Saturday, 20 March 2010

without reckoning

When two people love each other, they don't love in the same way.
One of them is strong, the other, weaker.
And the weaker is always the one
who loves without reckoning...
without reservation.
It feels now as if I've awakened from some kind of dream...
after some other kind of life.

from Tarkovsky's Sacrifice


  1. What comes, comes in silence, to fall, among the fallen, unknown to them.

  2. ? ?
    ? ? ?
    ? ?

    Roxana ?

    ? ?
    ? ? ?
    ? ?

    Please be ok...
    Spring is nearly here
    With Spring comes hope,
    Hope springs eternal
    Like love

    This gave me chills...

  3. Owen, dear Owen, i am sorry i didn't want to make you worry, i am a little low but not that bad, merc once said:
    "we rest like a seed in the ground waiting for Spring..."
    so perhaps it's just this spring waiting and then you will be right, with spring comes a new vision -

    and this was supposed to be an homage to Tarkovsky's Sacrifice, so i think i should be glad "it gave you chills"! :-)

  4. merc, yes.

    as the poet says:


    Then to

    there is a time for everything.

  5. This prose is from Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 'Love in the Time of Cholera',a most beautiful book.
    'She reminded him that the weak would never enter the kingdom of love,which is a harsh and ungenerous kingdom,and that woman give themselves only to men of resolute spirit,who provide the security they need to face life'.

  6. The Sacrifice has had a profound influence on me (more than you can know). It frightened me, inspired me, and took me to a place where i have never really departed from.
    Your shot reminds me more of something from Solaris (i am so hopeless)

  7. Do you know, sometimes I can't look at your blog because your work is too beautiful! Why I have that feeling I don't know, but if I feel a bit fragile your work is so overwhelming. I can't imagine what it must be like to live inside your mind. Much finer than mine.
    Anyway I only ever seem to comment here by saying 'beautiful,' and I wanted to share something more this time. Your work is beautiful, beautiful the way nature or children are sometimes so beautiful it is almost too much to bear. It is lovely, lovely work. I hope your heart can sing because of the fineness of your seeing, it certainly makes mine sing.

  8. My god... qu'elle est tristounette cette fille !... Il lui manque du soleil, de la mer, du sable, et surtout l'accent avec lequel je te parle avec mon clavier Roxana...! ! !...
    Mais le printemps arrive et va nous faire refleurir les sentiments, les désirs s'il y a besoin, le sourire si tu l'as perdu, et tout le reste...(8]

    Bises très tendres Roxana...(:]
    Elle est quand même très belle cette fille sur ta photo...(8|... et... elle habite vers où ?...:]

    Bises douces et tendres...
    Excellent week-end et bon sourires de printemps ! ! !

  9. I didn't like this photo. Why can't blondie walk on her own two bloody feet?

  10. Elle n'est pas triste; bien au contraire; simplement dans ces rêves ou personne ne peut pénétrer; même les yeux bandés; elle espère bien que quelqu'un viendra la prendre par la main; et lui retirer son bandeau. Mais ce qui importe ici; c'est l'abandon exilé d'un paradis; âme tombé de son lieu naturel. Elle vous donne son secret besoin de tendre bras pour l'aider à vivre longtemps dans le vertige de la rêverie.

  11. cheveux blonds et bruns mêlés....

    ce qui importe je crois,c'est d'avoir aimé ,plus, moins ,bien ou mal quelle importance au final......juste le grand privilège d'avoir aimé...
    ça n'est pas quantitatif...ce qui laisse des traces ....c'est l'intensité l'emotion la grandeur les odeurs les couleurs les fous rire, la complicité de ces moments uniques....même les moments les plus moches deviennent presque beaux...
    cette vibration puissante, qui elle ne s'échappera peut etre jamais plus...enfermée en nous a tout jamais...a ce moment la on ne fait plus qu'un....
    même si l'autre est déjà bien loin...
    mais c'est tellement personnel le monde des rêves...c'est mon regard sur certains souvenirs...
    je t'embrasse bien fort Roxana...
    et je t'envoie toutes mes brumes et mes lumières...ce matin il pleut encore....
    bises bises...:o)

  12. Ian, i read this book, yes. thank you... still, what is 'weak' or 'strong' for some people is not the same for others, in fact one of the most important topics of this film, The Sacrifice, seems to me to be that of perspectivism (there are explicit references to Nietzsche in it as well).

  13. Prospero,
    does this mean that i am hopeless too, if i say that i think i know?

    i could probably make a case for both Solaris and the Sacrifice, in the case of this picture - yet this time i started with the words and searched for an image, it was the only one which seemed to fit them.

  14. Susan, i am really so touched... i can't say anything now.

    i'll just give you a silent hug, if you allow me to... it means so much to me that you came here to tell me this, especially now that i've been a bit quiet... and had so many doubts about the usefulness of blogging...

  15. Jeff, ah le vieux Jeff, celui de toujours - des qu'il voit une jolie fille, il veut toute de suite savoir ou elle habite... tres loin de toi, celle-ci, j'imagine! :-)

    bises :-)

  16. anon, but first of all, let's see, what makes you think she is walking at all? and how do you know she really exists and is not only a projection of the... i think 'brunette' would go hand in hand with 'blondie'?

    you really should start shaking off the chains of such inveterate realism (even naturalism, if i assume that you are inquiring about some physical condition - disease, drunkenness - which would prevent her walk)!!! :-P

  17. ah, Allan, tu as tout vu:

    "Elle n'est pas triste; bien au contraire; simplement dans ces rêves ou personne ne peut pénétrer"...

    je t'en remercie, oui, merci d'etre la, tout simplement...

  18. ma chere Clo...

    toutes tes brumes et tes lumières, je les ai recues, j'en suis enveloppee... et tes souvenirs aussi, meme inconnus, je les sens presque en moi, comme si je les avais vecus moi-meme...

    je t'embrasse de tout coeur et pense a toi...

  19. I haven't seen "Sacrifice", but... is it really the weaker of the two that loves without reckoning? I know the strong-weak distinction is a recurrent theme with Tarkovsky, and so are reversals of the 'accepted view'. Is this quote meant literally within the context of the film? Is there any implied irony?

  20. Love, you did provide food, warmth and close to wear. Company throughout night and day, many times even hope, that the heart continues one more time to beat, for you to hear. Light as hair in the wind, from behind, making wings, for the weak.

  21. well, she does look rather glum so i assumed she was carrying her. but if u want to go down that line, the blonde girl (pc) could be projecting an image of the other one..she likes to see her sad, perhaps?

    or maybe they're both projections of the tree...:-)

    what is meant by "really" exists? I see an image of a girl before me. seems quite a heavy and cruel girl. Cannot touch her or talk to her but she is real..even an appearance is an appearance of something? (this really should have been Solaris!)

    ah, but i like the chains...

  22. Comment peux-tu être sûre que là où elle habite, c'est très loin de moi ?...:)
    Quant au vieux Jeff... ça a un côté un peu familier... C'est bon parce que c'est toi qui me le dit ! ! !...:)))

    Ciao "Ma" vieille Roxana !...(8]
    Bises par milliers...
    ... et tu verras que nous ne sommes pas si loin que ça finalement !...:)... Mais ça, tu le sais déjà ! ! !
    Bises encore...

  23. …as it always was … and she turned then and walked into the trees, that moment glowing deep inside her, hidden from the world, the memory like an ember she would carry in secret beneath her tongue, a little living flame even in a world of ash….