Monday, 12 October 2009

the blue turtle's journey through her golden dreams










  1. ah, so the bridge can support happiness and a smile...

  2. the wonderful colours of a dream world.

    thank you for visiting my blog.
    greetings from UK

  3. ah Michael, are you sure she can? :-P
    perhaps she will break until tomorrow, crushing the poor turtle underneath - or perhaps the Bridge's desire for such colours is only the proof of how bleak her mood is?
    who knows. turtles all the way down :-)

  4. Friko, thank you for visiting again, i am glad you find something enjoyable here :-)
    (i know how much you like vivid colours)

  5. Ahhh Roxana, I think the floating bridge may become almost an addiction, one finds oneself looking forward to your next posting with nearly a sense of craving... and perhaps with reason... your images transport us directly into the realm of golden dreams, on the blue turtle's back... neurotransmitters transform into the transitional stage between dreaming and waking, perhaps akin to what one might experience had one ingested certain varieties of wild mushrooms with blue stems, or other substances of the like that Aldous Huxley and Carlos Castaneda wrote so extensively and compassionately about...

    And I could not help but think of the lyrics to the well known song whose title formed the initials L.S.D.... :

    Picture yourself in a boat on a river,
    With tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
    Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly,
    A girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

    Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,
    Towering over your head.
    Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes,
    And she's gone.

    Lucy in the sky with diamonds,
    Lucy in the sky with diamonds,
    Lucy in the sky with diamonds,
    Ah... Ah...

    Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain,
    Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.
    Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers,
    That grow so incredibly high.

    Newspaper taxis appear on the shore,
    Waiting to take you away.
    Climb in the back with your head in the clouds,
    And you're gone.

    Picture yourself on a train in a station,
    With plasticine porters with looking glass ties.
    Suddenly someone is there at the turnstile,
    The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.


    Yes, I think perhaps Roxana is the girl with kaleidoscope eyes, follow her down to a bridge by a fountain... the floating bridge... I don't know why I didn't make the connection before now, it was right on the edge of my mind there...

    I would love to see the magician at work and understand how these images came into being, but for now I will just content myself to gazing at them into the wee hours of the morning here... perhaps while eating a marchmallow pie...

    And in your last post, the flowers were growing so incredibly high...

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  7. These are psychedelic...the turtle has entered not a dream world but a dazzling new world. Is the blue turtle just blue , or is she ill, or in love or what?

  8. what's this? whimsy?

    whatever next! ; )

  9. Salut Roxana.

    je suis, au combien, heureux de te retrouver :0)))

    Je trouve que ce petit côté
    "Hokusai Katsushika -(bunjinga et l’Ukiyo-e)" te va à ravir!

    - Tout ce Talent mérite d`être exposé, BRAVO -

  10. omr..

    forever living
    slow moving
    hard shelled
    wise but ugly
    monotonic turtle.. fascinated by the mystery of the colors of the fallens, he just keep hovering around and around the phantasmal..

    i admire you, roxana..
    the Creator should be much proud of having you on earth.

    Hi, roxana. Beautiful morning today!

  11. aaaaaaaaaaaah ....these blazing colours! ;-)

  12. I wallow in your dream with unfeigned delight.

    And, these unsorted thoughts - I've memorized the elegy in the hopes that a tiny bit rubs off on me. Thank you for the Shestov recommendation. I've started reading...
    I am almost certain that you know this, but I'll provide the link and you can weigh the merits of such a divine intervention.
    If this does not stir your soul to its very core, you are made of stone. (I think of you, dearest, when this periodically enters my sphere).

  13. eu nu ma gindesc la testoasa!
    acum citeva zile, ma gindeam cum arata toamna prin aparatul tau...acum am un raspuns!(optimistic)

  14. Que dire Roxana devant tant de beauté... Mes collègues s'en expriment mieux que moi...
    Couleurs, cadrages, recherche d'un équilibre "parfait" ou presque...
    Je suis encore une fois de plus sur le... tu connais la suite...!
    Le titre à lui seul de cette magnifique "ballade" est tout un voyage...

    Aaahhh...! ! ! Roxana... Tu es inimitable... unique...!
    Pas besoin de "substances" pour voyager dans un univers onorique...

    Bises bisous...
    n' love...


  15. These are wonderfully dreaming and sharp at the same time... the primaries always work. -J

  16. Wow! Ce explozie de culori! Ametitor!

  17. Things The Blue Turtle Spoke to Her

    Light cut you open.

    Light flaked from the water like the pressure of breath on skin.
    The sky aged to jeweler’s metals,
    and the gold and copper wires of the season
    tightened flesh against the bones.

    Beauty moved in the flesh like surprise, in marrow.
    It rippled on the surfaces of things.

    This looking was a way of measuring time
    as the silk merchants of the desert measure silk,
    an arm’s length that shimmers all night in the eyes

    We dreamed these colors were Nineveh,
    then that the memory of beauty
    is beauty.


  18. Fantástica série de cores muito puras e directas...
    os comentários todos são muito merecidos para ti...
    afinal és mesmo uma poeta da imagem...
    são sempre imagens muito oníricas, sejam elas com os teus negros e vermelhos com grão...sejam estas cores vivissimas...psicadélicas como alguém dizia no comentário...
    enfim sempre fantástica criação!!!!!!!

  19. Turtles are sacred because they live forever on Air.
    Some colour their surfboards in this swirly way.

  20. i'm thinking of the turtle that carries the world on her back, and i'm happy her dream is so, so beautiful

  21. Wow ce baie de colori,ultima e preferata mea! de mult nu am mai spus nimic, dar sa stii ca m-am tot uitat cand am putut, .Si
    the beautiful foolishness of things e superb, 093 si 094 sunt adevarate picturi.

  22. beautiful photos, what a perfect expression of magic!

  23. I fear the blue turtle has carried Roxana off into a world of bright primary colored dreams... I hope she may find her way back...

  24. What stunning photos. You know how much I love your work in black-and-white, Roxana, but these super-saturated and almost psychedelic images are really soul-shaking. And quite frightening and perhaps a bit sad too.

  25. these photos are spectacular!

    the golden dream-like waters where I bathe my dark-coloured skin to soften it for the hands that will caress it.

    black sun, do not doubt! gentle does exist but it is true that only few people can take photos of her small hands.

  26. OWEN!!! :-)

    wow, indeed, a perfect song!(i hope that doesn't make me conceited if i agree to it :-)
    but somehow i like those images so much, the kaleidoscope eyes (i have a soft spot for kaleidoscopes, i remember so vividly the last time i used one) - the diamond sky... the bridge and the fountain.

    but i think you would be disappointed to see the magician at work, she still has to use a camera as all mortals do, she hasn't (still) reached the stage when she can shoot without it (as the Zen master hitting his target without his bow).

    just joking :-) you've made me smile with your words and now i cannot stop it... oh, and thank you so much for inquiering about my absence from the Bridge, for missing my posts... it means so much to me.

  27. b, you ask too many questions for someone who has a lot of ranting on his blog against the obsession with questioning :-P
    and of course you don't expect me to reveal my turtle's secrets, do you? you haven't even managed to lure those of my pigeons out of me :-P (but gentle, as you see, has a softer heart and clarified at least one thing for you tonight).

  28. swiss, i hope "whimsy" means that you like them, no? :-)

    Marc., moi-aussi je suis heureuse de t'avoir de nouveau ici! :-) merci de tout coeur, comme d'habitude.

    hi Peter, it's late in the night now, so soon i will be able to answer your "good morning", but many days later, i am so sorry for that... busy days here...
    i am immensly happy to know you dizzy with my colours, yet please, stop insulting my turtle, how could she be ugly?! :-P (i don't think the Creator is too happy for having me around, my tounge is way too sharp :-)

  29. Plus sérieusement , ce que j'aime ce sont les couleurs, dégradés de bleu (flamboyant) et de gris, mélange de tourmente et de sérénité. Roxana Il y a de quoi être contemplatif devant ces camaïeu vieux bleu orange, ta composition est parfaite.

  30. gentle, r showed me a picture of you, so now i don't doubt you exist!

  31. fff - i knew you would react, if only to protect your melancholic eyes :-)

    (wondering whether my blue turtle passes by Captain Nathaniel Vesey's toad in her dream journey)

    I used to read a lot of Shestov when i was young and waited for an encounter with that angel of death, which would bestow other eyes upon me - i think if one "waits" consciously for that, it never happens :-)

    but you say you think of me when you see this, my dear Prospero, i can't tell you enough of my amazement: i adore Tilda Swinton and this scene you chose for me, oh... it's exactly what i needed these days, if only you knew... perhaps you will -

    I.B., o sa mai vina alte feluri de toamna din aparatul meu, o sa vezi...

    ah Jeff, tu sais, j'avais au debut essaye un titre different, quelque chose comme: suivriez-vous ma tortue bleue dans son voyage? tu me donnes la reponse a cette question que je n'ai plus posee, et je t'en remercie de tout coeur... j'aime beaucoup ce que tu dis, pas besoin de "substance" pour faire ce voyage onirique, c'est tres bachelardien comme vision :-) peut-etre la couleur peut-elle aussi etre une "substance", une "matiere"?

    Thank you Jayne, yes, sometimes i have a longing for primaries and their strength and purity.

    Emese :-) multumesc, draga mea.

    Marius, hei ce surpriza, mai dai si pe aici :-)

    Inga, i am glad you liked it!

    you already know - what i cannot say, what this poem meant to me, how much it...
    see, i can't talk about it. i can only embrace it in silence.

  32. Adelino, coming from you, with your great skills to combine powerful colours, what can i say - i am happy you came to tell me this and i truly thank you for it.

    dear merc, i think in the end it comes to our gaze to discover the "sacred" even in the most humble places in which it hides in this world...

    Manuela, i thought of her too! :-) not from the beginning, though, but as soon as i started to read the comments here, it came to my mind...

    multumesc Edith, draga mea, imi pare asa de bine ca mai apari din cand in cand :-) si ca iti faci timp si pentru Foolishness, ce ma bucur ca iti place!!!

  33. Zoe, thank you so much for your visit here and your kind words!

    Neil, welcome back... "soul-shaking", how beautiful you put that... and you see sadness in them too, i think you are right, in a way...

    gentle, i am glad you decided to step forward and settle things!
    though, Black Sun, i don't know how you can be so sure that any pictures i might have shown you are indeed what i/they pretend to be - and i am afraid this is true for the entire Bridge :-P

  34. Allan, tu aussi tu es sensible a ce que tu nommes "melange de tourmente et de serenite", et je te remercie pour voir ca! et oui, les couleurs etaient vraiment splendides, je ne sais pas qui pourrait leur resister...

  35. if you follow that logic-if , indeed, one can say that your tribe follows logic-even the existence of gentle is back in question (sorry, gentle, but that's the way it goes..nothing personal, you do understand).

    Nothing on the entire bridge can be trusted-least of all that sly old fox...

  36. b! i see that talking to gentle directly has put you into such a state of overexcitement that you've started to mix things up, that is a TURTLE, not a FOX (no matter how treacherous my pictures might be) :-P

    and yes, of course, that was the final outcome of that logical thread, i merely wanted to allow you to accomplish that one last step for yourself, closing the circle (and hopefully to admit that on the foggy Bridge not even a Black Sun can find his way in or out her complicated mysteries)


    ps. nevertheless, what "tribe" are you talking about: we are "modern" around here, not cave people any longer.

    (just teasing you, i am playful this Sunday morning :-)

  37. the way "in" was fine..the way out, as the turtle seems to have discovered as well, is not so easy to find! :-)

    i haven't been "talking" to gentle [or was that another one of your so-called deliberate mistakes?! lol :-)]

    there you go with your distinctions again! Pfftt!

    but behind the shifting forms...crow, turtle...there is the fox.

    Why, the tribe known as roxana, of course!

    "not cave people"? that's not very culturally sensitive of you, not very, how to say it, "modern", nai?

    in any case, don't knock what you haven't tried. you're welcome to visit, of course. Bring tea and chocolate whilst you're at it, child. shabash.

  38. James, these words are uncommonly beautiful.