Tuesday, 15 September 2009

the sentimental clichés of our small deaths


we still extract the nectar
from each wound
we've opened bare

feeding on the wings
it's taken us so long to grow
from our liquid bones

two bodies heavy with likeness
you and I
wrapped carefully in what might have been

my shadow still reaching out
from the sharp rectangle of light
in which you keep me captive

your silence still reaching out
from the tight rectangle of dark
in which i keep you bound to my silk

the dreadful hour, gently hardening
within the chrysalis
my reckless time, my destroyer




  1. Words and images together are otherworldly, ethereal. The phrase that holds my breath:

    heavy with likeness
    you and I

    I want to sit with this idea. And remember to breathe.

  2. Comme ces deux pétales qui sont, soit dans l'ombre, soit dans la lumière, ces photos sont une véritable peinture de l'âme humaine !... Magique...

    Amitiés !


  3. I adore the simplicity of these images, And there is such sensuality, especially in the third, in the caress of light over the delicate curves and translucent walls of these blossoms --- a sensual pleasure paradoxically enriched by the surrounding darkness, by the knowledge that it is bound in time.

    The poem complements the images. I love "the dreadful hour, gently hardening / within the chrysalis / my reckless time, my destroyer"

  4. more tulips?

    liking liquid bones

  5. bravo.. bravo..

    how lovely..
    how deeply touching..

    Yes, you ARE my Juno..

    Welcome to Autumn, mr ^,~

  6. c'est toujours aussi magnifique!!

  7. Gosh, that was all a bit sad, roxana. Lovely photos, though. And no, I don't think you've got a pastel soul!:-) More of a northerner, if you ask me (which you're not, I realize).

    hi :-)

  8. ahh roxana, why do you always talk about death and the morbid things. Life is for the living, no? with vulgar mirth and copious brews and roast muttons...time enough for the earth and the grave!

    but i jest, i like your composition here (this was my only comment; then I realized how you took umbrage to my last series of laconic observations, so I felt compelled to add something of more general persuasion as a prologue)

    but I jest again. It appears that I have not much to say these days of more serious content.

  9. Some of this reads like a response to the image of the petals lying separately in the light and dark, but maybe it was the other way around?

    Is this about two people or just the one?

  10. excellent concept ! and breathtaking gentle touch of the light

  11. T., i so love the words you used, "otherworldy" and "ethereal" (and your name as well, i have never come across it before - why this french sound to it?)

    when i saw how the dead petals seemed to have retained the light, i thought about them breathing again, for the shortest of moments - they hold light as breath...

    jeff, la magie appartient à cette lumière, au tremblement de ces pétales qui tombent tous les jours, sans que l’on s'en rende compte, pour la plupart du temps... je n’ai fait que regarder plus attentivement... je te remercie pour tes mots si touchants...

  12. Greet blogs and greet photos!

    Greetings from spain!

    I´ll come back

  13. love these, the perfect simplicity of them that James mentions.

  14. worth to be conquerd by,
    to die a thousand further times...

  15. Roxana, sunt superbe! Imi plac in special prima si ultima.

  16. feeding on our wings... we keep doing that, don't we... and here are the shadows and petals to tell us - once again - that all we need to do is look, see, fly

  17. dearest, i'm thinking of small deaths and virtual propinquity with you

  18. James, dear James, i have always wondered whether there is a reflection of myself in my images - i can't say i recognize myself in my pictures, but in the words you have for them, i do.
    (and you even noticed my 'poem' :-)

    swiss, i'am afraid there will be more tulips to come, but just for you, i will try to provide some gladioli as well :-)

    merc, the last petals, the last cicada, they mirror each other (thank you, my dear friend)

  19. Peter, you liked my playing with light and shadow and translucid petals? i suspect that romanian autumn is very different from the canadian one - but yes, what we feel can be the same...

    merci de tout coeur, chere Line-Omami!

    anonymous, you can be accused of high treason, i hope you are aware of that, doubting my pastel soul!!!!! and on top of that, what is that talk of my northern yearnings? no thank you, i am very much a Southern girl :-P, this Bridge is just a disguise :-)
    hi :-P

  20. o vreau pe prima.
    o vreau eu cadou. sa o scoti de pe blog si sa mi-o faci cadou
    este, in opinia mea, cea mai inspirata si mai puternica imagine a ta.
    cu plecaciune maestre!

  21. zuma! your presence here has become so rare that indeed, i am inclined to celebrate it with a huge feast, everything your heart desires, vulgar mirth and copious brews etc.etc. (even if some of my readers won't believe that i also can celebrate like that :-) but you know, don't you? :-)

    yet what do you mean, i took "umbrage"? it must be a misunderstanding, your hallucinated longing for shadow amidst that indian heat :-P (we say "umbra" for "shadow" in Romanian, could one wish for more Latin blood than that?) what did i do, forget to answer your comments? it can't be, i will be inconsolable until the end of my days (oops, that morbid talk again! :-)
    (you don't have to say much, you know)

    Decoys, i am so happy to hear from you!!!
    [the foreseeable future seems to be a long one indeed :-(]
    you are right, some of these lines came to me in response to that picture.
    and yes, your question... i have asked myself the same question, you know - i think you have to decide about the answer, yours will be as good as mine, if not better...

    Cornel, thank you, that light was indeed a very soft one in reality, gentle may afternoon...

    JL Leal, thank you so much for coming here and for your kind words, hope to hear again from you soon!

    Sorlil, i am glad... and thank you so much for finding some time to still come to see me :-)

  22. ah, Robert - a thousand deaths and a thousand rebirths - and the longing for a return to pure, white, undifferentiated light...

    Gabi, sarumana! :-)

    Manu, look, see, fly - if only it were so easy... (yes, we were writing at the same time :-)

  23. ah, Prospero my Lector-Spectator, it's dangerous to have a commenter so well-read in Barthes here on the Bridge :-)
    i remember someone said: virtual is not reality but not exactly the opposite of it either - or am i inventing this now? :-)
    perhaps it is less and more than real, at the same time -

    Dan! :-) parca si tu imi datorai un cadou, nu?
    bine, ca de la maestru la maestru (spuse ea cu ochii atintiti spre One in one out, si aproape fara suflare) - e a ta!

  24. trebuie restabilita o legatura care a fugit candva in urme artagoase si scrisuri de creion tocit.
    sa o restabilim deci si sa daruim cum am promis.
    acelasi e-mail am scumpe prieten...

  25. well, that's better than low treason, ain't it? But hang on a mo, I'm not your "subject", and you're not the queen!:-)

    not a very good disguise, I'm afraid (and i usually am afraid!)

    nope, don't doubt..in this case just know.

    a southern girl..that me doubts, professor.

  26. dearest, most plants in a sorcerer's garden are poisonous, including the Nerium (a malefic apocynaceae, deemed one of the most poisonous plants known to humankind) whose color you covet. As to those berries - i defer, unreservedly, to your judgment) i wonder what Scriabin would have made of this, oh so red...

  27. I am mesmerized by the light and color in the photos. Stunning. As are the words. I am transfixed.

  28. 'umbrage' in ENGLISH means taking exception or being annoyed. It does also means shade or foliage or shadows cast by foliage.

    No you didn't forget to answer my comments. If I remember correctly , you asked me only a few hundred times whether I am alright or cross with you because my poor ol' self dared to make a one line comment like "nice composition" or something. haha
    Just kidding. obviously.

  29. I've read your post, your poetry, absorbed it, and let it have its runs in me. But then, my Roxana, I read your exchanges with Zuma and Anonymous, others, and am delighting in your eager playfulness, and theirs.

    Oh, I like...

  30. never have i seen the fleetingness of petals & light portrayed with such consoling solidity (is it the stone? is it the geometry of the planes of light & shade? )

  31. b, don't you think it would be wiser to say "i know that i know nothing", at least when it comes to certain things, to be more precise, at least when it comes to the Bridge? :-P how come you are so sure i am not a queen in disguise? (another disguise!) very strange that!
    of course, high treason is preferable to low treason, but i thought that i was the one defending that position, being, as always, the drama queen (queen, again! see?!)


  32. exactly, Zuma, that is why i made that joke that your UMBRAGE-talk originated in your longing for SHADOW (my playing with words is not so successful in ENGLISH, as i see, poor me :-)
    because i couldn't imagine a reason for it - but now i see, i see - i am afraid i am too sentimental for that harsh attitude, now that you come here so rarely, i am so happy to hear from you that it doesn't really matter what you say (that could be a trap, never trust me :-P)

  33. S., you know, there has been some criticism that the friendly chat in the comments "taints" what should be the solemn character of the works, but personally i like to be close to people and this is not an art gallery anyway :-)
    so i am glad you approve!

  34. fff, ah - if _you_ say that...

  35. Dirty Hope, your enthusiasm is contagious! :-) thank you!!!

  36. Prospero, ah, so my instincts sent me unfailingly to the most poisonous flower, i am still wondering about that (with a secret smile, that perhaps only the gardener knows?).

    and of course i was only joking, not about the berries, they are indeed poisonous - but i knew this couldn't possibly deter you from diving into that red :-)

    (and such a coincidence, you mention Scriabin as i had just read this article about synaesthetes:

  37. I don't know, would it? Perhaps you're right, when it comes to the bridge, that is.

    Because a real queen would have no time for such foolishness and stick to Very Serious Things Indeed...would not entertain court jesters! :-)

    Yes, I do see! :-)

    Keep well roxana,