Thursday, 23 April 2009

ghostly tea party

i used to make tea for you
my brother, dearest one
do you remember, my night

and my goal, do you

the freshly sweet leaves

known only to you
the first-flush of my blood
won't you come
for the second one too
sip me now
i am still strong
i am still bitter
make me the threshold
to your pale vice

my beautiful friend
lower the blinds
no tea is left
the guests have come
they roam the rooms
like quiet shadows
they lift the cup
my hair the net
holding the clay
together in dream
with hidden smiles
polite evasions
they pretend to drink
the invisible brew
out of pity
out of contempt
for me who is
roaming the shadow
pervading the curtain
the mellow door
pretending as well
that my first-flush pain
has ceased to carry
you within
won't the second one come
to put my dark-green blood
my richest, to sleep


  1. The tone, the colour, the whole atmosphere, the lighting of these photos seem to me to go more with a ghostly coffee party!! Perhaps I need to gain a more sophisticated appreciation of tea, which growing up in India I always associate with sweetness...

  2. Tea but no cake? Oh dear, that is sad. I'll send you some carrot cake in the post... but our __ postmen are notorious for opening parcels and so you may only get some crumbs!

    Like the last two pictures.

    p.s I didn't think the yellow was 'depressing'. But , even if it were so, would you expect anything else with a name like 'black sun'!

    Keep well,


  3. je ne savais pas que le Thé pouvais faire autant dans la rêverie entre copines ou copains , espace dans cette sensibilité des deux genres . En faite pour toi une substance dans le bonheur d’être avec un bol ou tasse de thé une idée du chaud ou froid.

    Roxana merci pour la réponse sur ta conception de l’argentique cela me donne des idée ; mais ici difficile d’acheter un révélateur films en poudre.

  4. lovely words and those x shades of lavender in the last couple. soothing and beguiling...

  5. wow i really like what you do...very much so.. another WOW

  6. i am most attracted to the slated red one, but i can't really tell why...

  7. I don't know why but your poem makes my heartbeat faster and my blood boiling. How can I get attracted by the dark-green tea even though it has Roxana as a spokeperson!!
    I might be a green tea in my previous life.. :p

  8. Ce atmosfera frumoasa!!:-)

  9. Sz :-)
    i have no idea what a coffee party would look like, because i don't drink coffee - but yes, you are right, the tea i speak here about is bitter and strong, especially the way i like it. and without sugar (i know this horrifies some of my 'oriental' readers, this teasing is for you, b :-)

    but we had a very interesting discussion related to indian teas here, thanks to Zuma who brought up the topic (and soon i will get a litle gift of indian teas, i am soooo looking forward to it :-):

  10. carrot cake?!!!!!!!!! omg what is that, b???

    no, i said i found that picture sad, somehow...

    oh, hi :-)

  11. Allan, "une substance dans le bonheur d'etre" est une description parfaite du the, merci!!!!!!

    encore une petite precision: je ne developpe pas mes negatifs moi-meme, d'ailleurs c'est presque impossible pour les films couleurs, je les fais developper dans un labo et puis je les scanne et les traite numeriquement. mais c'est un travail assez dur, surtout quand si les negatifs ne sont pas propres, alors il faut beaucoup travailler dans photoshop pour ecarter les traces de poussiere, les egratignures...

  12. swiss :-)

    and as usual i had thought the b&w are better, but everybody likes the colour ones :-)))

  13. thank you Wayne for visiting and for the two WOWs :-)

  14. manu, one day we will have tea like this - no, not like this, in a more joyful atmosphere :-)

  15. Peter :-)

    delighted that you liked my poem. but what do you mean: 'even though'???

  16. ma bucur ca-ti place Edith, pe la noi lumea nu prea bea ceai, ceai adevarat, nu-i asa ca se considera ca numai atunci cand esti bolnav se bea, din ala de plante? :-)

  17. Din pacate asa e,eu insa ador ceaiurile, mai ales pe cele din plante,neindulcite...:-)

  18. without sugar? is there no end to your savagery?

    holy moley, do they actually have *any* cakes in Romania or did the Communists ban them?...[this teasing is for you, and not any other communists who may be reading]

    Well, how can I explain it? And what difference would it make, anyway. Hmm. Tough one, kid. Let me have one tonight and then I'll see if there are words for it.

  19. Edith, si mie imi plac cele din plante - dar de fapt ele nici nu sunt considerate ceaiuri prin alte parti, ci infuzii de plante. romana insa nu are doua cuvinte separate, nu stiu maghiara... doar din planta de ceai propriu-zisa se obtine ceaiul-ceai :-) sa bei mult verde, ca e si foarte sanatos. in japonia aveam prietene care beau si vreo 10 cani pe zi de ceai verde. ma rog, acolo nu este zi sa nu se bea ceai, e de neconceput.

  20. b, do you think there are any communists reading my blog? i would be much surprised! :-) but we have very good cakes here, really - shall i send you some?
    no, you wouldn't like the c.r. any longer :-)

  21. Yes, go on then. danke. Lots of cherries as well please!

    Aha, so you admit that you are one!

  22. it means that.. it is because of.. you,

    whatever you say, it triggers the boiling process.. :p

  23. you give me too much credit, Peter, i'm afraid... and also, i would imagine that too much boiling is dangerous, isn't it? :-)

  24. hi Morris, thank you for coming by and for your compliments as well :-)

  25. "the guests have come
    they roam the rooms
    like quiet shadows
    they lift the cup"
    wonderful lines .... and wonderful hues of grey... so luminous, so mysterious... of a quiet shadowy elegance. (never ever could you have suggested such refined poetics with coffee! :-)

  26. i tend to think that too, about coffee, ffflaneur, i come from a country in which coffee is more easily connected to middle east opulence, heavy perfumes and gold glimmering in the dark, a totally different kind of mystery - the ottoman influence can explain this of course, the turkish coffee etc...