Monday, 29 June 2009

my soul the storm you've walked into


  1. You keep on putting photographies which I like enough .... the impressionist form as you show your photographies they are of my pleasure

  2. oh lovely, nice contrast to the black and whites!

  3. Hmmm, red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in morning, sailors take warning... I wonder which it is ??? Or neither ?

    I wonder also to what extent the moods in your images are the reflection of the moods in their creator ???

    In any case, your photos are indeed awe inspiring...

  4. how compelling! beautiful in a somewhat disturbing way - it's the red sky...

  5. Wow! Ce culori expresive!

  6. I'm very glad I found your blog - and walked into your soul.

  7. as yours get darker and monotonic, even the tiniest dum humble light could shine brilliantly over your naked soul..

  8. Oh, the "reds" ... oh, how lively their speech...

    God, these are gorgeous...

  9. Tu as beaucoup forcée sur le rouge pas le vin mais la couleurs donnant une certaine vise au mort.

  10. I adore the "grainy" quality of these pictures, and those surreal colors. They're just divine.

  11. frumos lucrat!
    ce-a cu stalpii imi place mult :)

  12. some of these are too otherworldy. but the secondlast one... why that is genius. I can imagine a bloodied battleground below; and yet all I can see is a naked branch and stromy skies....

    surely that is high art.

  13. Oh these are really haunting, can't help but come back at look again, and can't help wondering at the almost apocalyptic feeling here, especially the last one with the telephone poles under the nuclear glow... did the skies around Tchernobyl look anything like this ? I imagine you had none of that in mind, but here at 05h00 my sleep fogged mind is seeing roiling clouds of glowing fallout in these images, and like a deer petrified in the glare of headlights I'm staring, staring wondering what fates will be falling from the red dawn...

  14. merc, you know how happy i am to hear this small word from you :-)

    Adelino, it's my pleasure to have you visiting and enjoying my pictures! thank you! (i like the little dot :-)

    Sorlil, thanks! (today i got the print and next week you will have it, sorry for my being so late!)

  15. Owen, i am overwhelmed by your two comments and all the captivating associations your petrified deer gaze has discovered in these pictures :-)

    of course i haven't thought about Tchernobyl - now i wonder about it - all i remember is that we didn't go to school that day, which made us very happy - and the party found a way to give us all iodine pills. but my town is not so close, in Moldavia there was much more concern and fear.

    as to your question about the relationship between the "moods in my images" and my moods, hmmm - and hmmm again. i don't know :-) but let me quote from a text i like, Kasimir Edschmid's Manifesto:

    "The world is simply there. It would be pointless to reproduce it. The great task of art is to seek out its final shudder, its basic essence, and to recreate it anew. Man is no longer an individual bound by duty, morality, society, the family. In this new art form, he becomes nothing other than the most sublime and the most wretched: he becomes human."

    Manuela - disturbing? is it the red of the blood? i remember Bachelard complaining about the writers who always see 'blood' in a sunset, for him this is just remaining at the surface of things - but i don't mind remaining there in this case, i have thought of that actually :-)

    ma bucur ca-ti plac, Emese :-)

    Prospero, ah, if it were so easy to walk into my soul :-) that was just a poetic title, i'm afraid. but you have made me smiled - and i am glad you visited, thank you!

    thank you, Peter, i see you are still in your poetic mood :-)

    Simona, wow - multuuuuumeeeesc :-)

    S., you changed your user pic!!! - from that darkest one to this lovely and joyous smile... i love both :-)

    Allan, je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passe avec ce film, Kodak 400 High Definition, j'ai jamais vu de couleurs pareilles, je pense que le film n'etait pas bon - ou j'ai surexpose par erreur, je ne sais pas - le negatif a l'air bizarre aussi, j'ai ete etonnee quand je l'ai vu dans le labo. mais j'aime beaucoup ton commentaire...

    Mary-Laure, that is very nice of you to say so. thank you for your enthusiasm.

    multumesc, Marius :-) m-am gandit la rosurile tale, sa stii!

    Zuma, "too otherworldy" - is this something negative? - coming from you, the lover of myths - perhaps i wanted to express the essence of the sunset, to write _the_ myth of the sunset, and not just the perceived world as it is (just teasing you :-)
    but thank you for taking care of my vanity so well (i know, you do this only to be able to throw it back to me another time :-P)

    Inga, thank you so much for your appreciation...

  16. Roxana !Plusieurs choses me viennent à l’esprit as-tu la possibilité de faire toi-même le traitement, ou as-tu envisagé de faire comme beaucoup de prendre un appareil numérique, probablement un problème de moyens si non pas si mauvais que cela les photo.

  17. oh thankyou, I'm so much looking forward to it :)

  18. the kind of tumultuous sky under which a crucifixion could take place ( though it's not the season, i know :-)) or else, a sky under which a messenger arrives on horseback, exhausted, to bring some terrible news ..

  19. Allan, j'aime la pellicule photographique classique, et ce genre de surprises fait partie pour moi du charme de la photographie, cette tension de l'attente avant de sortir le film de l'appareil, le developper etc.
    mais je vais avoir un appareil numerique en aout, un Nikon D90, tu pourras comparer et voir la difference alors :-)

    Neil, "couleur et vernis", Boucher! i googled that and i came up with your site :-) perhaps you are the only one sharing this lithograph on the net :-)
    thank you.

    fff, i see we moved from the "bloodied battleground" Zuma saw under this sky to your "crucifixion" season :-) and i can clearly visualize the messenger on the horseback. so something must be true here :-)

  20. I like the trees! How fragile and dreamy...

  21. i'm glad i made you smiled