Saturday, 7 September 2013

child in time, child against time



















  1. children playing in one of the courtyards of the Castle Estense in Ferrara...

    i included the song, which inspired the title of this post, and which accompanied me while working on this series

    Sweet child in time
    You'll see the line
    The line that's drawn between
    Good and bad

    See the blind man
    Shooting at the world
    Bullets flying
    Ohh taking toll

    If you've been bad
    Oh Lord I bet you have
    And you've not been hit
    Oh by flying lead

    You'd better close your eyes
    Ooohhhh bow your head
    Wait for the ricochet

  2. I had never thought you'd quote a Deep Purple track!! One is surprised every day. These are very good, the dance of chiaroscuro, the surreal shadow-shapes!

    1. surprise is good :-)
      but this is really me in my very old (that means, young :-) days, now i simply remembered the title as i wasn't happy with any i had come up with myself, and the message of the song fitted my thoughts somehow (the frailty of these children, their unknowing happiness against the dark background of history) so i wanted to hear it again, and i became nostalgic :-)

      i love this series very much.

  3. Replies
    1. i thought so myself, it was really a magic moment :-)

  4. Wonderful choreography, brilliantly danced!

    1. the Moment was the choreographer, the children the dancers, i haven't done anything! :-)

  5. parca ar fi toata povestea vietii noastre,nu?:) intr-adevar, poate ca ar exista mai multe variante,pentru fiecare in parte,insa mi se pare ca de aici nu lipseste nimic. toate jocurile,pregatirile,si posibilitatile drumurilor, toate incercarile noastre,in cercuri,dansand si pedaland ca in trebuie sa spun cat sunt de incantata:)daca ar fi sa spun ceva,probabil singurele intrebari care imi vin in minte sunt titlurile tablourilor lui gauguin ,incotro,de unde etc :)

    (li-la fel,a vazut-o aseara,si a ramas in contemplatie,iar melodia o ascultase inainte,desigur:) )-pe langa cat sunt de bune,draga de ea...

    1. a fost ca o vrajă să fiu acolo, să-i privesc, oh draga, sa, îmi treceau prin cap tot felul de interpretări metaforice, cu dansul lor nevinovat opus cruzimii istoriei, dar până la urmă nu exista decât bucuria mişcărilor lor libere, cântecul, trupurile căutând ritmul, clipa - nimic altceva...

  6. this reminds me of Fellini for some reason. nice.

  7. The penultimate photograph is divine (one of your best). The neo-realism of Roberto Rossellini?

    1. i thought you would be drawn to the penultimate one! (because i gasped when i saw this one, myself :-)

      i would have never imagined Roberto Rossellini being brought up in a discussion about my photos!!! but it is true that i like to shoot in different style, experiment, even if my heart-closest is the pictorialist approach - or is it the wild expressionist one? or...
      hmmm :-)

  8. Bel reportage complimenti Roxana.
    e ottima musica...

    1. grazie, Morris!
      ho dovuto imparare di più l'italiano in Italia - i can understand everything, but i can't speak at all! :-)

  9. Bellísimo, Roxy, la primera ventana y la novena, me mataron...
    Un farol te espera en MDS, y estas increíbles fotografías están aguardando en el escritorio de mi computadora, y en las de Wolfang, Tristán y Gato!!!
    Un imnenso abrazo desde el otro lado del mundo!!!

    1. muchas gracias por las palabras entusiastas y también para la música encantadora :-)
      estoy feliz de que todos vengáis al puente y améis mis fotos!
      un fuerte abrazo de aqui tambien! :-)

  10. hello beautiful Roxana, ah what a profound post truly masterly art.

    the wide expanse of the stage gives us an existential view we are not distracted but focus on the shadows and the dance of existence.
    this little girl is fabulous at dancing with the scarf which for me my dream interpretation for today is that the scarf reperesents the winds of fate and she swirls the scarf around being carried also by its motion I especially love the second last one where the dance becomes torrentous.

    well I usually forget my sleeping dreams because I have commanded my mind to do so because often they are too violent for waking hours.

    I incorportated this [post, this dance into a night time dream. the reference was so obvious that it came from the bridge.
    yes usually I forget my dreams but when I do recall them it is a treasure to think about them and interpret them. I will tell you about it in my next comment since it is in part a take off from your wonderful post.
    thankyou my friend.
    sending you dream kisses.

  11. 2. yes so my nighttime dream was layered, as all our dreams are as our thoughts are as life will always be.
    so there was the blue of the waters in my dream and the feeling of peril from my reflections on my dad's wartime stories and the blue of the waters in the fountain by the pyrimidial shaped city hall from yesterday and many of my days and the helicopter the police surveillance that can travel 200 km per hour and I waved to them the other night from the valley and the blades of the helicopter in my dream in a torrent and I made a reference in my nightime dream to the little dancer in the second last image the torrent of the winds of fate but watch she is in control as I was walking a narrow path across the water in my dream and the grey torrent of helicopter blades whirling down on me for the rescue and my dream closed before the rescue but I felt confident like the dancer in your image.
    dream kisses to you my beautiful friend

    1. i am happy that the dancer gave you confidence, even in your dreams, Madeleine! :-) you will be excited to know that she is the little princess, too! :-)

      and i want to thank you from my heart for this wonderful comment: "the wide expanse of the stage gives us an existential view we are not distracted but focus on the shadows and the dance of existence", this series could be indeed seen as a metaphor of the dance of existence... thank you and big hugs for you, across the September ocean :-)

    2. so it is the princess of the bridge- well I should of known, such magic and spontaneity and deliberated method to her dance.
      tell her thankyou and HUGS

  12. this series is breath-taking!! it is, of course, the simple purity of life in the children playing against the backdrop of history, but it all seems to venture into allegory,, as well, as if the stones of this courtyard form a stage, and the movements are choreographed to break our hearts with all that we know and they are still to learn ...

    such clarity here. prospero is right about the next-to-last photo, it is one of your best ever!! :-) (though hard to single anything out -- they are all wonderful, and it is the sequence, the movement from beginning to end, that takes up residence in my chest....) ... is this swirl around her an imagination of the future, a dream of what life will be? or, it seems to be a whirlpool out of which she emerges from the timeless moment of childhood into the tragic descent of history? i don't know ... but i want to shed the decades like taking off a shabby coat and play :-)


    1. James, reading your words, and how my photos resonates in you, this really gives me wish and strength to continue here, despite all the assaulting doubts at times - i am thinking: in what way does this change things, that i am not only myself, alone, inside that moment, witnessing that moment, but that i speak of it, that i _show_ it to you, to the few dear friends here on the Bridge? i don't know why this makes a huge difference, but it does.
      i was thinking then, as you, with what power the allegory seemed to impose itself unto this scene, i was thinking symbols and metaphors, it was practically as if somebody indeed had choreographed this perfect moment in a film, to speak about childhood and life, and history and loss - and yet i wanted to brush this all aside, somehow what mattered was only this, this pure joy of their free movements, that celebration of the bodies searching for the perfect rhythm, nothing else...

  13. I think of my own childhood and how it all was before I began to worry.

    1. me too. impossible not to think about that, no, myth?

  14. it is a celebration!
    the photographs - divine.

  15. 1. and here is a comment dedicated to the little princess of the bridge. It is an italian opera song performed by Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli.It is a love song for a love but I feel it is also a love for the universe. I will write a few lines in english and then a few lines in italian.
    canto Della Terra

    yes I know my love that you and I
    are togethere briefly
    for just a few moments in silence
    as we look out of our window
    and listen to the sky
    to a world that's awakening
    and the night is already far away

    look at the world spinning with us
    even in the dark
    look at the world spinning for us
    giving us hope and some
    sun sun sun....

    my love you are my love
    and I hear your voise
    and I listen to the sea
    and it sounds just like your breathing
    and all the love you want to give me
    this love
    that is there hidden
    among the waves.....
    oh mighty mighty sun

  16. 2. canto della Terra
    si lo so
    amore che io ete
    Forse stianzo insiemee
    solo qualche instante
    zitti stiamo
    ad ascoltare
    Il cielo
    Alla Finestra
    Questo mondoche
    si sveglia e lanottee
    Gia cosi lontana
    Gia lontana

    Guarda questa terra che
    che gira insieme a noi
    anche quando ebuio
    Guarda questa terra che
    che gira ancheper noi
    a darci un po'do
    sole sole sole

    my love che sei l'amorenio
    sento la tua voce
    E ascolto il mare
    sembla davero il tuo repiro
    l'amore che mi dai
    questo amore ohe
    sta li nascosto
    In mezzo alle sue onde
    come una barcache

    guarda questa terra che
    che gira insieme a noi
    anche quando e buio
    guard questa terra che
    che gira anche per noe
    a darci un po'di
    sole sole sole
    sole sole sole,,,,