Wednesday, 27 February 2008

as Fate approaches

Yet now as Fate
Approaches, and the Hours are breathing low,
The sands of Time are changed to golden grains.

E.A. Poe (Politian)


  1. i was painting with my daughter once and she asked me what it was i was trying to paint. imagine i said, looking at a flower with your eyes almost closed so that only the tiniest amount of light comes in, so that there's no shapes, just colours.

    it's a shame the picture don't show up the depth or vibrancy of the reds, yellows or oranges. it takes a lot of layering (and a lot of time!). it was very wet and very dull and i've been uncharacterically melancholy. i magined the sun on the ohttest of days, seen through closed eyes, lying in grass. the flower i wanted to catch in that instant before blinking, before you know what it is, so really it can be anything. i'm always interested to hear what people see in those things but i'm sorry you thought it was violent!

    the other picture is a memory piece - very perceptive! did it a wee while ago but thought you'd like it.

    i'm happy to have done a picture inspired by your images. i see something in them, maybe a way of seeing, that makes me want paint. i thank you for that

  2. yes, I have also thought about it - that the small photos cannot capture the real, vibrant colours, and that is why the feeling that I get could be totally different from the one occurring if I were in front of the painting. but then again, it is maybe only my sensitivity interpreting the colours and shapes in this way. you know, pure light can be violent when it falls upon one's eyes - and it is still light! why should you be sorry?

    what you write about the flower and that dreamy-vague instant of closeness-openness is very beautiful. it is my turn to be inspired - I've already asked myself - what would a photo look like if it made an attempt at expressing the same thing as your first painting? :-)

  3. I find this image mesmerizing.

  4. frumos blog, excelente fotografii - ma bucura sa vad astfel de realizari... succese in continuare!!!

  5. dungha, multumesc mult pentru aprecieri!