Thursday, 3 September 2009

almost lips


Presque lèvres
Presque corps,

Plus que fleurs,
Presque porte à l'entrée
Du corps qu'on touchera,

Près de vous je sais mieux
Ce que c'est que des lèvres
Et ce qu'apporte un corps.

Eugène Guillevic

almost lips,
almost bodies,

more than flowers,
almost the entrance
to the body I will touch,

Near to you I learn
what lips are
and what makes a body.

(tr. Teo Savory)



  1. Depois da maçã...vem o veludo das rosas ( ou dos lábios...)...essa fusão das coisas...luz com beleza sem fim

  2. Je connais cette femme depuis que je viens ici.Plaisir est un chant de liberté, tu as cette profondeur qui invoque la hauteur. Secret image fille n'avez-vous entendu parler de cette belle femme avec des formes les plus belles que le plaisir, creuse le sol pour extirper les racines et qui trouva un trésor!!! j'adore

  3. Slight and delicate, as lips
    before fire, and brush, begins
    the fulling rose...

    I want to lay at your lap,
    listen at your breath,
    and read until your pages,
    become my skin
    and all its memory...

  4. Salut R.

    Dou you know this song?

    "On est bien peu de chose
    Et mon amie la rose
    Me l'a dit ce matin
    A l'aurore je suis née
    Baptisée de rosée
    Je me suis épanouie
    Heureuse et amoureuse
    Aux rayons du soleil
    Me suis fermée la nuit
    Me suis réveillée vieille

    Pourtant j'étais très belle
    Oui j'étais la plus belle
    Des fleurs de ton jardin...Tu m'admirais hier
    Et je serai poussière
    Pour toujours demain..."

    Francoise Hardy - Mon amie la rose
    Natasha Atlas

    Ps:Thank you, once again for remains me good times :0)

    Namasté M.

  5. Roxana, hi

    my banishment from here owes to my moving and waiting for an internet connection but i am here. i got your message, thanks. we are always slaves of technology but more so of people who cannot do their jobs properly but anyway.

    i come here and find that you have been blosssoming roses in lateish autumn but hey, why not? i have seen all your new pictures but to comment in a hurry will not do. i will continue to stand here at the periphery and read the blogs i usually follow. about the cronopios one, well, i am not sure anymore but i have an entree, i say, i can always twist my fingers, and write something deliberate, something that simmers while the ink dries( the internet ink!)
    you can always mail me on, if you want that need not be as disciplined as your usual self, just a hello would suffice too.
    outside, right now, there is a grey sky, wind and rain, wetness and the distant noise of traffic and i am suddenly reminded of various Tarkovskian vistas, rain and horses and abandoned houses and the futility of words.
    i hope you are well and well, good to be back.

  6. Elle se redressa, parmi les branchages délicats d'un rosier, et se mit à s'éjouir des merveilles qui s'affairaient dans les ombres du mystère.

    je connais ce visage nacré en respirant de son image - ses lèvres, luisantes comme le plus beau corail.

  7. Me gustan mucho tus fotos!! Felicitaciones por tanta creatividad. Me gustaría seguir tu blog pero no se puede, no tienes seguidor. Saludos desde Argentina, José

  8. Buze, ca mierea picură, miere şi
    Laptele se află sub limba ta ...

  9. Que brutal y que geniales las fotos, el textos, todo....


  10. the rose
    will remember your lips
    as some year
    your lips will remember
    all the ones they kissed
    almost flesh
    between bliss and oblivion
    the way trees remember
    the touch of snow
    from all decembers

  11. Joy and pain are the same shape:
    you can call the rose an open heart, or a broken heart.
    ---Mir Dard

  12. I am pondering what kind of poses you're taking while you take the photos of your secret women..

    Tricky excitement of the reverse engineering.. :-p

    again, I like you wear the glasses..

  13. From a traditional American folk song :

    "When first I came to Louisville some pleasure there to find,
    A damsel there from Lexington was pleasing to my mind.
    Her rosy cheeks, her ruby lips, like arrows pierced my breast,—
    The name she bore was Flora, the Lily of the West..."

    That's what these photos reminded me of, you could probably find a performance of it on YouTube, it was recorded most famously by Joan Baez and also by Bob Dylan...

  14. PS just stumbled on a blog which something tells me you might possibly enjoy, take a look through some of the past post images... if she put them on a black background like yours, for some I'd have trouble figuring out which of blog they came from, yours or hers...

  15. merc! happy!

    Adelino, how lovely, "veludo das rosas ou dos labios"... thank you...

    Allan, oui, tu as raison, j'ai beaucoup de photos d'elle, je la trouve tres belle et expressive. mais tu sais, tu me combles quand tu me parles "de cette profondeur qui invoque la hauteur", c'est un compliment enorme, pour moi... j'aime quand tu adores...

  16. S., dark one, your pages, my skin, my pages, your skin, sharing the same breath of roses and almonds...

    ah, Marc.! Francoise Hardy, vraiment, les beaux anciens temps, maintenant voila que la nostalgie m'envahit...
    comme je t'en remercie, de tout coeur...

    kubla, hi! i am so glad to hear from you again - though i have to confess i was a bit worried about the cronopios silence. (or perhaps i just missed your posts, and wanted you to return there)
    now i am a bit tired, working on some papers i have to finish, so i will just say this, we'll have time to talk later...
    i hope you are well too, and enjoy your new home.
    (it's raining now, but our rains have almost nothing melancholical about them - still, autumn is here - and i haven't forgotten...)
    ah, almost forgot: why do you thin my usual self is "disciplined"? :-)

  17. I always find her beautiful, always sink deeply into her reveries.

    This, too, from Wallace Stevens:

    from "Woman Looking at a Vase of Flowers"

    …. how the inhuman colors fell
    Into place beside her, where she was,
    Like human conciliations, more like
    A profounder reconciling, an act,
    An affirmation free from doubt.
    The crude and jealous formlessness
    Became the form and fragrance of things
    Without clairvoyance, close to her.

  18. Prospero, est-ce qu’elle vivait vraiment, cette fille d’ombre, avant que ton regard hésitant sur son visage nacré, ta respiration peut-être ne la réveillât ? entre ses lèvres et la rose, dans l’espace d’une seconde, c’est toi qui l’a inventée, qui l’a écrite (scriptor, non ? :-). je ne sais pas pourquoi, en te lisant, j’ai pensé à Nerval : « Le Rêve est une seconde vie. Je n'ai pu percer sans frémir ces portes d'ivoire ou de corne qui nous séparent du monde invisible.”

    Jose, hola - te agradezco por tu visita, de corazon! pero claro que puedes seguir mi blog, trata de hacerlo y ya veras :-)

    ah Robert!!!!
    "for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night. "


  19. because Roxana, you are so polite! i am glad that you missed my absence, thank you.
    you take all the comments posted here very graciously. that is a good sign of 'detachment' from what you post. there is no need to go all flutter at what we create.

    i wrote a damning, not very but a 'contrapuntal' reading of Brodsky's essay on Istanbul a couple of seasons ago which was not well received by a reader. the attachment to writers and things is laughable, i think. if we take ourselves too seriously, then it generates a discussion of events and not ideas, which is so boring, i think.

    anyway.....i do want to write something, to be honest but i have got a block, a kind of inertia....i am reading again however, Lispector for change.

    the rains here have a melancholia yes but i like incessant rains, stormy rains, roof battering winds, ceaseless, like a stravinskian opera, the end of all opera, the end of all winds, all rain.i like noisy rain.

    your women are very suggestive. they reveal more in what they hide, not what we see. i like to think of you as detached from them, a polyphonous artist like Dosteovsky suits my temperament. you see he hated jews and muslims and all non-slavs and yet, i think he rages, he rages so hard. so your photos, in a different way. there is a need aa want there, a sexual pursuit, a pursuit of death? to give the thing that is dear? to lament and be attached to that lamentation? to fall in love with grief? . perhaps this and not. perhaps something else, who knows?

    once you post these photos here, you cease to rule them, i guess.

  20. Hiperion sonriende, hola! :-)
    gracias por tu visita y tus palabras...

    Sutton: between bliss and oblivion
    the way trees remember
    the touch of snow
    from all decembers

    and these touches something so deep in me, i am struggling for answer. and you are close.

    anonymous, i have come to love Mir Dard, thanks to you...

    Peter, what you say is that you would like to see me shooting? :-)

    but i wear glasses all the time :-P

    Owen, so lovely, both your gifts... thank you... indeed, her blog is wonderful, and it even opens with a Cohen line! :-) but those are not her pictures, they come from different people on flickr, if i understand correctly. i love the whole mood and i can see why you thought of me - and am glad you did!

    James!!! what a coincidence, i have been struggling with another Stevens poem these days (which also means: fallen in love with it!). i so love this:
    Became the form and fragrance of things
    Without clairvoyance, close to her.

    and now i think i will have to post more of my flower vases, soon! :-)

  21. ah kubla, you are quite a reader of pictures, you!
    (i will answer more later)
    (damn politeness of mine :-)

  22. ps. Hiperion, queria escribir "sonriendo" :-)

  23. "Près de [tes photos] je sais mieux
    Ce que c'est que des lèvres
    Et ce qu'apporte un corps"

  24. cine este in portretele astea?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. mere si trandafiri,Les Joyaux De La Princesse...M-ai facut fericit.
    Modelul e din Craiova..mi-ar placea sa pozez pentru tine,cu toate merele si trandafirii..

  27. Dan, cred ca ai intrebat despre ea si altadata, si ti-am dat acelasi raspuns: o fata de care sunt eu indragostita :-) mi-a placut mult sa o fotografiez.

  28. Mario, cred ca am rezolvat misterul deja, nu? :-) Ora 25 a venit cu cea mai buna solutie, oricum.
    Multumesc de vizita, chiar daca "interesata".

  29. ah, fff, my dear ffflaneur, what do i see here, i have forgotten to answer one of your precious comments, i am so sorry, "mea culpa" is being intonated right now on all the floating bridges of this world :-)
    and this one is all the more unvaluable, coming from someone with you ascetic penchants :-)

  30. "nu stiam ca pot sa modific asta", inainte de a-ti adanc-multumi pentru vizita, intreb si eu, ca toata lumea, banuiesc: ce "asta"? nu mai pot de curiozitate!!!
    asaaa, si acum sa ne intoarcem la aprecierile tale, care m-au facut si pe mine fericita - dar spune-mi, sa pozezi pentru mine, cum? dupa vorbele tale, nu prea te inscrii in categoria acelor "my secret women", nu? :-)

  31. nu stiam ca pot sa modific username-ul,si acum am vazut,asa e,nu prea ma inscriu in categoria femeilor tale secrete :) dar orice secret are secretul sau,nu ?

  32. ţi-am răspuns la cealaltă postare, nu ştiam că... (multe lucruri nu ştim noi :-)

  33. Mario, dacă tu eşti sigur că ai răspunsul, ce mai vrei de la mine? e problema ta, şi sincer, nu mă interesează.
    dacă aş fi vrut să fac publice numele celor care apar în fotografiile mele, aş fi făcut-o pe blog, deja. aşa că din punctul meu de vedere, discuţia se opreşte aici, dacă ai comentarii pertinente despre fotografii, şi nu doar "interesate", eşti oricânf binevenit.