Thursday 13 August 2009

problems again :-(

i am again unable to post, i am fed up with blogger. suddenly the pictures get cut, a considerable part of the image at the right border becomes invisible and the image is not a rectangle any more, but becomes somewhat square. it affects the last posts as well, even if they looked ok until now. as far as i can see it, everything starts after that 'technical error' post, the images with s1600 seem to be all wrong now. i suppose you can see it as well. so the solution i had found back then was only temporary. uploading from flickr doesn't change anything.
now i am really considering closing this down. oh, and i have tried playing with the template, changing the outer wrapper and main wrapper size to 1020 seems to solve things, but then the images look really huge, taking up the whole screen, something i don't want either.


  1. the pictures on my screen cover only about 1/3 so they are not that huge ;)
    move to wordpress, blogger it's a joke anyway

  2. Hi Rox, me again. Sometimes Blogger works a lot better if you make codes simple. Try this (change the three square brackets first, I had to put those because Blogger wouldn't let me post the comment if I didn't)

    [a href="" target="_blank">[img style="width: 815px; height: 550px;" src="" border="0" />[/a>

    I have a very similar template and that works on mine.

  3. hi, Cezar - no, now they are not so big because i kept the old template, after a couple of attempts... yes, i'm thinking about moving, but it is hard, most of my friends are on blogger and even if i always like to try new things, i am very loyal to some old habits...

  4. Hi, Atenea, you are incredibly kind, do you know that? thank you so much!

    i have just tried it, it looks indeed similar to mine, but to no avail. what is strange is that if i go to preview, the image is ok, but then when i publish it, it gets cut! it is driving me crazy - why do things which work ok suddenly stop working? :-( my understanding is that now, for some reason, the s1600 images are too big for the width of my blog - in s800 they don't get cut, but the quality is very poor, i get those blotches all over.

    i will show you, post the same image big and small so that the difference becomes visible.

  5. That's indeed strange. I've checked and the actual html code on your site is still the same. Well, last options:
    1- Last try, one of your images resized somewhere else (It's the one on "I die alone, my dream"): [a href="" target="_blank">[img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket">[/a>
    2- Desperate: Reset the template, resize the images manually and change the look of your blog again little by little.
    3- Too desperate: I could give it a look if you gave me a temporary permission, just to try the proverb and see if "cuatro ojos ven más que dos".
    (Your blog is worth trying to save it, Roxana)

  6. i have finished posting in three different sizes, have you taken a look, Atenea? isn't this strange?

  7. i have done this, resizing somewhere else, on flickr, not on photobucket, but when i post it here, it gets cut in the same way. i will try now with your code.

  8. Atenea, would you please send me the code again in a mail? i can't make it work:

    i am so grateful to you that you are trying to help!

    and thank you for your offer to take a look at the template, i will give you permission soon, of course i will, if everything else fails :-(

  9. Roxana, there is some info here -

  10. take mine, it is sufficiently black and i have no use for it ;)

  11. although I use other way of posting pictures, putting them all on and then using Flock to blog - blogger(or any google service) is horrible with pictures

  12. NUUU Roxana:( sper ca nu inchizi asta, nu stiu fa-le mai mici sau muta-le pe wordpress pentru ca poti sa mentii legatura cu cei de pe blogger si de acolo,nu renunta!

  13. thank you, Prospero, i will go through that right now, let's see if i can find something to solve this -

  14. Eneles, hello
    thank you for your kind offer, by now i have indeed noticed you have no use for it :-)

  15. nu stiu ce sa fac, Edith, ieri am fost asa enervata ca am zis ca inchid totul si gata (oricum am eu crizele astea regulat :-)
    mai fac niste incercari si in seara asta. mie-mi placeau formatul asta si culoarea neagra din background, damn blogger! stiu ca toata lumea zice ca e mai bun wordpressul, dar ma enerveaza sa las asa totul abandonat aici.
    oricum, multumesc pentru incurajari, conteaza :-)

  16. a deep breath.
    a cup of tea.
    some time out.
    and perhaps a move to wordpress...

    i am sympathetic because it's not happening to me! ; )

  17. the deep breath, ok.
    the cup of tea, here.
    time out? - i have been silent for so long, now i was really in the mood for some summer blogging :-)
    wordpress? - considering.

    (and yes, last night i wanted to write only: i give up, close everything, damn blogger - and then i remembered you and thought i should prove i have more ressources :-P which seem to have lasted only one more day, however :-)

  18. Tap, tap, tap like water on stone and persevere, you will triumph.
    I use Picassa for image storage.

  19. :-)

    thank you, my dear merc. i am almost there, i have changed the template, now the images seem to be ok, but there are still some details i am trying to solve. i am stubborn, you know :-)

  20. Acum eu le vad bine, sunt mai mari dar se vad bine, nu sunt taiate,totul pare ok:-)

  21. A stubborn Pisces? Say it ain't so !

    :D :D :D :D

    P.S. I'm so sorry you're having difficulty with the site and may leave because of it. Please, if you do, leave a trail, okay?

    Love to you...

  22. multumesc, Edith, pentru tot sprijinul si incurajarile!

  23. S., i am not only Pisces, actually judging from the chinese zodiac (year based) i am a Fire Dragon, the fiercest sign ever :-))) imagine the battle i have always to fight, between such extremes, the shy and unsure little fish and the wildest and most stubborn beast :-)

    (of course i would do this, if ever...)