Saturday, 6 August 2011

rain in the summer garden



  1. C'est amusant parfois les hasards...j'ai lu ce poème aujourd'hui pour la première fois, et ensuite je suis passée ici ce soir ,il y avait de la lumière :o) ,et j'ai trouvé que ce petit poème accompagnerai bien tes belles images...

    Ma sœur la Pluie,
    La belle et tiède pluie d'été,
    Doucement vole, doucement fuit,
    A travers les airs mouillés.

    Tout son collier de blanches perles
    Dans le ciel bleu s'est délié.
    Chantez les merles,
    Dansez les pies !
    Parmi les branches qu'elle plie,
    Dansez les fleurs, chantez les nids
    Tout ce qui vient du ciel est béni.

    De ma bouche elle approche
    Ses lèvres humides de fraises des bois ;
    Rit, et me touche,
    Partout à la fois,
    De ses milliers de petits doigts.

    Sur des tapis de fleurs sonores,
    De l'aurore jusqu'au soir,
    Et du soir jusqu'à l'aurore,
    Elle pleut et pleut encore,
    Autant qu'elle peut pleuvoir.

    Puis, vient le soleil qui essuie,
    De ses cheveux d'or,
    Les pieds de la Pluie.

    Charles Van Lerberghe ("La chanson d'Ève", 1904)

    Bonne nuit Roxana...:o)que la pluie berce tes songes..
    je t'embrasse..

  2. ah!
    un grand merci rapide avant que j'aille me coucher oui, j'etais en train d'eteindre quand j'ai eu ton commentaire, le hasard, vraiment!!! :-)
    je vais revenir, ma chere...
    bonne nuit a toi aussi...

  3. ah - wonderful rain on the floating bridge!

  4. Being in the middle of summer drought here, the images seemed refreshing to me. And with the see-through umbrella, we have yet another kind of curtain to be opened or closed.

  5. beautiful my beautiful friend, I love this luminosity in the rain.
    I love the rain it waters our hearts and minds,almost the way tears will cleanse our vision.

    HEre is my little nonsense version-

    Il pleut il pleut bergère rentre tes blancs pensées, rentre les bien vite bien vite à la maison.haha

    sending you rain kisses

  6. I like these a lot. They remind me of charcoal drawings by George Seurat; the energy of the "markings" are so active and alive.

  7. ps.I love the rain, it waters our hearts and minds and ripens them for the harvest of thoughts and emotions.

    I met to say that...
    sending you more rain kisses

  8. The story in these is extraordinary powerful and deep. I'm speechless, you don't need my words in a comment, you have your photos.

  9. The frail, availing themselves of umbrellas at the first sign of inclemency, are sometimes surprised to learn that most of god's
    creatures are quite happy to skedaddle herewith umbrella-less. Do celestial secretions, lavishly brought to the face by millions of
    unsteady hands, make thee melt away? A ring-tailed lemur, coincidentally named Roxana, sits atop a rock, and in a cloudburst preens herself (a felicitous affair) with unstinted joy. What use is that umbrella, the one with the turquoise handle, purchased at a leeward haberdashery--one more concerned with the prevailing wind than with defraying the magnificent corpulence of raindrops? This
    (corpulence of raindrops, or some close variation) is the proposed title of her next post or video. At first she will hem and haw, then she will realize the nonpareil brilliance of my suggestion (as a well as puzzle on the spurious use of 'then' as a coordinating

    p.s. i would also like to correct the erroneous assumption that i am a gardener. While it is true to say that i have a passing interest in Petunias, you may, for the record, want to know that i am a lion tamer by profession. Naturally, i do not disassociate myself from any claims regarding alchemy.

  10. I used to wish I had a see-through umbrella; lovely to have that dream come back to me across the floating bridge.
    I have tried to take pictures in the rain while carrying an umbrella, but not picking vegetables from the garden while holding one. I like the idea of the lady of the house traipsing out to her garden in newly fashionable gumboots, followed by her faithful man-servant who is carrying a large golf-umbrella to shelter m'lady from the inclement weather as she gathers fresh vegetables for her personal chef. Actually, I don't really, but images from the Floating Bridge incur strange fantasies.

    I like what Stickup said about the "mark making" aspect of the lines of rain and the charcoal drawing feeling to these pictures.

  11. oh, I am in love with such beauty.

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  13. der Weg der stillen Einkehrung,
    der Weg der Geborgenheit...!
    ein wunderschönes, ganz besonderes Bild, das ich mir oft ansah (ansehe) und immer wieder neu erkenne..!
    Dir Stille und Wärme, liebste Prinzessin :-)!
    von Renée

  14. Oh,a doua m-a innebunit,imi aminteste de Degas,o sa iti para ciudat,dar si de iele,de o feminitate cam precum cea Angelei si de un curaj nebun,al acelor balerini strajuind formele albe,intr-un dans pe sarma-ploaie.Iar prima are ceva de alb-negru al privirii-de-sus,atat de migalos asemanatoare formele filigrinate din stropi cu ochiurile gardului,parca mii de ochi privesc de pretutindeni ,sus-jos,nu se mai stie,doar intalnire:)Si coltul umbrelei,patrunzand discret in imagine,fiindca Zeul voia sa isi priveasca Zeita dansand,oh,as vrea sa fiu Zeul,ce copilarii spun:)

  15. The wind(ows), the sun, the rain... the elements are joyful when your eyes look at them.
    Every image it's a poem, and like always I prefer to rest in silence.
    A big, big hug dear Roxana and thanks for your art***

  16. Gorgeous as always. The photos make me want to play in the rain...

  17. thank you, my dear friends...
    i am a bit without words tonight, i will come back to answer each of your thoughts, sometimes endless days of rain can make one words-lazy, a vague look on the face too, of someone who has stared so long into the rain and the haze and the distance that she doesn't see at all, anything any longer...

  18. There is a winter feel to this summer rain post. Perhaps it is the darkness. I do have a chill putting myself there. Time to go inside and get a fluffy towel!

  19. i love that first line of the michaux poem! but i find myself curiously at odds with the sentiments expressed in comments.

    these rain pics tho. i keep coming back to look at them (and not out of any sense of fraternity with the rain here!). definitely my recent favourites

  20. fff, i knew you would enjoy that :-)

    haha, myth, i know, i know, i thought of your rain rituals :-)

    Madeleine, as always your kisses,be they rainy or sunny, have arrived at destination, and i thank you for them, and for loving the rain (and my rain).

    Stickup, wow, i have just recently discovered Seurat's drawings and i have been mesmerized, it is more than an honour to hear you say this!!!

  21. Vladimir, of course i need them, otherwise i would just look at my pics alone, in my room - but there is this (not fully understandable, in fact) need to share... i am happy, as always, when you like something here.

    Prospero, then a gardener and a lion tamer and a voyant, since i have shot a lot of rain here in Berlin and have been thinking about how i could use them for a future video!!! (though i abhor the word 'corpulence', in english that is, you will have to come up with something else for my tiny raindrops :-)
    and no, even if i might envision the Bridge's soul in the shape of a ring-tailed lemur, a turquoise handled umbrella is for sure not among my requisites (unless i will need it for that video, in which case you will be gracefully asked to provide it :-)

    ah Lynne, but this is such a joy to read about the strange fantasies brought to life by the Bridge :-) and you will be surprised (or perhaps not) to hear that yes, transparent umbrellas have always fascinated me as well, i saw them first in Japan where they are extremely popular, back then they didn't exist in Romania, now as you see... (i took these photos from my balcony back home).

  22. Cristina :-)

    Michael T., yes, i know about that and i am sorry to hear you feel disheartened, though who wouldn't... don't worry, it was just a fanciful idea i had had, about making a follow-up for a post, it wasn't at all certain it would have come out right anyway. so, no big loss :-)

    Liebste Wolkenprinzessin, welches Bild meinst Du eigentlich, es gibt hier zwei... :-) (ich bin sehr gluecklich, dass Regen auch schoene Gefuehle erwecken kann, manchmal kann er eher irritierend wirken, z.B., wenn man eine schoene Stadterkundung geplant hat :-)
    sei ganz lieb und sonnig (und sogar sonnenblumig) umarmt!!! :-)

  23. Cerasela, da, şi eu m-am gândit la balerini :-) bine, nu aşa de departe până la Degas, dar papuceii cei albi, ştiu, ştiu (erau roşii, însă ce contează realitatea :-). ce ai spus despre Zeu cântă în mine şi acum, să ştii).

    Ofelia!!! i am so happy you are back, i have already seen your beautiful sea-meditation video, i will return to comment as soon as i can...
    mille besos a ti tambien!

    thank you, Elisa, playing in the rain, yes, we forget too often about such small moments which could be wondrous, singing in the rain, dancing in the rain :-)

    Lydia, this summer has been so cold and so full of rain, and now it is already over, i can't blame you for getting winter chills already, i do too :-)

    haha, swiss, no, i wouldn't have suspected such fraternity feelings in you. but please do explain why you feel at odds with what exactly in the Michaux-comments!

  24. 'we are such stuff as dreams are made of' would seem to me to be the shortest and least ambiguous answer!