Thursday 17 January 2013

however eager

she was set on sharpening her pencils
this time she had decided never to stop
until she had all the colours, all hues ready
to get the big task done
the task for which she had been preparing
as long as she could remember:
to make the rainbow, though not just the image of the rainbow,
the whole rainbow, the real rainbow,
blossom on every sky.
she just hadn't expected so many colours,
it was simply maddening.
so busy was she, fidgeting on and on
that she failed to notice she had shed an eyelash,
and that the eyelash and the rainbow
had become, from a certain point onward,

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  1. i have decided to make separate blogs for a few of my projects developped here on the Bridge, just so that i be able to see all the photos grouped together and get a feeling of cohesion for that particular series - but every post there will appear on the Bridge as well, with the link underneath, just in case you will be curious to check from time to time and get the overall perspective of the flow :-)

  2. This is wonderful. Separate blogs! Aaaarghhhhhhhhhh, I'll try to follow :-)

  3. Oh, this is a poem. i don't know much about words, but this is my favorite poem of yours.

    (oh, she will wonder what this means--she will ask herself if self-deprecation and truth can co-exist, and then proceeding to investigate laboredly a rainbow of other possibilities...)

    a separate blog!... it's so confusing!

  4. thank you :-)

    you don't even have to follow and it is not confusing, i hope so at least, as whenever i make a post on the Bridge which will go into those project-series, you can see it here and then you can just click on the link below the image if you wish to see the project in its continuity, at the new, separate location.

    that's all - very simple :-)

  5. I know it's fine, have already got the link on He That Was and fully understand the branching out. Love it in fact, go the branching!

  6. you know, merc, what you have just said makes me so happy: "go to branching" :-) you have no idea what this means to me, now, NOW

    next, i think i will make a branch for all my videos :-) many links are broken on the Bridge anyway, as the site i was using, Exposure Room, disappeared, so most of the videos are now unavailable.

  7. As you know lately I have been accepting a whole lot more branching I can say categorically...though slightly uncomfortable (heh), it has been wholly wonderful.

  8. hello my beautiful friend Roxana -just to refer to your above branched comment -yes -I would go out on a limb of thought for you anytime my friend as the pathway to the stars is illuminated.

    wow I love this, I love this story board poetical approach.
    I love this fusion of art and life,very powerful masterly work.

    I love the way the she in the verse is organizing the art supplies to prepare the rainbow of life which becomes unpredictable-"she hadn't expected so many colours it was maddening."
    it reminds me literally of the sad story of the Sandy Hook massacre, where the now the children have begun to heal and they have recorded the song somewhere over the rainbow from the rock group studio "Talking Heads".Yes this is a beautiful idea and I have viewed their presentation several times on you tube.
    yes they are singing little angels that show all the strength and beauty of humanity.
    but their rainbow in the secondary sense was created from an art vision but in a primary sense it is really life that has created the rainbow with too many maddening colours and the eyelash that held many drops of tears and the tragedy becomes the rainbow.
    to continue in the next comment

  9. this idea may be swerving in a way but I think it is connected, my dream is that art is not a seperate act all acts in a way can be thought of as being an affirmation of existence, in the same category a response to a multitude of stimuli evasive because they are responding to unseen flowers of existence of maddening colours fallen floral petals of intricate rainbow colours along our pathway to the cosmos.
    actually I was considering this thought,how I don't feel that I or anyone can ever feel ashamed of doing anything even the most hideous crimes were an affirmation of existence, a vein to breathe through although I havent lost my sense of morality in stating this.just because someone doesnt feel ashamed does not mean that their actions were morally right.

    as usual I have enjoyed this journey on the bridge.

    sending you rainbow coloured kisses excluding the maddening colours haha well no you may enjoy them.

  10. There's something lovely about that point, the other side of the bridge, where distinctions no longer hold, and the point becomes a circle...

    This wonderful picture of yours reminded me of:

    I am you, when I am I

    Pretentious, I know! But bear with me.



  11. "to make the rainbow, though not just the image of the rainbow,
    the whole rainbow, the real rainbow,
    blossom on every sky."
    I like this a lot. the idea that if one can imagine something, can envision it, one can make it real.

    I'm excited about your blog link proposal. I've often thought to myself...let's see, where was it I saw that film Roxana made? Etc.

  12. In creating links off the bridge to other sites, you enter into the realm of hypertext...a link to a site that links to other sites, etc. Thus the reader/viewer can move in a non-linear way through your world of ideas. In 1941 Borges wrote The Garden of Forking Paths which in essence allowed one to move through a fiction along numerous possible routes. In this, he was way ahead of his time!

  13. :):)cat ma bucur...
    pentru fiecare lasa a genelor,cum inchid ele inauntru un curcubeu pe care nu stiu daca il putem gasi,asa cum il descrii tu,pe vreun cer,oricat de albastru.
    si pentru acele cutiute pline de aripi de fluture,cu fiecare deschidere vor zbura mii,pentru toti cei pe care ii ingrijesti aici.

  14. it seems utter madness that you should have to use words or images to tell us this story. instead it feels as though you should be allowed to use the electrical reigns of the robes of the man who lives at 777 Sherbert Drive who made the rainbow in the first place. something like this.

    your new site, the neatness of it, the removal of all else, helps my heart to slow. i need this, as though my head, my hair needs to be petted. and it does.


  15. however eager he was to meet her, he never realized that from a certain point onwards he would lose himself, disappear, like a rainbow...

  16. Je suis impatiente de découvrir ces nouveaux blogs ! Bises

  17. the whole rainbow, the real rainbow, / blossoms on every sky
    in full spectrum on the back of my eyelids, guarded by my delicate eyelashes, bow-ing graciously to the miracle of life, always in awe of its possibilities. seeking to become, from a certain point onward, / indistinguishable. one day, perhaps. i smile . . .

    love the idea for branching out!

  18. love all of this, the pics and poems, love sharpening pencils too lol :)

  19. Hi..:)
    J'aime ce que tu nous offres ici et je suis sure que j'aimerai ce que tu nous offriras ailleurs...
    I follow you where you want..:)
    Je t'embrasse en pasant chere amie , un baiser tendresse aux couleurs de l'arc en ciel ..:)

  20. Tes photos sont très poétiques et me parlent souvent. Celle-ci en particulier attire mon regard... les couleurs, cette liberté, le mouvement, la pureté du fond...Génial. Merci.

  21. Madeleine, thank you for your rich comments, so many things to ponder, isn't it? yes, "my dream is that art is not a seperate act all acts in a way can be thought of as being an affirmation of existence", i couldn't agree more - it is by isolating art from life, from the source of life, by putting it into museums instead of seeing it as an everyday part of our life (in the way art was viewed in japan, for ex.) -that art becomes dry and soulless, only a thing of the mind.
    rainbow hugs back :-)

    anonymous, that _is_ a wonderful Miro!!!

    billoo, nothing wrong with pretentious, from to time - and of course i bear with you, for how many years now? :-P

    myth, i am very happy that you like this idea and find it useful, and your reference to Borges is simply superb. maybe i should indeed name the entire hypertext that will come forth "The Garden of the Thousand Bridges" - wow, that is perfect! thank you!!!

  22. Prospero, are you not joking? your favourite poem on the Bridge??? :-)

  23. Cerasela, dacă nu este pe cer, cum nu cred că este, cel puţin sunt sigură că îl vor crea cuvintele tale, preaminunatele :-)

    oh erin - it does this, for you? something moved in me, so deeply, deep down, when you said this - about the need for touch, for hair to be caressed, petted. i know. if i had any doubts about this idea - and i had, a lot - now it is much easier to laugh about them, and go on.
    (thank you, you)

  24. anonymous, and does this scare him? or is he longing for this? dissolving into the rainbow, here on the Bridge, might not be such a bad ending after all :-P

    Plum', merci beaucoup, chere amie...

    Lynne :-)

    indeed! but ending can come this way too, in the blink of an eye :-)

    Tanya, i know, your blog, each of your posts, images, words, tells this story of the endless possibilities of life, this miracle... smiling, too... a hug :-)

    Sorlil, they are lovely, those shavings, aren't they? when i was little, i was making drawing with candles out of them, a kind of collage, i used to draw the candle and glued the shaving for the fire :-)

    Clo, merci, chere ami, je t'embrasse egalement et t'envoie mes plus belles pensees...

    Awena, un grand merci pour ton passage et pour ton message... j'ai aussi essaye une version noir et blanc, mais moi-aussi j'ai aime les couleurs ici :-)

  25. I do respond deeply to this "minimalist" approach. It takes me to the spaces between thoughts. A place I'd like to rest longer and more often.

  26. I love the new however blog, Roxana.

    And this,...this rainbow under construction...though perhaps not intended to do so, delighted my inner child. She is giggling grateful thank yous!