Friday, 6 June 2008

a day in my blue shady room

shy morning

glamorous noon

dreamy afternoon

silent evening


  1. lovely morning indeed in that blue shady room of yours

  2. Elles sont magnifiques ces photos !!!!! Vraiment très belles....

  3. this is the poetry of shades and angles. Very good :) As usual contains enough sorrow to make it a fuller experience.

    Thanks for the comment--I get a unique experience from that last poem since I was in an altered state when writing. It's almost like reading someone else's work, it's refreshing.

  4. ffflaneur: remembering your shadows...

    kahlan: merci de tout coeur!

    bryan: I like this, "poetry of shades and angles" :-) and I think this is a fascinating field of study, the "altered states" in the creative process. of course there is the big question: how does the act of creating itself induce an "altered state", one in which the artist is still himself/herself and yet a different being alltogether?