Sunday, 1 January 2012


Beneath things is a great well of silence, resounding with life.

Claude Margat



  1. i'd like to thank all of you, my dear friends, for being here with me, for all the comments and messages and mails you've written to me, your interest and sometimes even love for the Bridge. and of course for all your warm wishes for the new year. it has been a rough time for me lately and i am grateful for your silent or not so silent support :-)

    let's hope this will be a better, and if that's too much to ask, at least a more peaceful year for all of us.

  2. silent is soothing ! merci pour ce blog si inspiré, be happy !

  3. Paix, sérénité, amour...Mes voeux pour cette nouvelle année, en espérant te retrouver sur le Pont très bientôt...

  4. Brought up sort-of a Quaker this makes sense to me!
    Happy 2012, Roxana.

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  6. Oui ,une année de douceur ,de calme paisible ,il faudra je crois trouver tout cela au fond de soi,pour envisager plus sereinement un avenir assez incertain..
    Merci a toi ,pour ta présence,pour ce pont des rêves ,de nos rêves ,qui tout au long de l'année passée a été pour moi ,un havre de paix ,de silences ,de beauté...comme un jardin ,ou venir se ressourcer...
    Je te souhaite une douce,belle ,et lumineuse année Roxana..
    Que cette année soit celle du partage..:)
    je t'embrasse..

  7. Chère Roxana,
    i come to the bridge in a spirit of reverence always, for i know i am in the presence of a soul shining light like no other, illuminating all the paths that lead to the bridge, and sharing visions into a world of poetry, philosophy, and resonating art, all close to the heart, the heart of life, the heart of experience...

    May this new year bring you only good Roxana, and may your light shine bright, on and on, to help us find our way in the night, as we make our way across our own bridges...

  8. Dearest Roxana, I sure know how that goes. Life and Changes — not always how we want, plan, or even frankly, deserve. The outer world encroaching on the inner can get to be too brutal. I wish better days come quickly to you and selfishly hope for your return to this beautiful blog that resonates on so many levels. Your peaceful courage and talent blows me away. Best wishes in return for the new year. A warm hug...

  9. Before the modern era of 'rational consciousness' as constructed and monitored by the ego, awareness was perhaps an arational all-at-onceness. A more magical place. No before and after spatial/temporal sense. And no words to describe the 'everything at onceness' of experience. Just the silent magical well. An animal soup, of sorts.

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR once again my beautiful friend.It is actually New Years day today and how wonderful to dance on the floating bridge of dreams.
    I love this dreamscape of blueseasky-no one could have started off the new year more profoundly than in this manner to explore the sea sky of the mind and heart and the brightblue flight.
    yes silence is the vessel the recipient of light.
    Happy New Year 2012

    sending you new years kisses

  11. ce dor mi-a fost... te imbratisez strans azi, in prima zi a anului.

  12. dieses Bild, liebste Roxana, es hat mich verzaubert. So ein grossartiges Kunstwerk. Es ist, als hättest Du eine andere, höhere Sphäre des Lebens entdeckt. Wirklich wundervoll..!
    Auch ich wünsche Dir nochmals Frieden, Stille, Glück und tiefe Inspiration, die ja so wichtig ist, für jede Kunst!
    Eine gute Nacht, Prinzessin!

  13. I perceive the Phoenix frozen beneath the ice, but she will rise again.

  14. this silence that allows "this everything" to happen

  15. Happy New Year. Wishing you joy and happiness in 2012 xxx

  16. In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
    -Martin Luther King Jr.

    I have missed you very much. Sending concern and love (for the poetry, read Owen's comments again and again).

    Always here. Love, L

  17. Roxana Tous mes vœux de bonheur pour toi et ta famille!

  18. Beneath my life there is a great silence of things, like a dazzling star in a dark well.

    thank you for coming back! why does this feel like a posthumous existence, like one of us had died?

  19. i think there is no music without silence, and certainly there are days when hearing means giving attention to the stops between the notes, to the stillness lifted from that well ... i hope this year will be rich and full for you, more joy than you could expect or hope ... for now, i am filled with a quiet happiness at your return here ... mi-a fost tare dor de tine ...

  20. This impressionistic vista is the product of a poetic soul. And no Scorsesean coarseness! ( that's the sort of grand anagrammatic pun surely to be enjoyed, perhaps even relished, by a shy and inconsolate devotee of the cinema.)

    Oh, dearest, my calendar became as black as the shiny, neighing steeds that once brought me to this remote place (are we really in Transylvania now?). How cruel you can be at times. You must have known that i would in a thrice run out of primary colors, you who are so handy with a camera, and your ubiquitous color charts, and that
    radioscopic instrument of yours capable of surveying the elusive, addlepated periphery of a barely imagined nether world.

    Is it really a new year, or have i just imagined it? It's so hard to tell, shipwrecked as i am, desperately clutching a floating plank of aromatic cedar ( most likely from the bridge). Two bridges, both lifesavers (how odd this life!).

  21. acea rascolirea valului,dincolo de care nu se afla nimic,tacerea rasunand de viata,numai tacerea poate rasuna atat de puternic,numai brocartul acela fin al tau poate crea imaginea asta:)
    si spun ca si tine: ...

  22. "thank you for coming back", one of the (many?) anonymous on my blog wrote the other day.

    i would like to say it is actually the other way round, thank you all, dear and enthusiastic friends, for being here with me, this year as well (yet another year).

    je vous embrasse de tout coeur et vous remercie d'etre ici avec moi, qu'est-ce que serait le pont sans vous... rien, moins qu'un reflet sur les eaux noires de la memoire.

  23. one of many?!?

    aw, shucks, and there i was thinking i was the only one :-(