Monday, 4 April 2011

... and shatter me with Dawn


At last, to be identified!
At last, the lamps upon thy side
The rest of Life to see!

Past Midnight! Past the Morning Star!
Past Sunrise!
Ah, What leagues there were
Between our feet, and Day!




Behind Me—dips Eternity—
Before Me—Immortality—
Myself—the Term between—
Death but the Drift of Eastern Gray,
Dissolving into Dawn away,
Before the West begin—


Not knowing when the Dawn will come,
I open every Door,
Or has it Feathers, like a Bird,
Or Billows, like a Shore—



The Truth must dazzle gradually
Or every man be blind—


poems by Emily Dickinson



  1. Even in blends of grey shading only you dazzle and blind us, serving up whole worlds where we can fall in, fall into them, enveloped in your spells, submerged by your magic, lost...

    And I would stay lost forever, were it not for this insistent world which calls me back, calls me away. One day...


    PS Word verification was "whing", as in, "We took to our whings and soared high up into the sky, from where we could then look down from above on the floating bridge of dreams..."

  2. chère magnifique tellement gentille Roxana,thankyou for your deep appreciation of my last comment-well the bridge always fills me with beautiful inspiration and the journalist's elegant appreciation lends all the more inspiration to my visit. In other words chère Roxana, you spoil me rotten.rococo?where did it go?haha
    Thankyou for another masterpeice of your story images!wow this is amazing my friend.I can see these stories in the galleries some day.These images remind me of my day. EVen though religion for me is a beautiful meditation,and I don't take it literally, I had a beautiful experience of the celebration of the mass in the oldest french church of our city, located by my new apartment.
    to continue
    sending you morning star kisses

  3. anyway this experience was beautiful but in a way I felt the way I feel when I view these images- there is a painful disolving of the ego into every dawn from the begining of time and in the veiled twilight of the second photo, and "the eastern grey of dawn" and in the fourth image the disolving of the ego during the meditation and in the fifth image the disolving in the textures of light and the sweet birds innocent song like a prayer and finally the ego disolves in the gradation of the lights of truth.
    spectacular my friend!
    sending you light textured kisses

  4. love the fifth, the quintessential...especially with the heart-shadow. what strange light brings about such forms. I wonder what else you could conjure up!


  5. The fact that morning came at all, breaks me down. I stand before the sunrise, hold up my soul, and beg for one true ray to touch it.

  6. For me, dearest, the first photograph would have been sufficient to satisfy my hankering for deep, transcendental experiences. But there was more, much more. (Did i ever mention how i like your photographs? - this revelatory assessment may have been lost in my gossamery commentary, but who knows, you may have gleaned the not-so-secret knowledge for the ether, bubble gum wrappers, or your indeficient intuition.

  7. C'est vraiment ça :o) ...j'aime m'immerger dans tes images,les respirer, m’envelopper de tes flous, de tes rêves,de ta sensibilité...
    chercher l'impalpable,deviner les non dit... tantôt énigmatiques, tantôt a ciel ouvert tes images bouleversent a coup sur..
    je suis heureuse de venir partager avec toi les moments de vie hors du temps que tu nous venir danser dans la lumière du pont flottant de tous nos rêves,nos verbes, conjugués...
    Merci Belle Amie ...
    Je t'embrasse Roxana...:o)

  8. Beautiful and perfect with the poem. That rooftop image with the smokey chimney stacks fills me with homesickness for a place I have never seen!

  9. I feel transported in time and space. This is my second viewing and I'm still searching for my words... I recognize this shadow world where form is not solid or still and the light is shimmering silver, always moving, caressing into being, and informing. You're amazing!

  10. hier finde ich mich wieder, in diesen Bildern der Ruhe und der Gelassenheit. Ich spüre auch eine reine Sensibilität und innerliche tiefe Schönheit, so als wären es Gemälde Deines Herzens (klingt kitschig, aber ich weiss es gerade nicht anders auszudrücken :-)!) Die Gedichte zerfliessen in den Bildern und ich hätte mich nicht gewundert, wenn Dein Name unter ihnen stehen würde... ganz ganz wundervoll - ich fühle einen tiefen Frieden...!

    Ich umarme Dich und denke an Dich, liebste Roxana!


  11. This is beautiful synergy of word and imagery.

  12. here the woven black threads of the night loosen slowly and the gray dawn slips silently into us ... you seem to know this so well, i am amazed :-) this magical time between worlds, between dream and the ordinary light, when fading into death and fading into life are impossible to distinguish ... the almost surreal clarity of this bird among the thorns wounds something deep in me, but i am healed by the early white smoke from morning houses, and by her, she who rises among the new, softly glowing hours of the day ... the first image, too, is a hymn about the creation of being ...

    the choice of dickinson poems works perfectly ... i swear it, you know american literature better than i do :-)

  13. All of your images are lovely. A beautiful post. Congratulations!

  14. draga mea,toate acele intimitati cu noi insine,intr-o dimineata cu ceata sau copaci,inrourata de strepezeala disipata a ceaiului,gestul nostru sovaitor in spunere,zgribuleala,de o clipa,pe ramurile copacilor care ma duc mereu cu gandul intr-o rascruce de vanturi,povestea ta are toate simturile,gandurile si sentimentele,precum si tot nespusul din fiecare clipa

  15. Nous flottons dans ces brumes, entre rêve et réalité, cet état dans lequel nous nous trouvons au réveil, pas encore tout à fait lucides...engourdis par la nuit.

  16. all those delicate shades of grey - the light of night indeed - a wonderful visual tribute to those Dickinson lines ... shattering us with Dawn ...

  17. Belle interprétation "visuelle" de ce poème ! L'homme est pourtant aveugle a ce qu'il vit dans le moment même ! Avant, après n'existent que parce que pendant que cela est passé ou va passer, nous ne sommes nulle part...! Entre deux signifie que nous sommes entrain de passer... après que le pas se soit levé, avant qu'il se soit reposé... en suspension dans le temps... de passage... comme un oiseau qui vole ou s'envole en permanence !
    Bises étoilées dans le ciel passent...:)

  18. my dear friends, thank you for floating in-between dark and light, with me. i will answer in detail tomorrow, for now just my warm gratitude, as always...

  19. Owen, 'whings' is so funny and so fitting too, a kind of distorted perception of the normal fly, as if one would look through half-closed eyes, as in these photos :-)

    chère Madeleine, once again you nailed the story hidden beyond the pictures, when you say: is a painful dissolving of the ego into every dawn from the begining of time - this is precisely what i had intended, and that is why i had combined the texts with the spiritual poems of Emily. thank you for your empathy and deep understanding of the Bridge's ways :-)

    orr-anonymous, the heart-shape of the leaves, such longing there, i wonder what mad eyou choose that shape from among all?

    oh Dan, this pure mythical gesture (i am thinking of the blind Orion, standing up in the morning sun to be healed by its light) - and it is so very much like you to feel like this, it is exactly how i imagine you.

    at the core of my heart, i feel the same, that first picture is everything, however did you know that?

  20. ma tres chere Clo, je te remercie de ta vision si profonde, cette recherche de l'impalpable dont tu parles ici est tres importante pour moi, pour mes photos, et je pense que pour toi aussi, je le ressens a travers tes images...
    je t'embrasse de tout coeur, comme toujours, et te souhaite une magnifique fin de semaine...

    Lydia, thank you so much for all your comments, they are always so uplifting and heartfelt! it's magical what kind of inner worlds a chimney smoke can open up inside of us, no?

    liebste Renée, 'Gemaelde meines Herzens' klingt sehr huebsch und ich denke, ist auch ziemlich passend, zumindest im Falle dieser Serie, die mir sehr am Herzen liegt :-) Schoenheit und Frieden, ein Blick ins Jenseits, wie Boehme in der Morgenroete schreibt: "Gleichwie das Auge des Menschen siehet bis in das Gestirne, daraus es seinen anfänglichen Ursprung hat, also auch die Seele siehet bis in das göttliche Wesen, darinnen sie lebet" (dieses Zitat hatte ich auch im Kopf, als ich die Bilder gepostet habe).
    lass Dich ganz lieb umarmen, meine Sanfte...

  21. mysterious Mogcat, welcome on the Bridge, thank you so much for your appreciation!

    James, you make me laugh, if there is something i have barely read, then this is american poetry. i happened to stumble upon Emily's poems during a research on spiritual symbolism, and there they are :-) i can't say i always like or understand her, but some pieces are really sublime. and the grey world of the in-between, oh yes, i know how much you love to linger there... :-)

    Stickup, this shadow world, how often is the only world i know... thank you from all my heart for both your words and contemplative silences...

    swiss, i love that word! :-)

    thank you so much for being here and leaving a word, Elisa, i am glad you enjoyed!

    Cerasela, da, am stiut ca vei fi la tine acasa in aceasta lume de umbre si griuri :-)

    K'line, chere belle amie, je sais a quel point tu aimes, comme moi, ces etats d'ame intermediaires, entre le jour et la nuit, le clair et l'obscure... bisous et un grand sourire clair pour toi :-)

    ffflaneur, i thought you would like that subdued grayness :-)

    cher Jeff, merci de ton passage et de nous partager tes pensees 'existentialistes', moi-aussi j'ai tendance a penser comme ca de temps en temps, pourtant si l'on peut trouver un moyen de ressentir la pure joie du present, alors aucune autre pensee ne peserait plus, le passe et l'avenir n'existe de toute facon pour ce qui vit dans l'instant, non? :-)
    je t'embrasse chalereusement, comme d'habitude!!