Saturday, 12 July 2008

absence of a woman's hands

For the tiny white butterflies
that tumble like pale coins
through shade, some would say,
the flowers are not here as things,
rather experience, process,
unceasing, unfinished
unfolding-to-be, a conversation in the one
moment they've known, while things
weigh in the slippage of time. An instance:
the absence of a woman's hands
that removed a glove finger by finger
and touched a glass to her lips is a thing.

James Owens


  1. you've no idea what a challenge your photos & texts pose to my basic ascetic mode of being ;-)

    their sheer sensuousness - be it that blurry slice of lemon making my mouth water or the tantalizing play of fingers with a glass, a glove ...

  2. nicely done! I like that poem of James' and I like the red hue of your picture.

  3. ah, ffflaneur - no, I have no idea :-)
    but you tell me this and then I have to wonder. I have never thought of my photos/texts (the ones that I write, the ones that I choose) in these terms. sheer sensuousness? and now I can't say anything except: ah,
    again :-)

  4. hi sorlil, I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I am glad you like the combination, you know, I love this poem of James' so much and it was so hard to find a suitable picture, I spent more than an hour trying out different images but none seemed to match. and then when I got desperate, I suddenly remembered this one, but still I was unsure, I don't think it is a perfect fit because his text is so beautiful and far too complexe, but at least it has got a certain quality of freezed ghostliness, that heavy absence turned into the closure of a thing. and now ffflaneur sees also sensuousness there, which is a very good sign, it means my choice was not so hopeless after all :-)

  5. This is a marvelous pairing of the arts. Great blending, Roxana.

  6. thank you sam for your visit and your appreciation.