Saturday 15 March 2008

Pondering about Billoo's quote: what should have been. There is a whole world between "what should have been" and Eliot's "what might have been".
So here's looking at you, kid. The drunken soul will fly you to the in-between.


  1. but we should have opened that door into the rose garden! :)


    do you take these photos yourself? am quite impressed

  2. yes, I should have mentioned [this "should have" again :-) oh this horror of life] the copyright thing somewhere but I dislike the idea so I just thought - the hell with it, I'll just show my pictures, without any fuss :-) [simple as "good afternoon", there is this saying in Romanian :-)]
    I'm happy you enjoy. I've been reading your blog, via Antonia, for some time and pondering (also) about your photography-related thoughts, how you cannot relate to the inner life of strangers in pictures, as opposed to paintings, your disconfort about taking photos in the street... ah there is so much to think about, and no answers at all...

  3. indeed, "and no answers at all" .... but still, you/we will not 'remain silent'! :-)