Sunday, 20 May 2012

somewhere beyond the bitter


  1. It is both wonderful and agonizing. I won't try to wax eloquent. You say it with a simple image and a phrase. It is an art to touch one's own soul.

  2. Quelque part, loin des amertumes de la vie,
    Quelque part, au-delà de la nuit,
    Dans un songe ou dans un rêve,
    J'ai imaginé un monde blanc,
    Un monde pur fait de clarté et de lumière,
    Un monde chaud comme l'amour d'une mère,
    Un monde d'enfants et d'éclats de rires,
    Là où se trouve la plus belles des femmes,
    Où se dessine le plus beau des désirs,
    Celui, pour moi, qui est d'embrasser le monde,
    Et m'emmener vers le plus doux des nirvana,
    Avec toi, belle, sensible et douce Roxana... ;-)

    Très belle photographie Madame... ;-)


  3. Quand les heures s'etirent...que le printemps tarde a venir..
    Je t'embrasse...

  4. ah, liebe Prinzessin, die Sehnsucht!, man muss mit ihr umzugehen wissen... sie annehmen und ansehen als das, was sie ist (so würde der ehrenwerte Ajahn Sumedho sagen), um sie somit zu beruhigen und vielleicht dann als die Schönheit seines eigenen Herzens anzusehen... ja, das versuche ich, denn wenn das nicht gelingt, wird sie zur Traurigkeit und Bitterkeit..!
    Ich konnte nicht früher hier sein, war das ganze Wochenende unterwegs und eben bin ich heimgekehrt, von einer kleinen und schönen Reise.. :-)! Dir alles Liebste!

  5. hello my beautiful friend, ah another masterpeice about beyond the bitter yes living with bitterness will never bring spiritual peace.
    I think of events here that amaze me and bring me down that other cultures and people have been through, sometimes the ultimate destruction and yet I feel that is when humanity shows its ultimate strength to reconstruct the heart and the surroundings and I think this image is a poignant powerful image to express this.the woman's heart atmosphere and this could represent the physical atmosphere also seem to dissolve in the image the hands also seem to dissolve as if paralyzed in the present world unable to meet the suffering so this world must drain the world of marketing where fate must reward your every effort and smile down upon you-where the world owes you everything and not this bouquet of suffering. this autumn of the season of the mind comes unexpectedly with violence leaving behind petals of fallen memories and this must dissolve into a new season of thought and feeling shedding the minds skin of bitterness.
    well that is my dream for today.
    why do I feel like saying amen haha.

    beautiful presentation my friend.
    sending you springtime kisses and enjoy those tulips.

  6. Thoroughly fascinating
    Entirely mesmerizing
    Totally enchanting

    The sorceress has struck again...

  7. oh but here is another approach on bitterness viewed through another extreme approach -almost every evening in my city there is a murder haha I am not bragging about this we have the most murders percapita in the country ha ha.anyway it is terrible I am laughing perhaps because I am embarrassed. haha.
    anyway on a more serious note,ofcourse these murders receive front page journal coverage and we read about the trial and the families coming to court hoping for vengeance and for the worst possible sentence for the murderer of the once loved victim.well perhaps this is my weakness, my primal scream but really I feel that you can't seem to blame them.why should anyone be allowed to walk the planet when they have taken a life I wouldn't want to be an executioner nor watch an excecution it is disturbing to contemplate this so a life sentence would be fair.but let it be for all of life and not ten years and the muderer is set free and kills again and this has happened here in my city several times.
    although there are a small percentage of people that would forgive the murderer and I have seen this happen.There was once an aboriginal healing circle where in attendance was a killer and the victims murderer.
    well all the more power to them but something here takes over my libran nature-it is not the bloodthirsty primal scream of bitterness and vengaence it is something truly more civilized my longing for justice again if this is my weakness so be it.
    and my friend you love Shakespeare oh how I understand Hamlet when he prepares his mind to kill his father's killer(his father is now a ghost)-
    O all you host of heaven!Oearth!What else?
    And shall I couple hell?
    I'll wipe away all trivial fond records
    all saws of books, all forms, all pressures past
    That youth and observation copied there
    and thy commandment all aloneshall live
    within the book and volume of my brain,
    Unmixed with baser matter....

    yes sometimes bitterness stokes the flame of life.

    I met an old jewish woman who had been in a nazi concentration camp and she does not feel bitterness
    imagine that from the darkest black of night.
    and my libran nature wants to set things right.

    well my beautiful friend this was all in theatrics one can hope.

  8. ...but then what I meant to say was that bitterness over trivial matters can drain the sap from spiritual life.

  9. oh I meant to say there was the killer and the victim's family attending the healing circle.....

  10. I like how the bitter is represented by the dark, walled-in side of the photo, and the beyond is light-filled, just over there, certainly not out of reach, a place that can be moved towards, occupied, realized. Often, our prisons are of our own making...

  11. there is a beyond the bitter, even though it is hard to remember sometimes, when the trivial details come like weighted, edged fragments of the darkness ...

    this picture!! this sorceress's hands seem to pull a face, a doorway, from the air. everything becomes alert around her. surely, she will speak now and the bitter will flee ...

  12. You meant to write 'Somewhere beyond the sea" and some churl (no doubt a peasant unacquainted with Franco-American songs, the ones that start off being about the sea--and end up being about longing) got in there and messed it up. Plus the image is the closest you've ever come to depicting your magnificent crystal ball.

    My heart will lead me there

  13. Dan, thank you... brevity is not one of my virtues, but sometimes it seems i get lucky :-)

    ah, quel langage courtois, je reve ou je lis vraiment un poeme d'un troubadour :-)
    je t'embrasse et te remercie avec une gracieuse reverence :-)

    oui, Clo, tu as vu si bien, c'est une image plus ancienne, de cet hiver, peut-etre qu'elle reve vraiment du printemps encore lointain :-)
    bises, de tout coeur, chere amie...

    meine Liebe, wie schoen, von Dir zu hoeren, und dass du so eine gute Reise hinter Dir hast :-) ich bin sehr gestresst und ohne viel Zeit im Moment, aber ich schreibe Dir bald :-)
    die liebste Umarmung fuer die Wolkenprinzessin!

  14. Madeleine,
    that my image could have sparked such pondering on a very important topic, that of justice and human nature... yes, this world is crazy and that is why one must gather all the moments of beauty and joy, as the only possible refuge (or so i think sometimes).

    and you have totally right:
    but then what I meant to say was "that bitterness ... can drain the sap from spiritual life" - it is very sad, to see bitterness taking over somebody's soul...

    i am sending you joyful and peaceful thoughts tonight... :-)

    Owen, if you look attentively, you'll see a head shape coming out from her hands, as if she were shaping the air into a human head - she is the sorceress!!! :-)

    Stickup, how true, indeed - and those prisons are the worst, those that we make ourselves.

    James, you saw the face!!! i am so happy - as if this were my secret spell, or poem, withing this image, and you deciphered it :-)

  15. Prospero,
    you saw the crystal ball! but how could a magician have missed that :-)
    and there is no way Prospero's heart could miss the path, i am sure of that, besides Ariel is there ready to invent a path, should everything else fail :-)

  16. it is the bitter i live
    sand and acid into glass that
    a ghost's conjuring hands might
    bring me back
    into the world
    touched my the witcheries
    of your fingertips

  17. I don't know if James was referring to my comment or not when he said that "trivial details can come like weighted edged fragments of darkness". and well I agree with what James said but for me this means that when the bitterness is trivial there is a bottom to reach and then the bitterness can be dispelled whereas according to my view some bitterness will not reach that bottom.

    That was very beautiful and simply put Roxana, that "one must gather all the moments of beauty and joy as the only possible refuge".I agree with this always in every circumstance.
    However I feel that bitterness and any feeling can be compartmentalized.where through meditation and a deep appreciation of life the bitterness can be cast aside and every breath can be exalted in a celebration of life. We are used to living with contradictions-they lie in every fiber of our existence bitterness can also be called upon as a spur for action.If we feel bitter against a war monger this is a spur for protest.
    My views here were that the bitterness has been moved to another soul field where justice must be rendered and it becomes a crucial part of the protest. Although I recognize that various views will be held on what kind of justice should be administered and perhaps even if and when it should be administered.
    I don't think that anyone can live in joy and beauty by ignoring injustice- this kind of psychological desensitization cannot bring pure joy and peace.It means a false sense of existence.
    But yes the bitterness should not be "taking over somebody's soul"It is all the case of balancing the elements.
    I remember one year when I was working out at the schools, around remembrance day an older lady from the neighborhood came to the school and described her experiences of living in England during world war 2.I will never forget her words- that-that they were being shelled, bombs were exploding all around them but every week they partied and danced in youthful joy.
    and I am certain that the bitterness had to be swept aside to feel this joy.

    thankyou my beautiful friend. I too embrace you in the light of joy.

  18. sutten, oh, if a ghost's conjuring hands could have such power, indeed...

  19. Ben... je peux m'exprimer autrement... mais la beauté de tes "images" appelle à s'exprimer avec douceur pour toi, belle Roxana... ;-)
    Bisous... dans le cou ;-)