Wednesday 16 December 2009

meanwhile, buried in snow


  1. craiova winter, we will be skiing 6 days from today and your photo makes me crazy!

  2. Perhaps the first real snow of the season changes nothing, but that is less important than the certainty that it changes everything. Gently the air breaks and falls in upon itself, forgiving angles and edges for their stubbornness, healing colors and reminding reds and blues and greens that they blossomed from the dimness of our sleep before the summer found them---- (a favorite moment in the year).

    I like the pictures, lovely impressionist shadings, the play of this dreaming swirl in the air, victorious over the rational objections of fence and railing :) Did you take these on the same day you posted them?

  3. On dirait ton regard d'une vapeur couvert;
    Ton oeil mystérieux (est-il bleu, gris ou vert?)
    Alternativement tendre, rêveur, cruel,
    Réfléchit l'indolence et la pâleur du ciel.

    Tu rappelles ces jours blancs, tièdes et voilés,
    Qui font se fondre en pleurs les coeurs ensorcelés,
    Quand, agités d'un mal inconnu qui les tord,
    Les nerfs trop éveillés raillent l'esprit qui dort.

    Tu ressembles parfois à ces beaux horizons
    Qu'allument les soleils des brumeuses saisons...
    Comme tu resplendis, paysage mouillé
    Qu'enflamment les rayons tombant d'un ciel brouillé!

    Ô femme dangereuse, ô séduisants climats!
    Adorerai-je aussi ta neige et vos frimas,
    Et saurai-je tirer de l'implacable hiver
    Des plaisirs plus aigus que la glace et le fer?


  4. ah...are these the much promised winter pictures? at least you are prompt in delivering SOME pictures...

    but i do prefer these grainy pictures of yours to the full HD ones. somehow, suits you more...(because apparently we only dream in B&W, and they are always hazy in their recollection)

  5. No snow in my bit of the country so looking forward to lots of snowy pics :)

  6. Roxana, hi

    thanks for your reply. i do understand what you write in your reply and was also open to the possibilities you have mentioned. my response was based on what i felt at that time and it may not be the most reasonable. maybe i would comment on your last post differently now. however, maybe 'redemption', as you wrote did not strike any chord with me.

    i do not know if readers can be easily categorized as you suggest, for then maybe i would not have read what i have read so far, if i was seeking any affirmation of what i hold dear to me. that sort of approach would mean the death of a text before i touch it. your categorization is fraught with difficulties and i do not think personally that i belong to any subgroup of readers that you mention, though that is only my opinion. there are some writers that i have a fondness for but that is mostly because of their detachment from their own writings. eg....Bernhard and some of the things he italicizes( which he holds dear) to mock at. the only exception to this rule w'd be Dostoevski, but that is because of many reasons.

    i would also point out that in no way do i forget that my blog is a pure form of dilettantism and the endless re-writing of a melancholic nature( you are so right here) in no way leads to my personal affirmation, only a kind of a record of a personal state of mind; but you, you are truly an artist and hence my comments. however, i will still say that any art should lead to ecstatic truth only.
    surprisingly, there is no rain tonight but snow and we are promised many centimetres of it.

    nb; the persona of any person that we may construct from any blog is misleading. that is also a charm?

  7. Splendide ! Tu proposes là encore deux magnifiques photo-poésies qui nous interpellent au plus profond de notre être et nous font demander... Est-ce de la neige ou une vague qui va ensevelir la terre, comme multitude de gouttes d'eau qui tombent du ciel ! ! !

    Magnifique Roxana !

  8. hi Dianne, i hope you will come back from skiing with a lot of frosty haikus :-)

  9. "Gently the air breaks and falls in upon itself, forgiving angles and edges for their stubbornness, healing colors and reminding reds and blues and greens that they blossomed from the dimness of our sleep before the summer found them"

    James, i somewhat liked these pictures until i read your description, now my images seem so poor - or not dreamy enough :-) i will try again!

    "Again the first snow
    recalls other years' cold nights.
    What would Issa say?"

    (less bewildering that yours, but i have yet to find a suitable picture for "frost" and "red leaves")

  10. Robert, irgendwann:

    "Wanderer tritt still herein;
    Schmerz versteinerte die Schwelle.
    Da erglänzt in reiner Helle
    auf dem Tische Brot und Wein."


  11. Zuma :-P

    but doesn't waiting make the fulfilled promise much sweeter?
    perhaps i postpone that until i finish the teas, then i will deliver and ask for some more :-P

    (okok, i will add some secret bonus so that you forget your soon-to-become-rage discontent :-)

    yes, i read somewhere that we first see in b/w as well, and then the brain converts the image into colour, or something like that...

    but more snow to come, soon.

  12. Sorlil, i see :-) i will do my best to make up for that!

  13. oh..
    i am still waiting for the snow.

    now you might see
    all the sprouts of pure soul
    out of the burial. :-)

    Hi, Roxana~~

  14. oh yes, Kubla, that is also a charm :-)
    but is it different in real life? even if we have many more hints to build our "construct" of a person, how often do we fail at that task?
    but yes, the dichotomy blog persona/"real person" (whatever that maybe) is a very interesting one, i was just discussing that with another "blog"-friend. i think that, better than through the blog itself, we can get more information about a person from the dialogue developing in the comments - at least more complex information, because the blog is often a one-sided construct, i would say both in your case and mine, we tend to stay true to a certain - limited - number of themes we obsess with, though of course we are not only that in real life. for example, in my case, i think that people might infer from the comments section that i am actually (also) joyous and playful, and not only the dark melancholic Bridge.

    of course i agree that readers cannot be so easily categorized, i said it myself, that these are only tendencies and not rigid types, though i still think there is some truth to it. i didn't say you read a book with this idea or purpose in mind, to find in it only your own vision; only that _in my opinion, from the little i "know" of you_, you tend to acclaim only those works which reflect the way you think/feel, and not so much those which are alien to that. but i might be wrong, of course. (and it would be perhaps interesting to see why i got this impression, but that's another discussion we might better have someday over a cup of tea. no? :-)
    actually i had been brought to think about it by an older remark of Alok, you were friends, i believe? who said once on his blog that he tend to dislike works who allowed an easy identification, in which he found his own reflection - but more those which were opposite to his own views.

    anyway, it's not so important, because i mainly said that to challenge you :-) in the hope to get a more detailed answer about how you view yourself in this regard.

    oh, and you are mistaken, though this mistake honours me: i am no artist myself! no, i just play with pictures and words for my own selfish pleasure (nb. any self-explanatory assertions on the Bridge, and perhaps generally, should be taken cum grano salis :-)

    i wish i could take you on a dark afternoon which fades into night to show you the snow covered Danube plains, when the wind howls - you would fall in love with snow as well, and forget rain for a while :-)

    ps. "redemption" had no religious connotation at all, i only meant something like: if one lives a moment of grace (you can call it: pure ecstasy), then it might be enough to justify a life, to rescue us from the meaningless and absurd. i don't hope to reconciliate you with this word, but it was worth another try, i believe, though i also think it just might be one of those words beyond redemption :-)

  15. Jeff, et ton commentaire est tellement poétique cette fois-ci :-)
    je vois que ma neige t’a rendu rêveur, même si tu restes, sur ton blog, fidèles aux feuilles colorées et à la lumière envoûtante qui les caresse. pas encore de neige, chez toi ? ce n’est pas possible, quelqu’un m’a déjà montré des photos du Paris sous neige... ah mais tu es dans le Sud, plus à l’abri ?

    je vais venir laisser mes impressions bien tôt, j’ai déjà admiré les nouvelles séries...


  16. Peter, every day you become better with words, who knows, after a longer time spent on the Bridge you might even discover the poet hidden in you :-P

    (but here i am not teasing you, lovely lines!)

  17. Roxana, hi

    i will reply in a day or two. suffice to say, for now, that all new snow pushes all my old snow away,away, from view. the rain is a never ending affair.
    take care and see you.

  18. Et elle fond jamais cette neige ?... Tu vois Roxana, avec un temps pareil, et des kilos de neige semblables, je me mettrais bien sous la couette pour papoter philosophie avec toi... entr'autre... Oui, c'est ça... entr'autre !... Et tu fais quoi avec un temps pareil quand il neige... à part bloguer, prendre des photos et te poser des questions existentielles ?...;-)... Bon, allez, j'arrête !

    Je t'adore Roxana ! ! !

  19. Nonono -- the words of my description are only a few flakes of snow fluttering from the twilight, a reflection --- your photos are the primary, the bright obvious standing motionless in cold...

    On the other hand, do keep trying... I like like pictures of snow :-)

    "What would Issa..." but, ah, you never forget :-)


  20. Oh for the light of a fireplace shining out a window in the snow blown night...

  21. ah but how could i forget, James? ...

  22. Kubla, take care you too (and don't worry about replying, sometimes rain - and even snow! - makes all words superfluous, doesn't it? but you know that better than me).

  23. Jeff, je peux par exemple savourer mon the et mon chocolat, en m'amusant quand les mecs ne cessent pas de s'imaginer des "discussions philosophiques" avec moi sous la couette :-P

  24. Owen, exactly my thoughts for the next post...