Monday, 8 March 2010



  1. That's beautiful... And fits today's weather :-). La multi ani de 8 Martie!

  2. indeed! :-) i shot this a couple of days ago, if you remember the first snow wave - and now another storm - is this March? :-)

    multumesc, nu prea am ghiocei de acest 8 martie, dar poate mai tarziu o sa vina si ei :-)

  3. Trés chère Roxana,

    Il m'est impossible de ne pas aimer...tant de sensibilité tant d'amour partagé!!!

    Je suis toujours autant admiratif de ton travail et ne peux que t'encourager à poursuivre...en
    espérant pouvoir en faire autant un jour...qui sait... :0)

    Love M.

  4. what an effect of dead butterfly..

    it shakes me up so violently that
    i feel like i'm in the middle
    of tempest..

    lovely.. lovely.. roxana..

    by the way,
    i am enjoying tropical Toronto
    while you're still in the snow!

    envie you much.. :p

  5. you make videos too!!!

    remarkable, my mockingbird

  6. And the snow will fall
    And the snow still falls

    My daughter came home from school today saying they had a lecture this afternoon from a man who was saying the gulf stream current is getting weaker, and if it should fail to bring warm water north as it has in the past, western Europe will return before long to a climate like Siberia... Was this winter a little taste of what may come ? I am hoping this is wrong, but am already dreaming of returning to a tropical island.

    Thanks for introducing me to Laura Veirs with whom I wasn't familiar but quickly found more on YouTube...

    Oh and thanks so for your lovely comment over at my place, I will be answering there shortly...

    May your woodstove burn hot for you, or whatever source of heat you have... natural gas from Russia ? Fuel from wherever ? Logs from the forest ? Electric ? Stay warm however... it would not do for the Floating Bridge to be covered in icicles...

  7. C'est très beau, c'est magique, comme toi Roxana !

  8. my favourite video of yours so far, such beauty and sadness and the snow transformed into the snow of childhood, I love it.

  9. as always, anything you turn your hand to comes out as original, fresh, dramatic, and mysterious. (gosh, really must snap out of this subservient oriental mood I'm in!).

    I would have liked more of the Veirs song and it would have been nice-I hope you don't mind this feedback-if the snow could be shown to float upwards just before the that the butterflies after falling from the sun fly upwards to the black sun when time is reversed.

  10. Hi there,

    Spring sh'd come soon, it eventually will and I wish you the greetings of the new season. I see that you are your usual 'creative' self here and long may it last!I also take this opportunity here to hope that you are doing well.


  11. cher Marc., merci de tout coeur, tu es si gentil - quel honneur tu me fais... je t'embrasse, je ne sais pas comment te remercier... pour tes visites, pour ton encouragement...

  12. j'ai adoré tes papillons, legers, flottants,intemporels....
    c'est beau Roxana...
    sur une musique de Laura Veirs que j'aime particulièrement...
    tout en finesse pour notre plus grand plaisir....
    pleins de bisoux un grand bout du ciel bleu que nous avons ici ce matin...
    merci pour ce doux moment...:o)

  13. Peter!!!

    so glad to see you again! and don't make me laugh, the "effect of dead butterflies" haha.

    but yes, it seems that we freeze here under snow and Toronto is already blooming spring!

  14. Roxana,
    You matched it a poem please for the Triumvirate.

  15. What Laura Veirs album is that from
    please? :-)

  16. Prospero, i found out i might just be the only mockingbird around here, it seems we don't have them in Romania...

  17. and the snow is still falling today, now... unbelievable, no?

    Owen, it is natural gas, but there is more than enough here to cover the population's needs, the russian imports are only for industrial purposes - or so i hear :-) yes, i knew that about the gulf stream current getting weaker, i fear all those climate change Hollywood scenarios will soon become reality :-(

    but don't worry, the Bridge cannot freeze as long as such nice and warm readers still take a walk around here :-)

  18. K'line, tu m'as fait sourire, chere fee d'au-dela du mirroir... je t'en remercie et je t'embrasse :-)

  19. Sorlil, i am so happy that you tell me this - but even more so, about the "bitter butterfly" :-)

  20. b,
    of course dramatic and mysterious, i think that despite my careful disguise, deep down i am only - sadly - a drama queen :-) (perhaps not so careful, after all)
    but if what i do (my "art") may profit from this a bit, then i can have a slight consolation, can't i :-)
    (i'm afraid not)

    when did i ever get upset about feedback? actually that thought had even crossed my mind, go figure - about the upwards falling butterflies at the end, but i don't know, it just seemed a bit too artificial.

    i am so happy you liked it!

  21. Kubla, hi!

    i am so glad you came by... i hope you are well, too. when will you come back? february too is over. yet your rains, do they still fall? always?

  22. ah, Clo, tu aimes Laura :-) et tu as aussi aime mes papillons, quelle joie! merci de tout coeur pour ce petit mot qui m'apporte le ciel bleu dont j'ai besoin en ce moment.

    je t'embrasse!

  23. Ian, i'm glad you enjoyed - but i don't know which album that is, i just knew this song...
    thanks for coming by :-)

  24. Ian, google says it's on the album Saltbreakers.

  25. (I)
    snow melts on my skin
    only to ignite the fire within -
    able to lift up,
    feet becoming wings.

    Longing to feel snow with
    every sense - white noise.