Saturday, 19 July 2008

death of oblivion, in white and poppies

in the white fields of memory
kneeling at the root of time
asking for another poppy
and yet another poppy
to burst and hunt you down

while on the outside
i'm unfolding the summer
of my reckless blood

don't be afraid, Miriam

in the hour of your death
out of the white
gods will descend
to hold your hand
into the bright cloud

don't struggle, Miriam

when your lips open
for the last song
at your last supper
guests will descend
out of the bright
fire chariot upon fire chariot
flooding the white
they will sit in a circle
around your soft smile
they will smoke silently
your light bones powder

don't cry, Miriam

as your hour approaches
put on your bright dress
of daisies and poppies
braide your summer hair
to cover your breasts
your thighs and white knees

and wait.

and remember.


  1. what is this place? does it look nearly as pretty through more prosaic eyes? i think not.. maybe just another valley of flowers one would pass by with maybe a second glance.

    truly, all beauty is in the interpretation.

    yes you should start your posts with "Roxana showed"

  2. oh zuma :-)

    I don't know, but I am sure if you painted it you would have seen also those valkyries I missed :-) but maybe the poppies are their wild dance and the daisies the souls of the fallen warriors, who knows, yes, the interpretation is everything :-)

    well, then tell me how I can say this in sanskrit :-P

  3. ahh... you mock my lack of refinement, dear Roxana! you claim that where others will find bucolic beauty I will see only buxom blondes having a rave party..tsk tsk knowledge of sanskrit, like latin, does not extend beyond few memorized phrases...
    i can tell you that you can begin your texts with "Rukshana uvachah:" (Roxana said) but i do not know the word for 'showed'. maybe it'll suffice to just begin every blog with the words "Behold:" (instead of "listen"...) ;-)

    which mountains are you off to? i hope you are taking your camera along: can't wait to 'behold' the great bag of presents you will get back for us from your highland adventures ;-)

  4. but no, if I have to choose between shephardess and valkyrie I would also go for the latter :-) so much for the pastourelle charm! :-)
    the mountains are the carpathians, of course I took my camera with me but it will have to wait for a while until I get the films developped, then scan the pics etc. meanwhile I have others ready, from the danube plain...
    where do you live, by the way? if I may ask :-)