Tuesday 15 January 2008

keine Rettung mehr

Zu Bacharach am Rheine
Wohnt eine Zauberin,
Sie war so schön und feine
Und riß viel Herzen hin.

Und brachte viel zu schanden
Der Männer rings umher,
Aus ihren Liebesbanden
War keine Rettung meh

Near Bacharach on the Rhine
lived a witch.
She was so beautiful and fine,
and seduced many hearts.

And she brought many men
to shame all around her;
From her love's bindings
there was no rescue.

(Clemens Brentano, Lore Lay ballad)


  1. great expression. & poem.

  2. Thank you. I thought the poem fitted well (even if the real Lore Lay was blonde :-) because we too often tend to forget how sad and lonely her life must have been. or so I imagine.

  3. yes i think so too, the haircolor does not matter. the eyes are great, lots of pain & strength in them.

  4. That binding look drops me to my knees.

  5. merc, you came to look...

    thank you :-)

  6. Siren, dearest, you call to me?

    On granite black evenings, in the barely perceptible dove-gray speckled starlight, a dim tangerine light shines momentarily from a thicket: an echo, like the unsuspecting warmth of a current in a shallow lagoon, wraps itself around me and forever foils my escape.

  7. Prospero,
    on granite black evenings, the only thing which still seems real is the call. the world fades away dans son ombre.
    pas de fuite possible.

  8. Prospero, tu es venu!!! j'avais tellement peur de ne plus te retrouver...
    but i will always wait for you to come back, you know that. i will be there, in your silence.

    bonne annee...

    et pourtant: reviens vite, je t'en prie.

  9. After all that kicking and screaming, Pasolini survives the crucible.

    I'm catching up with your videos on Exposure Room. Do you want to meet there?

  10. oh, you went there :-)
    there are some little experiments i have played with... then i will post the one i wanted you to see tonight, if i manage to catch up with the comments - though you probably have already seen it there?

    and: yes.

  11. this is out secret meeting place - a secret garden

    The mad pianist - you are my mellifluous soul roxana

  12. not upset (but already miss the bridge quite terribly)