Monday, 10 November 2008

I come before you as if you were God.
I know, people don't usually do such sort of things
but I could never be bothered
with the small details of breathing.

If my body fails to adore you,
I will punish it.
My eyes, I will say to my eyes,
if you fail to see
through his blade of grass,
I will take you out of my eyes.
My mouth, I will say to my mouth,
if you fail to glow
beyond the word and its absence,
if you fail to open as the sin at dusk,
I will take you out of my mouth.
My blood and my bones,
I will say to you then,
if you fail to build his house,
his temple of snow,
his ark of sorrow,
his throne of wine
I will take you out of my blood and my bones

until I,
stripped of myself,
learn to be.

Still, Ingeborg knows better, after all she writes about Todesarten, ways to die:

Und ich muss erzählen, ich werde erzählen, bald gibt es nichts mehr... Denn wenn I. nicht zu mir gehören sollte, wie ich zu ihm gehöre, dann wird er eines Tages existieren in einem gewöhnlichen Leben, und er wird davon gewöhnlich werden, nicht mehr gefeiert werden, aber I. will vielleicht nichts anderes als sein einfaches Leben, und ich habe ihm ... ein Stück Leben schwierig gemacht.
I. sagt lachend, aber nur einmal: Ich kann dort nicht atmen, wo du mich hinstellst, bitte nicht so hoch hinauf, trag niemand mehr in die dünne Luft, das rat ich dir, das lern noch für später! Ich habe nicht gesagt: Aber wenn soll ich noch nach dir? aber du denkst doch nicht, dass ich nach dir? ich lerne lieber noch alles für dich. Für sonst niemand mehr.


And what if all is useless? in spite of all that learning, of becoming the work of art, what if nothing is enough, ever enough? the word is helpless, the image worthless.
I have to find a way to make sense again, a way to continue. until then, silence, the most unbearable thing, is the only thing I - hope to - bear.


  1. meaning? sense?

    you're spending too much time in educative establishments! all this life and that's what you're bothered about? that makes no sense at all! lol

    speakign of which. these words in german are starting to connect themselves up...!

  2. oh Roxana ......... of course of course "l'homme est une passion inutile" - and of course of course "how flat & unprofitable" all our endeavours are..., but you're wrong!!!!!!!! ;-) it's silence which is literally sense-less, not words, not photos and certainly not your words, your photos: they do make sense, to me, to your public ...

  3. I'm with Ffflaneur, they make a beautiful sense, but maybe it's a beauty that can only exist in the form you've given it. I don't like the word awesome - but it is!

  4. i think process is like a wind on the path--when looking back sometimes, someone (else) (we would be someone else in the future, too) might see, an ah...

    the plates of the earth that press each other until something rises up, that pressure... and the silence within it, asking to rise up... that, too.