doch soll sein Herz befreit sein, von jeder Schwere!
    Lass den Vogel wieder fliegen, liebste Freundin, liebste Roxana!
    Ganz lieb umarme ich Dich!

  13. Un très bel hommage avec une finesse très subtile dans le choix de tes photos... J'aime aussi ta proposition de texte...:)
    Cette main posée sur l'épaule et ce visage qu'il n'est point utile d'imaginer... Il prend la couleur bleutée de l'oiseau... Vraiment magnifique !
    Tu me touches encore dans ma sensibilité...

    Tes photos sur "the floating bridge of dreams" sont tout le temps superbes ! J'ai voulu les mettre sur ma page Facebook... et ensuite, j'ai pensé que tu ne souhaiterais peut-être-pas celà ! Mais si tu le souhaites... j'ai envie de partager ce que j'aime ! Si tu ne le souhaites pas...No problemo ! Il y a des espaces sur le net, des "fenêtres", dans lesquelles on entre ou on entre pas ! Toute opinion doit être respectée...

    Bises Roxana,
    et douceurs sur l'épaule...:)

  14. Woman much missed, how you call to me, call to me,
    Saying that now you are not as you were
    When you had changed from the one who was all to me,
    But as at first, when our day was fair.

    Can it be you that I hear? Let me view you, then,
    Standing as when I drew near to the town
    Where you would wait for me: yes, as I knew you then,
    Even to the original air-blue gown!

  15. "two moons lit up my skin" - wonderful! and that top pic...

  16. A tremulous thump and whoomp, a bird mocking the noetic rules of flight is dazed by the impertinence of a glass wall. Yet, who would cosset such a wounded bird? A giant living in a giant house?

  17. p.s.
    I should add this love affair was when I was in my middle teens to my early twenties.
    You know excuses, the magnificent folly of youth.
    and after that there are no excuses only painful pleasures.....

  18. merc, and of the two of them, only photography transcends the splitting of the self... words deepen it, i feel...

    swiss, yes, that too :-)

    Ofelia, your words have deeply moved me, i really could feel your emotion and sincerity. i humbly thank you.

    Except perhaps a little

    In open arms

    Against a beating heart

    this is so sweet of you! yes, that would be a very different kind of crushing :-)

  19. cathaysa, gracias por tu visita y por dejar tu impresion!

    mythopolis, thank you so much! (and i too know about absent-mindedness so well :-)

    Stickup Artist, yes, i think these are things we have all felt, one way or another, and it is somehow puzzling to me to read ancient poetry, like that of Ono no KOmachi, for ex, and realize that the human heart hasn't changed a bit, during all this time, endless centuries...

    Emese, iar te-am intristat, ce sa fac eu
    te imbratisez cu un zambet, asa :-)

  20. dear Madeleine, thank you for all the fluttering snow kisses sent my way, today it was sunny so i think some of them melted but i am sure there are plenty still here, making me smile :-)
    i am happy that my post finds an echo within you as well, tu es toujours si attentive a chaque nuance des mes images, et si pleine d'emotion que tes analyses me font toujours voir d'autres choses, de nouvelles choses, inattendues, dans mes photos - et c'est enrichissant et delicieux a la fois :-)

    je t'embrasse de tout coeur et reviens vite!

    Lynne, ah, one of my favourite songs of all time, and such wonderful lines, however did you know?!! :-)

    Liebste Renée, deine Waerme macht mein Herz auch warm, und ich danke Dir so sehr fuer Deine Anwesenheit hier, meine Bruecke ist viel heller jetzt, seitdem Du hier bist :-)
    ich denke, in uns allen gibt es mehrere Voegel, manche versuchen sich zu befreien und schaffen das auch, egal wie schmerzhaft der Weg ist, manche versuchen es und gehen daran kaputt, andere versuchen es nie und leben fuer immer gefangen...
    wie immer umarme ich Dich so lieb...

    Jeff, je suis heureuse que tu aies aime mes images, je sais que tu es toujours amoureux de mes femmes secretes :-)
    et quel honneur, tu veux mettre mes photos sur ta page Facebook?! je ne connais pas Facebook trop bien, je ne l'aime pas, a vrai dire, je n'ai pas de compte la-bas, mais je ne vois pas pourquoi je refuserais ta proposition, si tu peux aussi mettre un lien la-bas vers le Pont, c'est parfait!
    merci et bises...

    anon, this is a lovely poem, thank you, but i don't know, these lines:
    Saying that now you are not as you were
    When you had changed from the one who was all to me,
    But as at first, when our day was fair.

    made me sad... yes, of course, it is absurd that i complain about this when my post was so full of melancholy to begin with :-) and i am not complaining, just letting you know :-)

    Marion, happy that you loved that image and the pic, actually i had tried to get on photo to illustrate this line as well, but i failed :-)

    Prospero, i am sorry, i am smiling too much about "bird mocking the noetic rules of flight" to be able to come up with a deep answer, or at least with one alliterating in a lovely way (they are always useful when talking to musicians :-)

  21. flying in your photographs...........

  22. imi place mult prima,senzuala, cu o doza de mister suficienta pentru activarea imaginatiei.imi place!