Friday, 11 November 2011

in the end...




in the end it is only colours that matter. they remind me of you at sunset, when light turns upon itself and autumn comes to die upon your skin, lingers for a while in your eyes then suddenly sinks into you to make your bones glow from within, for just a while longer.

in the end it is only the bird's flight that matters. it reminds me of nothing but itself. this and...

the promise of the sky at dawn?

no, just its emptiness. this and the emptiness of the sky.






  1. in the end...there were no more reflections...only you, beautiful you.

  2. those first three pictures... need a new word for beauty!

  3. Mama mia... C'est du nan nan comme on dit chez moi...
    Ouf ! les photos de Ouf ! ! !
    I'll be back ! ! ! :)


  4. wonderful words and images for the heart and soul....and I am going out to stare at the sky.

  5. This is too beautiful to be true...

    I am most assuredly dreaming then... and I never want to wake.

  6. gorgeous (both image and text)

  7. In anticipation of a journey in the Appalachians, i once absentmindedly packed a thimbleful of violet, a long bashful strand of yellow, a chatterbox of red, and a soft, joyous convolution of orange. Notwithstanding all these precautions, i was utterly unprepared for the scarlet tanagers, rendered blue in your impressionistic recreation of the fragile state of my mind, that swirled heavenward once at dawn.

  8. I am in awe. First I am dazzled by those vibrant colours more arresting than the deepest jewel tones of precious gems. You are more than a fairy queen--you are The Fiery Queen of Bedazzlement!
    And then I am lullabyed and hushabyed and soothed and enchanted by those silken soft images of birds captured--postiviely enraptured--in flight through a universe of delicate beauty more tender than a mother's kiss. In fact, their imprint upon the sky is like a kiss.

    It's so hard to write words to describe the feelings the images invoke...and even more challenging when I cannot hold those pictures before me and lose myself in them to revel in those feelings while trying to convey to you an inkling of what they are, magical Roxana. Forgive my clumsiness as I stumble, awed, across the floating bridge.

  9. Du weisst, was ich von Deinem heutigen Post denke, nicht?! Wundervoll, wundervoll... auch der Text, wie immer (nur, ich kann nicht immer etwas dazu sagen, weil er mich manchmal irgendwo hinführt, wo mir zu viel Dunkelheit herrscht... ja, so ausdrucksstark ist er immer...!). Die ersten Bilder sind Gemälde, eine wunderbare Malerei, ich liebe Monet(und ich denke an ihn...), er hat eine aussergewöhnlich schöne Verbindung zu der Natur. Und die drei letzten Bilder... ah, das sind "meine" Bilder, himmlisch, klare helle Gedanken, Freiheit und vor allem, das Versprechen des ausserordentlichen Glücks in der nahen Zukunft...! Schön, wunderschön, soetwas zu empfinden...!
    Ich umarme Dich, liebste Prinzessin! Auf sehr bald!

  10. Impressionism has got nothing on you. The second set, with the seagulls is absolutely mind blowing. Every time I come back here I understand why I do a little bit more.

  11. Ah, in the end of your story there's so much tranquility Roxana, so much openness. I'm almost tempted to say: And then?

  12. ce frumos,draga,eu m-as tavali,de-a dreptul,printre aceste culori,atat de mult as vrea sa ma pierd in ele,nu doar tatuata sa raman,ci sa mi se impregneze undeva sub piele,ca,intr-o zi,sau seara,la culcare,sa dau jos pielea aceasta si sa-mi exhib narcisiac,mandalele-ca tot citesti cartarescu:)-in oglinda ochilor mei.
    iar zborul si eu il vad ca ducand ceva undeva departe,mai mult golul dintre doua secunde sau nestiinta de dupa furori..

  13. oh, my... so much beauty. in the end it is all that matters.

  14. The first three are like paintings! Exquisite, and of different shades than I recall in your work. Beyond splendid.

    The last three (the first of them being my favorite) are simply to die for. You have invented a new beauty with them.

    Your words....sigh. Just beautiful.

  15. Et mes yeux de se remplir de larmes...devant cette indicible beauté...cette fin qui porte en elle tous les débuts du monde..
    Cette fin que l'on porte en soi ,ultime voyage sans retour...
    Waou Roxana....magicienne de mon coeur..tu me combles ce matin...
    Ces couleurs vivantes presque violentes des premieres puis cette douceur infinie ,qui emporte sur ses ailes toute la douleur du coeur..
    C'est vraiment tres beau..
    Je depose ici ,dans le creux de tes mains ,mille plumes d'oiseaux,mille feuilles d'automne, et mes plus douces pensées..passe un beau dimanche..:)

  16. Talk about the "unbearable lightness of being!"

  17. Une lumière comme un lac sous les pieds. Pour s’y dissoudre peut-être.
    Pierre-Albert Jourdan

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  19. hello my beautiful friend Roxana,this post is soooooooooooooobeautiful these photos and your extravagantly beautiful worlds well ok I'll leave that -I was going to write words.If only life could be this way well in a way it is the dream of our hearts
    I love the way the colours mix and dissolve the blue in the third image the suggestion of bluesky mind and the sea and the sky to express the fluidity of the sky of the precarious beauty of life on a bird's wing.
    At this point I have a playful image of you by the sea as a flutist playing all these musical colours from your magical flute.
    I am a libra, sky orientated and light orientated and I feel as you have demonstrated to express yourself in the bright colours of light is to begin the travel back to the stars whereas words, well I have never thought of it this way before, but where light is natural words are a human invention and there pull reaches the roots of the earth,-just a lackadaisical thought at a relaxed beach of colour.. to continue

  20. and your beautifully powerful words-
    "lingers for a while in your eyes then suddenly sinks into you to make your bones glow from within,"
    and this is the physical property of light -the electron dance of light,the sinking within becoming the spiritual beauty the light within,brighter than an eternity of sunsets.
    well just my little dream for today.
    and it is really so romantic that a star 93 million miles away can create these impressions.

    I have to confess my beautiful friend, once in a while I go to poetry presentations, and I am writing a verse on light and well this experience has sparked my writing

    sending you beautiful colourful dreamlike kisses

    ps it is snowing here but I'll leave the snow kisses for a more appropriate time.
    ps no there is no promise only the emptiness of the vessel of life...

  21. it is funny, stickup artist refers to the lightness of being and i don't know if that is where i want to go. (15 minutes ago spending time with just this book!) and so my initial response is perhaps valid, i don't know how to feel after this, except to say broken further apart.

    beautiful, yes. but is all beauty linked with pain? and so my further broken apart becomes more understandable to me.

    i never leave you without feeling.


  22. Les 3 dernières, pastelles et diaphanes, sont infiniment belles.
    Merci Roxana <3

  23. Herrliche Farben!

  24. i dissolve before these ... beautiful in image and word

    colours or the flight of the bird, allowing oneself to be filled with the abundance of the world, or erasure in a single infinite gasp? (though i don't mean to reduce this subtlety to such a simple scheme) the soul in conversation with itself -- does it hesitate to choose, or plunge into both at the same moment?

    i think beauty is inevitably linked to pain, yes -- at last beauty in art is, because it inevitably calls to time, calls us to the verge of disappearance ... it may be a pain that is also joy, but pain still ....

  25. anon,
    one can discover emptiness even in a beautiful face, even an imaginary beautiful face, so you are not completely hopeless :-P

    Rachel, thank you so much!!!

    jeff :-)

    OUF, bises moi-aussi :-)

    Dan, yes, do that, that is the best thing to do and precisely the type of reaction i can wish for this post...

    Owen, it isn't true, it is just what i imagine to have seen, not what i really -saw-, i abhor this idea of photography's crude realism...

  26. Michael,
    thank you.
    (for the Jourdan quote as well, yes, that se-dissoudre-soi-meme is ultimately the key we are fumbling for :-)

    Prospero, what a delightful description of your luggage, chromatic lists are most assuredly among my vices :-) but hmm, i have to be careful from now on, avoiding any risk of damaging the fragile balance of your impressionistic mind (though i have a suspicion such a precaution is already useless :-)

    Lynne, i am so touched by your huge praise, thank you, oh - (no words either, how to respond, i don't know)

    'The Fiery Queen of Bedazzlement', now that is indeed a dazzling metaphor, if there has ever been one :-)

    liebste Wolkenprinzessin, ich finde Deinen Kommentar wunderschoen und gar nicht oberflaechlich, ich weiss nicht, wer sowas sagen koennte! :-)
    besonders weil es mir so sehr gefallen hat, wie Du die Bilder als 'deine' bezeichnet hast, was auch auch mein Gefuehl war, als ich sie bearbeitet habe: die sind fuer Renée, die sind _ihre_ Bilder, habe ich dabei gedacht :-)

    ich nehme dich in meine Arme, wie immer, wie immer...

    Natalia, thank you so much!
    do you mean that you understand why you come here only _after_ you come? that is a very interesting perspective :-)

    billoo, sometimes, there is no 'and then?'. but not in stories, though, we want stories to be unending, we imagine ourselves victorious as Scheherazade :-)

  27. Cerasela, mandalele tale sunt cu mine, mereu :-)

    Cristina, yes. so go out there and show us beauty as well :-)

    Lydia, thank you, your words are so kind and warm, as usual, they make me happy and shy. it is interesting to note people's preferences, some go for the first set, some for the second, this says much about themselves or at least the mood they are in right now (or so i imagine :-)

    oh Clo, apres ce tres beau et poetique message, qu'est-ce que je pourrais encore dire... je garde tes mots et tes dons dans le creux de mes paumes, avec tendresse, pour toujours...
    (et je te remercie pour les autres fleurs aussi, pardonne-moi pour le retard mais je vais repondre bientot)
    je t'embrasse, chere amie de mon coeur.

    Stickup, that is a wonderful title, isn't it - if not the _most_ beautiful title ever, sometimes i think it doesn't even matter how the book is, after such words in the title :-)

    Michael T.,
    if we could just move towards and into that beyond... (though everyone of us has his or her own 'beyond', i don't know whether such a shared step could be possible - i remember now Horacio and Maga from Rayuela trying each night, desperately, to dream the same dream).

    ah, Madeleine, i am once again happy that the Bridge has sparked your own creativity, perhaps at some point you could share your writing with me, i mean the poems that a particular post has inspired? i would be more that glad if you did!
    and i know you are extremely sensitive to this light worshiping, after all it is also what your own photos express :-)
    (and you are a libra!)

    many kisses and hugs :-)

    erin, i am touched and grateful that you came and left such words here - a question, perhaps the most important one (at least for the Bridge), fur sure a perpetually open one. the Japanese seem to have found the answer, their 'mono no aware', a notion i hold so dear, expresses exactly that, it is difficult to translate but perhaps: sensitivity for the impermanence of things, the emotion, fusing delight and aching, when we contemplate a beautiful yet/and? evanescent thing. however, i think that even if we settle for an answer, it is still important to hold the question open, in the sense that we have to live it each time anew, _as if for the first time_ - otherwise the answer ceases to be true. but i digress, perhaps...

  28. Plum' (c'est difficile de ne pas dire K'line, j'espere que je vais m'y habituer :-), je t'embrasse de tout coeur, merci a toi aussi...

    flowerywallpaper, vielen Dank fuer Deinen Besuch und die lieben Worte, ich habe mich sehr gefreut, Dich hier zu lesen!

    you have said it again, and much better than me - time is the key here, always time...
    (that you are so painfully - but wonderfully :-) - aware of this yourself became apparent for me at my first visit on the Klagewelt, years ago :-)

  29. Sounds like the end of the affair.

  30. Many people feel it, few can say it. Its just that way.

  31. tu doit de cacher , tu es difficile à prendre dans l'eau.