Monday, 10 November 2008

this silence.


  1. ...and this silence, beside you...

  2. I had meant my comment as praise, i thought that pic. was so perfect! no way did i meant you to stop and how can i?

    please do continue to show us these beautiful pictures.

  3. oh no - where have those beautiful women gone? :(

  4. too Roxane? I understand.

  5. Thanks for your reply Roxana.

    for a moment, you had me worried! when i open your blog, i know i am visiting a real artist. this is not back scratching but the truth( my recent Bernhard post prevents me saying too much truth)

    Hope you will return soon.

  6. This silence isn't longterm, is it? It really can't be.

    (by Rumi)

    In the early dawn of happiness
    you gave me three kisses
    so that I would wake up
    to this moment of love

    I tried to remember in my heart
    what I'd dreamt about
    during the night
    before I became aware
    of this moving
    of life

    I found my dreams
    but the moon took me away
    It lifted me up to the firmament
    and suspended me there

    I saw how my heart had fallen
    on your path
    singing a song
    Between my love and my heart
    things were happening which
    slowly slowly
    made me recall everything

    You amuse me with your touch
    although I can't see your hands.
    You have kissed me with tenderness
    although I haven't seen your lips
    You are hidden from me.

    But it is you who keeps me alive

    Perhaps the time will come
    when you will tire of kisses
    I shall be happy
    even for insults from you
    I only ask that you
    keep some attention on me.

  8. silence can't get us out of our "solitary chambers of existence", not even this silence. But your photos can. Your words can.

  9. So, you were actually serious about 'this silence' !

    (it's okay, we'll just talk amongst ourselves here until you come back)

    p.s the word verifcation right now is 'fable' !

  10. And I had only just found you.

  11. "Und das Zuviel meiner Rede:
    angelagert dem kleinen
    Kristall in der Tracht deines Schweigens"

  12. this doing my head in! A word to indicate that you're still alive? What was that? No, thought as much.

    Are you God by any chance?

  13. yes...

    (its never enough)

    but then silence ... it would be nice if we could simply pass it to each other like spoons of sugar, of bliss...

    as it arises, the need.

  14. it's funny... even in the silence there is noise. no? so while you are quiet, i hope you are well.

  15. "this silence" getting boring!

    Very soon you're going to lose your audience. I, for one, am not coming back heere again.

  16. Are you still alive?

    knock once for yes, twice for...

  17. Missing your posts, but very glad to have your archives to peruse :)

  18. Missing your post and troubled by your silence. Maybe a whisper would be o.k.?

  19. Well, what have you got to say for yourself?

  20. hmmm - comments are getting slightly menacing .... ;-)

    but hey, R, you do have the right to remain silent!

  21. Missing your poetry as well as you pics, but nothing's forgotten.

  22. "this silence" like a lily in a white room.

  23. unredeemable..isn't that what makes it so deep and sad, like a wound? For the frist time in ages I feel like going back to 'Klingsor's Last summer'

    You know, there's no end of space

    you know, you don't need to fly,

    you know, what inscribed itself in your eye

    deepens our depth.

  24. hi Roxana :). so happy to hear from you. you should know that i have been obsessively checking your blog since this silence. each time i come, i'm hoping to be hit with a bang of a new image or something. and also seeing if your readers are getting angrier or not. :).
    so guess what? people should go through your blog on an xxxlarge tv screen! it's quite something.

  25. I agree, i agree with redred. Send us a sign so that we can be prepared for the second coming of the Roxana! :-)

  26. A very merry Christmas to you x

  27. Roxana, iti trimit ganduri calde si urari pentru un Craciun luminos. m.

  28. dear roxana - my best wishes to you, & am very much looking forward to your blogging return (in whatever shape, at whatever moment)

  29. I'm suffering withdrawals from your beautiful pictures :) Happy new year to you when it comes!

  30. Happy New Year, Roxana! (and everyone else here)

    Best wishes orr salaams.


  31. Roxana...
    i wish you too,a happy happy new year.

  32. i am waiting for this new beginning.

  33. a full blessing on all your hopes... needs.

    thanks for sharing your being.

  34. Thank you for finding me and leaving a comment on my blog! I'm adding you to my blog list :)

  35. I'd like to thank you all for being there, for constantly asking about me. your friendship honours and humbles me. I wish you all a wonderful 2009 and I am happy to have met you. very very very happy.