Thursday, 19 June 2008

rag dolls in red

Sometimes I wonder if a rag doll is any better. Who knows? Perhaps there is sweet music of dreams in her heart, perhaps there is sorrow. And if both meet? Distinctions are useless when the flowers bloom and her head leans slightly, softly to one side, revealing the white skin of her neck.

Take a look at her. She put on her red dress and her red floating shoes, now heavy with waiting, so that when you call out her name, she stops and twirls to face you and it swirls out and the earth sways and the sea is swept and the broken lilac is scattered all over the white room. And she is dizzy with thousand-year-old wine and she is falling, she is falling...


  1. 'It is fitting to write the Koran in red and gold-
    thus, a red and yellow robe is fitting for you.'

  2. That's so cute (and sad). It reminded me of Le Ballon Rouge (which translates into 'The Red Balloon' in case you don't read French). Here's a clip

    But tell me, how tall is this doll (in cm)?

  3. there is something macabre about this picture. its the red, and how her neck falls limply to the side... first scene from a puppetshow murder mystery perhaps...

  4. anonymous1: oh - and now I have no quote which could match this one to give it back to you...

  5. anonymous2 (are you the same or a different one?): how beautiful... I didn't know it. and now you made me want to see Paris again! thank you!

  6. hi zuma. so I say "slightly, softly" and you say "limply" :-) no, but I see why, even if I had no puppetshow mystery on my mind when chosing the pictures.

  7. Hard to know if they are the same or different. Sometimes I think I am the same one. Sometimes I think I am a different one. Ah, we little are we known!

    The only thing I remembered about this film was the sad ending. As if it is only such sad and happy moments that we truly remember and all else is a dim reflection of them, a searching for those lost moments. But it was strange to see the blue balloon and the red one together.

    What can you give back?
    Hmm. That *is* a tough question. Will have to sleep over it.

    But whilst I have my anon 1 hat on:

    When the heart saw the reflection of your lovely cheek in running water
    it became confused and cried out: "A fish! "

    This last word can, apparently, be translated as: "a fish! " or "You are the moon!" or "what is that?!"

    Hard to know if they are the same or different!

  8. anonymous 1,2, all of you, plus the hats: I like "what is this" most, stick with it, it allows you the greatest hermeneutical freedom after all, thus being always the wisest option when faced with elusive reflections :-)

  9. But to "stick with it" would be to bind oneself..a kind of mechanical freedom (I think Bloch would say).

    And anyway, isn't there another type of freedom in recognizing what it is-even if it is for but a thousandth of a thousandth of a second?

    And what use to talk of 'wisest' in a state of bewilderment!?