Tuesday, 29 June 2010

storm gathering upon the lonely shores of our lives



  1. I am so loving that for so many reasons, not the least the hard black edge line on the cloud.

  2. there are so many faces, and beings, and things going on in those clouds that the lonely shores may actually welcome the storm

  3. Two things popped into my head when I opened your page... Prophecy and Man Ray. The title is just as beautiful and thought provoking as the image.

  4. Taken while strolling way up high in the clouds on a floating bridge, crossing the river of dreams ... ?

    But are we condemned to loneliness ? Can one ever be other than alone ?

  5. Ausdruck eines aufkommenden Gedankens... doch könnte man ihn sehen, ganz anders, als wunderbare Landschaft, geheimnisvolle Wege auf dem geheimnisvollem Pfade, das Gebirge umhüllt von kaum durchsichtigen Nebel, was ich unendlich liebe... Dass Du in jedem Deiner Gedanken immer etwas Wundervolles herauslesen kannst, liebe Roxana! Und ich nehme Dich bei der Hand und begleite Dich auf dem Pfad der geheimnisvollen anderen Welt!

  6. L'angoisse, le hennissement des chevaux avant l'orage, l'inconscient.

  7. The title is a poem in itself.

    many layers in this one.

    be well,

  8. dearest, are you afraid of storms? (abritons-nous de l’orage)

    i am reminded of my favorite poem and feel compelled to share it with you:

    Dacă nu ştii, ţi-aş arăta
    Din bob în bob amorul

    It talks about patience and the tincture of fear devilishly inherent in minatory forecasts (and how the mockingbird habitually gorges itself on seeds or grain ).

    (just another comment in a series of trilingual phantasms)

  9. I love this photo. storms and rains. inevitable and healing.

  10. schon unglaublich, wie dies bild es schafft zu zeigen, was momentan in meinem leben los ist. anscheinend alle unzufrienden und entäuscht von dem was sie haben, wird zu viel auch nie genug sein, fast hätte ich gesagt, "lass es regnen, viel, zu viel."

  11. I could get lost in this one. Immediately I thought about the Gulf of Mexico and the oil disaster there. It is indeed a lonely feeling knowing that we are helpless in this situation.

  12. Looking long enough, and the images begins to move. Absolutely. -J

  13. de atatea ori sunt intre confundarea aceasta dintre tarmuri si plec,cu tine,in calatoria in aer

  14. merc, your Eye!

    dear Lynne, perhaps we all welcome the storm, from time to time - i know i do.

    prophecy and man ray! Stickup artist, that's huge praise, thank you so much :-)

    Owen - ah i cannot hide anything from you :-)

    i think: yes - but luckily we forget about it all the time (especially when we fall in love :-)

  15. Renée, Hand in Hand, auf dem Pfad der geheimnisvollen anderen Welt, reines Glueck! ich schliesse meine Augen und laechele Dir zu...
    (es gibt kein Gebirge hier, das sind nur Wolken, oben im Himmel, ich habe das Bild vom Flugzeug genommen - oder wenn du willst: Wolkenberge :-)

    ich umarme Dich!

    K'line, tu vois toujours dans les trefonds de l'ame ou naissent les images... je t'embrasse tres fort.

    Dianne, you are so kind. thank you, as always.

    Prospero, what have you been doing, reading Romanian poetry? :-)
    (beside tending to your trilingual phantasms)
    it is indeed a famous poem, some other time i will recite it for you.
    no, not afraid of storms, in fact just fighting one of them, in Premiere - and it will be either me or Her :-)

  16. G, i am skeptical about healing right now -

    ach Robert. ich schenke Dir das Bild, wenn du moechtest. aber dann muss ich noch ein anderes machen, nur fuer Dich: wie die Sonne nach dem Sturm aufgeht.

    Lydia, the gold of Mexico, i hadn't thought of that, but i understand the connection :-(

    Jayne, so glad to hear from you again! thank you...

  17. very strong art- the existential path and the silent scream of the storm...

    beautiful work.