Tuesday 3 June 2008

countless blue boats

in each sky
there is a sea
and on each sea
there are countless boats
and in each boat
there is a soul
longing to break
and in each breaking
there is a blue joy


  1. Ta série bleue est magnifique. Je ne me lasse pas de tes photographies "aquarelles" et des camaieux aux possibilités infinies, accompagnés de ces mots profonds et mystérieux.

  2. oh merci de tout coeur, belle source limpide! :-) et moi je ne me lasse pas de ce bleu, j'ai encore quelques images a montrer avant de revenir au monde reel, avec son infinite de couleurs :-)

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  4. oh! this last picture is exceptional (the other also are beautiful though) but unfortunately is their mingling with words that makes it fascinating to my eyes :( such is the power of words on me!

    And these words are so inspiring! I was reflecting and uploading on breaking and ruptures just at the same time you were writing this and, like you, considering how much ruptures open to new possibilities, and which kind of them, and how this whole functions...

  5. Beautiful and profound words these:

    “in each breaking
    there is a blue joy

    “A blue joy” plays evocatively with the connotations of “blue” – both serenity and sadness – to become something quite new with the addition of ”joy.” And thoughts of the breaking that is needed as prelude to joy. Becoming.

    Je suis d’accord avec lasourseauxbois sur les phtographies “aquarelles.” Ces images me semblent re-nées d’une vie antérieure (ou bien intérieure). Une minute à votre blog aide à guérir des heures blessées.

  6. ha, marta! :-) yes isn't it strange? when I had the first exhibition (not that I've had many, just two, and nothing serious or official anyway :-), I didn't want any words there, not even titles for the pictures - just wanted the pictures to speak for themselves, and the spectator to be totally free and open to the image, without the "guidance" of words which already induce a certain feeling or point out a direction for thought. but then I found out that people longed for words, they asked about titles, and where is this, and what is this and so on. and they say image as opposed to word speaks directly and non-mediately to the heart! it should be like this, however! :-)

    I also wanted to thank you for the quotes, especially the one on rapture, they meant a lot to me... I felt you very close.

  7. oh james! tu parles si bien francais, c'est eblouissant! explique-moi ce mystere :-) et allemand aussi!

    je suis si touchee par ce que tu viens de me dire que je ne trouve plus mes mots... ca me donne du courage, ca me donne de l'espoir... yes, you were right, it matters, maybe a little poem or a picture will always be needed somewhere...

  8. Roxana: Thank you for being kind about my French. Maybe you have detected how very much I want to know it well. But I’ve never been able to spend any time in a francophone county, and books just aren’t enough. French poetry has been important to me. I read quite well, but I speak French poorly (or maybe I’m fooling myself; do I speak it at all, I wonder?). And I persist in trying to write in French, though that is probably a bad idea, since what I write must look pretty sad to anyone who has grown up with the language. Still … some ideas just present themselves to me in French….

    I’ve even managed to publish a few poems in French, but I don’t really know if they are any good. It’s hard enough to judge your own work, even in your own language. If you’d care to see any of those poems, email me and I’ll send addresses for those that are online.

    I know hardly any German, to be truthful. I love Rilke and Celan and Kafka, but I have to have a translation en face.

    This is a sadness for me, because (maybe wrongly, maybe with hubris) I believe I could have been good at languages….

    I’ve actually been interested in and thinking about studying Romanian since I reviewed an anthology of Romanian poems last year. So many very good poets! In fact, that is how I discovered your blog (though I keep coming back for better reasons than that). Maybe now I’ll really give it a try.

  9. no, don't say that, your French is actually very good! (and I'll start to be sad about my English, and I don't want that :-) it is after all a big challenge for me to write this blog in English, I haven't studied it at all and never felt confortable with it). and the only thing that matters is the passion for languages anyway, the fascination with each new world each new language opens up for oneself... as I've already told you, I can't tell you how happy I was when I found and read your extraordinary review. if you still want to learn Romanian :-) I can help you if you wish. maybe it isn't so difficult to understand in writing if you know french. but it sure is a very difficult language :-)

  10. Im Morgendunst hebt sich fern und dämmernd Schiff um Schiff,
    und an dem Ufer liegt ein Fischerkahn nur für dich.
    Den ganzen Tag schon sah ich Pfirsichblüten schwimmen,
    du öffnest mir ein Tor zur Seligkeit.

  11. Robert

    in der zaertlichen Pfirsichbluete verborgen - mein Laecheln.