Thursday 11 September 2008

Mount Zao covered with snow

The Chinese poet, Su Shih (Su Tung-po, 1036-1101) wrote:

Tu Fu's poems are figureless paintings, Han Kan's paintings are wordless poems.


  1. Wonderful! Hope to see some more.
    It's always better to see snow falling, isn't it?



    There is a tinkling of china
    And tea into china;
    There are introductions.
    Then everyone
    Crowds to the window
    To watch the falling snow.

    Snow is falling on Nagoya
    And farther south
    On the tiles of Kyoto.
    Eastward, beyond Irago,

    It is falling

    Like leaves on the cold sea

  2. I am happy you like it, b. It is a picture which is very special to me. And thank you for the wonderful poem.

  3. this looks more like you've etched it than phtographed it!

  4. this looks so much like a pen and ink sketch!

    is it just me.... i am reminded of a great battle raging...those countless bare trees two great infantries in a headlong rush... with their lances held high...those dark thickets, formidably armored cavalry companies with their intricate maneuvers...i can even imagine the distant trees as so many volleys of arrows headed upwards
    nah... its just me

  5. I see people have already echoed my thought :)
    It does look more like a sketch than a photograph!

    It's completely gorgeous...

  6. wordless poems, figureless paintings, so what else to expect from "not a real" photographer but "not a real" etching ;P

    (and yes, it would be great to see here which photos you have chosen for the exhibit - great to guess at the underlying secret selection principles ...)

  7. like a weaving, the molecules--all of the same threads, but some are deeper and reflect thus.

  8. swiss, zuma, szerelem, I'm happy you noticed it! One reason I like this image so much is because it resembles a sumie. but you know, if you look at the mountains there, you suddenly understand why the ink painting emerged in the Far East: the nature itself, the slopes, the trees don't seem 'real' (yes, it is a paradox), they seem to be the work of a calligraphy master themselves...

    [and zuma, your mythologically shaped mind might be right this time :-)]

  9. mansuetude, it is so nice to read you again, thank you so much. maybe there was really some kind of weaving there at work: the snow and the mountains and - dramatically speaking :-) - the human soul...

  10. wonderful, indeed.

    and perhaps your photographs are music
    and you are the piano

  11. lotus, what a wonderful thing to say! I would be happy if it were true, I've wished my entire life to be able to sing/play but alas, I am completely hopeless when it comes to music...

  12. oh nonsense. you're just defining it incorrectly.

  13. this carries something eternal... i think it is just itself ... like an old friend... old lines, an inked language; strength and also silence. power, waiting.

    Love it.

  14. inked language... I love that, mansuetude. thank you...