Thursday 20 February 2014

the same tower, a different story


  1. beautiful. this is enlightening my friend.our fairy tales I feel are like mythologies they are playing out a drama of our psyches.the desire to have the forbidden fruit and the how rapunzel's mother craved the plant rapunzel and the idea of being trapped in the towers of our minds -how rapunzel was trapped in the tower and the final ascent the golden transfiguration of attained truth.
    thankyou for this exploration. I am currently working on a novel for older kids like us also haha and this leads me to consider more the layers of truth to my novel.although I feel that I am in touch with the symbolism that I am working with this inspires me to dig deeper and recognize the archetypes that are in existence throughout my novel.
    thankyou. sending you golden kisses.

  2. Is this where Roxana is kept?

  3. asa se intampla atunci cand rapunzel isi lasa pletele peste ramuri?...
    iti multumesc,rapunzel, fiindca ,astfel, te pot gasi in fiecare clipa a plimbarilor mele pline de dorul unui pat de frunze

  4. (never was it the tower that frightened me, but the depth of her eyes.)

    but yes, how is it that the same tower holds so many stories, even the terrifying ones that i have not noticed yet?

    but yellow, is it to inform us that this story is happier? i'm not so sure about yellow. maybe i simply distrust the obvious.

    (i search myself to see how many towers might reside within. is it wrong to want only one? perhaps. perhaps i need at least two in order to see the one.)


  5. Resplandece...
    El blog, Roxana...
    aunque no lo creas...