Wednesday, 8 July 2009

tales of grace and death


  1. Much to learn from your flowers.
    Making it worth to see at ten to four in the morning.

  2. I don't know how you do it, but every time, you transport us directly into the dreamworld... like picking up a card that says : "You clicked on a blog, do not pass Go, do not stop to think, drop whatever you are doing, and enter the dreamworld..." Ahhh, I love it when that card comes to the top of the pile in the real life game of blogopoly...

    I think it is a good thing you live today, and not perhaps 400 years ago, when some closed-minded clerics might have wanted to label you a sorceress, had they seen the magic in your art... today all they can do is turn in their graves, and they are probably turning at 2000 rpm... a shame we can't use them to generate electricity to power our computers... :-)

  3. Roxana, these are scintillating images. I had you in mind when I did my Ariadne's thread series. You are a great inspiration to me.

  4. Hi

    Perhaps I must explain my last comments in detail for I did not do that text any justice.

    Do you know this: 'The heart's echoes render no song when the spirit is mute' ( SHELLEY). to any text we bring our own background perception, our resting states which change from minute to minute. sometimes somethings move us and some more than others. one of my friends felt that the Zubac poem you pointed me to was 'worthless', a poem that i feel naturally inclined to. so that is an example.

    you ask for a critique but one can only judge the style and not the exigency that prompts it. the style is quite good but i was held hostage to at that time by a different mood, to which the text did nothing to shift.that is why i feel that even the most melancholic of our states is an 'affected' state for if the 'spirit is mute', nothing touches us, not even the most wonderful things, nor sand nor flowers( i don't mean yours, a lady with flowers always intrigues me).

    years ago i read....'your eyes go to pieces before a sunset' to which one could say 'the sunset goes to pieces before your eyes'. thus everything revolves around the base line of our hearts( i refuse to make a distinction between the heart and the mind, at least till now), what do we know about hearts anyway?.

    regarding ideology, well, i grew up with a summary of the world, with a discourse that suggested that the kind of coffee you drink in the morning suggests your politics. everything is politics and thus art, which is presented as just art is nothing other than a 'representation' that is sold and that we accept to buy. this is not a conspiracy theory but something that we must continually aim to 'deconstruct'. but am i digressing?

    Thus my comments to your previous post must be seen as a desperate kind of an attempt to ask myself and not you the author about my own refractory state. the problem is seldom outside us.

    I hope that you are well. lots of the old bloggers around us have vanished and it is good to be in touch. may be the three year shelf life theory is actually right.

  5. Roxana: I always love the texts you write or chose to accompany your pictures --- but this time I think you are right to let the images speak for themselves. And they do speak, with such a balanced voice and perfect tone that anything more would be too much.

    Any one of these photos would be beautiful alone, color and shape of the world dreaming its own flower-abstraction --- but the real beauty of the post is in the sequence and rhythm of the three. There is a sense of narrative (which eludes any more precise description, but I think you want it that way :-) and, somehow, it feels to me like a hopeful narrative, despite the title of the post. Maybe its only my selfish pleasure in looking at the images, but I think grace wins here.

  6. There should be some kind of award - "For continual service to the nourishing of all souls through the production and dissemination of sublime beauty."
    And you'd win it.

  7. Your every movement -


  8. you even capture the haloes of colours .... , hallowed colours they are --- (there's depth to them, luminosity and indeed such grace ...)


  10. Le regret je ne sais pas quelque couleurs cela peut avoir, par contre je connais bien le passage.

  11. These are such beautiful images, Roxana. I adore the way they tremble between focus and blur, as between life and death.

  12. your picture came this morning, I'm so over the moon about it, it's absolutely gorgeous. thankyou very much, what can I send you in return?

  13. ahh you have caught the stilled dance of those flowers, moving through time... and the dream like quaility of japanese prints. Soul.

  14. i am so sorry for this absence... i will come back and answer the comments tomorrow, for now i just want to thank you all for being here with me. such warmth and kindness fill my heart with gratitude. unutterable.

  15. magic colours and light...seems to be in a weird microcosmos

  16. hi, Robert, such early hours make us look at things differently, i have always felt that. thank you for making my flowers a part of your night - or should i say, morning?

    Owen, hahaha (somehow you always manage to make me laugh :-) - 'sorceress' i like! :-) also 'do not stop to think', this is the best way to approach the Bridge, yes. and! making those clerics turn in their graves is indeed a very satisfactoy, though unexpected and of course completely unintended result of my indulging in those floating dreams - even if, i must add, we didn't have such types here in Romania, our priests were too busy getting fat, drunk and chasing women :-) hence the popular saying: 'do what the priest says, not what he does'.

    Peter, this is very sweet of you :-)

    Prospero, i can't belive that, really? you thought of me when doing that marvelous Ariadne post? i am overwhelmed... i don't know how to thank you...

  17. Kubla, first let me thank you that you took the time to write such a long and thoughtful comment, it means a lot to me. and also to add from the beginning how glad i am that your (kind of) 'desperate attempts to ask yourself about your own moods have in the meantime taken the shape of mysterious cronopios... and it is funny when you talk about 'old bloggers', i have never seen myself as one, actually... hmmm.

    i totally agree with you here, art can be soothing or move us only to a certain degree, and only when our mood allows it. you are not alone here. of course, when you say: "i was held hostage to at that time by a different mood, to which the text did nothing to shift" - i can think that my text was a failure because, even at a time when the 'spirit is mute', it should have come as blow and force the spirit to wake up. sometimes this happens, and it is great when it does. but this is utopic thinking, supposing it would have done that for you, it might very well be that another reader would have felt nothing at the same time, as you also point out...

    it is very interesting that you don't make any distinction between mind and soul, this is a very japanese thinking: they have a term, kokoro, that means both and it is impossible to translate. such non-dualistic thinking is so alien to our western patterns of thought.

    about art and politics, perhaps i will make a post about that, to explain better where i come from...

    James, i like this kind of selfish pleasures :-) it is strange that you talk about sense of 'narrative', Michael has always used this argument trying to convince me that i should do video as well, he says he always sees this in my posts. and i have resisted it until now :-) perhaps it is a hopeful story, i don't know - it was a happy moment when i took the pictures, these are gentle's dry tulips, and we were actually enjoying shooting together, each her own camera, of course :-)

    oh, Susan, i would say 'thank you for visiting, after such a long time, i am so happy to hear from you' - if i could stop laughing :-)

    merc, wow.

    i.b, ma bucur ca-ti plac, da, film. kodak portra 400, e pentru portrete da' asta am avut la indemana :-)

    S., my dear one, i bow to you.

    Marius, nu stiu de ce, mi-am amintit de esarfa rosie fluturand a fetei tale de la vulcani, cand le-am privit :-)

  18. fff! you force me to a shameful confession :-) that halo is there because i intentionally overexposed the petals in Lightroom - i don't know if one could do this in a traditional lab, though. anyway, i don't care, if Klee is right (i quoted him in another comment), then i only made visible the invisible halo that was there anyway :-)

    LOTUSGREEN! this is indeed a surprise! thank you... it is a wonderful video, and reminded me of our old rain discussions... and shared love...

    Neil, i am so moved by what you said: this is a crucial point for me, for my sensitivity, this trembling between the two... i don't know what your first mysterious w-comment means, but i loved it, that 'w' suddenly seemed to embody the pure fluttering of petals, beyond any meaning...

    Allan, je ne sais pas si j'ai bien compris: quel passage tu connais? de la fleur pleine de vie a la fleur fanee?

    AH, Sorlil, so you got it!!!!! i am absolutely delighted to know you have my berries in your home :-) and that you love them so much. of course you don't have to send me anything in return - oh yes you do, your first poetry book, when you get it published! (even if you decide to go for another image on the cover :-)

    mansuetude, Soul. yes, this word says it all. thank you...

    Cornel, i am so glad to hear from you again! thanks a lot.

  19. Le passage de l'homme ou c'est rêve deviens sa propre moi-je

  20. Le passage de l'être qui ce croire intelligent.

  21. le reve qui devient son propre moi - ah, Allan, je devrais faire un poste pour illustrer cette idee... Merci!